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 Asunto: Re: Compro Juegos clasicos de Pc
 Nota Publicado: 07 Oct 2008 01:07 
16 bits
16 bits
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Registrado: 22 Jun 2007 10:10
Mensajes: 91
Ubicación: Valencia - España
$100,000 Pyramid
10 Pop Games
10 Pro Board Games 
1000 Miglia 
101 The Airborne Invasion of Normandy
102 Dalmatians Puppies to The Rescue 
10th Frame Bowling 
18 Wheels Of Steel Haulin 
1830 Railroads & Robber Barons
1863 Gettysburg
18th Airborne 
1994 Pool 
1995 Card
2 Fast 4 U 
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 
20000 Miles Under The Sea ( Castellano )
20000 Miles Under The Sea ( ingles ) 
21 for 1 to 4
221b Baker Street
24 Games for Windows  ( By Expert ) 
2400 A.D 
3 - Demon
35 Card Solitaire 
360 Ultimate Spinball
3D Asteroid Impact 
3D Bowling USA 
3D Boxing 
3D Bubble Burst
3D Construction Kit
3D Contruction Kit
3D Cyberpuck 
3D Frog Frenzy
3D Game Alchemy for Doom 1 y 2, Heretic and Hexen 
3d Game Alchemy for Heretic Extra Levels
3D Game Creation System 
3-D Helicopter Simulator 
3-D Hex Brainiacs for Windows 
3D Hotslots
3D Hunting  ( Grizzly )
3D Hunting Extreme 
3D Mars Mission
3D Maze Man Adventures in Winter Wonderland
3D Monster Maze 
3D Perfect Pool 
3D Pinball Express 
3D Pitfall
3D Planet Attack
3D Pool
3D Railroad Master 
3D Table Sports 
3D Tenis 
3D Ultra Lionel TrainTown
3D Ultra Pinball Creep Night
3D Ultra Pinball Nascar 
3D Ultra Pinball The Lost Continent
3D Ultra Pinball Thrill Ride
3D VCR Pinball
3D World Boxing 
4-4-2 Soccer 
4D Boxing 
4D Prince of Persia 
4D Sport Boxing
4D Sports Tennis
4D Tenis 
4D Tennis 
4th and Inches
4th Generation 
4th Protocol 
4x4 Off-Road Racing
5 Days a Stranger
5 En Raya
5 Game Super Pak
50 Mission Crush
5th Fleet 
600 Golden C64 Oldies CD-ROM Version
688 Attack Sub
688 Hunter Killer
7 Cities Of Gold 
7 Colors By Infogrames
7 Days a Skeptic 
7th Legion 
8 Ball Deluxe 
8088 Othello
98 MJ 3  ( Japones )
A 320 Airbus 
A 320 Airbus (386)
A Bug's Life 
A Dark and Stormy Entry
A Line in The Sand 
A Maze 
A Mind Forever Voyaging
A Nightmare on Elm Street 
A.J.'s World of Discovery
A.T.P  (Airline Transport Pilot) 
A10 Tank Killer 
a4 Networks
Aargon Deluxe Gold Edition 
Abandoned Places 
ABC Sports Indy Racing  ( Road To The Indianapolis 500 ) 
ABC's College Football  ( Heroes of The Gridiron )
ABC's Monday Night Football '98 
ABC's Wide World of Sports Boxing 
Abes Exodus  ( OddWorld )
Abes Oddysee 
ABM Command
Abrams Battle Tank 
Absolute Pinball
Ace 1
Ace 2
Ace of Aces 
Ace Ventura 
Aces of The Deep 
Aces Of The Pacific (386)
Achtung Spitfire ! 
Acne Attack !
Act of Fighter
Acter World 
Action Fighter
Action Girlz Racing
Action in the North Atlantic
Action Soccer 
Action Sports Soccer 
Action Stations !
Activision Casino 2001 
Actua Soccer  ( Club Edition )
Actua Soccer 1
Actua Soccer 2
Actua Soccer 3
Actua Tennis 
AD&D  ( Blood & Magic )
AD&D Forgotten Realms  ( Dungeon Hack ) 
Add Depth 
Adidas Power Soccer 
Advanced Civilization
Advanced Destroyer Simulator
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons  Dark Queen of Krynn
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons  Spelljammer Pirates of Realmspace
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Champions of Krynn 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Curse of the Azure Bonds 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Death Knights of Krynn
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons DragonStrike
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Assistant, Vol.1 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Assistant, Volume II 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Eye of the Beholder 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Eye of The Beholder 2
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Gateway to the Savage Frontier 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Heroes of the Lance 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Hillsfar
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Nights 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Pools of Darkness
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Secret of the Silver Blades
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Shadow Sorcerer 
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Unlimited Adventures
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons War of the Lance 
Advanced NetWars 
Advanced Tactical Air Command (ATAC)
Advanced Tactical Fighter II
Advanced Tactical Fighters
Advanced Tactical Fighters  ( Castellano )
Advanced Thinking Skills
Advanced Xoru 
Advantage Tennis
Advent Rising
Adventure Construction Set
Adventure Creator 1.0 
Adventure Fun-Pak 
Adventure Games
Adventure in Serenia 
Adventures in Math 
Adventures in the Old Testament 
Adventures of Robin Hood 
Adventures With Oslo  ( Tools and Gadgets ) 
Aethra's Chronicles 
African Adventure Or In Search of Dr. Livingston 
African Raiders 
African Trail Simulator 
After Burner 1
After Burner 2
After The War 1 y 2 
Age Of Empires 1
Age of Empires 1  ( Castellano ) 
Age of Empires 1  ( Gold Edition ) 
Age Of Empires 2  ( The Age of Kings ) 
Age Of Empires 2  The Conquerors Expansion ( Castellano )
Age of Sail 2 
Agent Armstrong
Agent USA 
Agile Warrior F-111X  for Windows 95
AH-3 ThunderStrike  ( Air Assault )
Air Conflicts 
Air Force Commander 
Air Havoc Controller 
Air Manager 2 
Air Offensive  ( The Art of Flying ) 
Air Power 
Air Strike USA
Air Trax 
Air Warrior v2.04F
Airborne Ranger 
Airlift Rescue 
Airline Tycoon First Class  ( Castellano ) 
Akuji The Demon 
Al Emmo and The Lost Dutchmans Mine
Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing
Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing
Aladd¡n, La venganza de Nasira  ( Castellano )
Aladd¡n, Nasirais Revenge  ( ingles ) 
Aladdin Activity Center ! 
Alain Prost Grand Prix 
Albion ( ingles ) 
Alchemy Scroll 
Aldo Again 
Aldo's Adventure
Aleshar  ( World of Ice ) 
Alex Higgins World Snooker 
Alex the Allegator 4 
Alf (VGA)
Alf's Party Kit 
Alf's Thinking Skills 
Alf's World of Words 
Aliants The Desperate Battle for Earth 
Alice in Wonderland 
Alien Attack 
Alien Breed 
Alien Breed Tower Assault 
Alien Carnage 
Alien Fires 2199 A.D 
Alien Incident 
Alien Legacy 
Alien Odyssey 
Alien Olympics 
Alien Rampage 
Alien Syndrome 
Alien Trilogy 
Alien Virus
All American College Football
All Dogïs
All Dogs Go to Heaven 
Allan Borders Cricket 
Alley Cat 
Alley Cats  ( Strip Bowling Game  ) 
AllFive 2000 
Alliance  ( Future Combat )
Allied General 
Alone In The Dark 1
Alone In The Dark 2
Alone In The Dark 3  ( Castellano ) 
Alpha Software Scenario  ( Flight Simulator 4 & 5 Gold Edition ) 
Alpha Storm
Alpha Waves 
Alter Ego ( Female ) 
Alter Ego ( Male ) 
Altered Beast
Altered Destiny 
Alternate Reality  ( The City ) 
Alternative Reality (EGA)
Alternative Reality (VGA) 
AMA Superbike
Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice
Amazing Maze 
Amazing Writing Machine
Amazon Guardians of Eden 
Ambush At Sorinor 
America No Peace Beyond The Line  ( Castellano ) 
American Civil War  ( From Sumter To Appomattox ) 
American Civil War 1 
American Deer Hunting 2000
American Gladiators
Americas Cup 
America's Greatest Arcade Hits 3D
Amtex Pinball Classics
Amulet of Yendorïs Castle 
Amulets & Armor 
An American Tail  ( Fievel Goes West )
Anacreon Reconstruction 4021 ( Basic ) 
Anacreon Reconstruction 4021 ( Complete Game )
Ancient Conquest 
Ancient Evil  The Curse of the Snake Cult 
Ancient Land of Ys 
Ancient Yacht  ( for Windows )
Andromeda Conquest 
Angel Wings 
Animal Math 
Animaniacs  ( A Gigantic Adventure ) 
Animated (Porno)
Animated Bounce
Annals of Rome 
Anno 1602  ( Creation of a New World )
Another World
Another World ( Windows ) 
Another World 2006
Another Zero 
Ant Attack
Ant Man
Antarctic Adventure 
Antarctic Adventure 
Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Club 
Anti Ballistic Missile 
Antz Panic in The AntHill 
Anubis 2
Anvil Of Dawn
Anyone For Cards 
Apache Helicopter Simulator
Apache Strike 
APB All Points Bulletin 
APBA Major League Players Baseball 
APBA Pro Boxing for Windows
APBA Pro Football for MS-Dos
APBA Pro Hockey for MS-Dos
Apollo 18 
Apple Panic 
Apprentice ! 
Arcade #1 
Arcade Games  ( Expert ) 
Arcade Mania 
Arcade Volleyball 
Arcade Williams ( 3 Games ) 
Arcade's Greatest Hits  ( The Atari Collection 2 ) 
Archer MacLean's Pool
Archimedean Dynasty
Archimedean Dynasty  ( 3DFX ) 
Archimedean Dynasty  ( Castellano )
Archon Ultra
Arctic Adventure 
Arctic Antics 
Arctic Moves
Arcy 2 
Are We There Yet 
Arena  ( Deluxe )
Ark of Time
Arkanoid 1
Arkanoid 2  Revenge of Doh 
Arla Milkout 
Arma Letal 
Armada 2525 
Armada 2525
Armada 2525  ( Deluxe Edition ) 
Armaeth  ( The Lost Kingdom ) 
Armchair Quarterback 
Armor Alley
Armored Fist 1 
Armored Fist 2 
Armour Geddon 
Army Men
Army Men Sarge's Heroes 
Army Men Toys in Space 
Army Moves 1 y 2 
Arnie 2 
Arthur The Quest for Excalibur 
Arthur's Birthday
Arthur's Teacher Trouble  ( Multi ) 
Artworx Strip Poker 
Artworx Strip Poker 2 
Ascendancy  ( Castellano ) 
Ashes Of Empire 
Ashes To Ashes 
Aspar GP Master
Assault Dragon 
Assault Rigs 
Assault Trooper 
Assault Wing 
Asterix & Obelix 
Asterix im Morgenland 
Asterix Operation Getafix
Asterix The Gallic War 
Asterix y Menhir
Astro 3D II 
Astro Blaster 
Astrotit (Porno)
At The Carnival
Ata  ( Extracts from The American Civil War )
ATAC  ( The Secret War Against Drugs ) 
ATF Simulator
Atlantis Horror 
Atomic Bomberman 
Attack Of The Mutant Camels
Attack On Altair 
Aufschwung Ost 
Australian Cricket Captain
Autodefinidos PC #4 
Automotive Conservation 
AV8B Harrier Assault 
Avalanche for Windows 
Avatar  ( The Last Airbender ) 
Aventura Original
Avery Cardoza 100 Slots 
Avoid the Noid 
Awesome Earl in Skate Rock 
Axe of Rage 
Axis & Allies Iron Blitz 
Axterix Operation Getafix
B.A.T 2  ( Koshan Conspiracy )
B.C. Racers 
B-1 Nuclear Bomber 
B-24 Combat Simulator
Baby JO  ( In Going Home )
Baby JO (Espa¤ol)
Back To Baghdad  ( Desert Storm Simulation )
Back to The Future 2
Back to The Future 3 
Backgammon  ( by ShareData ) 
Backgammon ( IBM ) 
Backgammon for Windows 
Backgammon Professional
Backlash  ( A Turret Gunner Simulation )
Backyard Baseball 2007
Bad Blood
Bad Cat 
Bad Dudes
Bad Mojo 
Bad Street Brawler
Bad Toys 3D 
BadBlood  ( ingles ) 
Baddi in Space 
Baku Baku Animal 
Baku Funshigi 
Balance !
Balance of Power
Balance of Power - 1990 Edition
Balance of The Planet
Baldies ( Demo Version )
Ball Blazing Fantasy 
Ball Race 
Ballermann  ( Hey Baby ) 
Balls of Steel 
Bandit Kings of Ancient China 
Bang Gunship Elite 
Bank Street Music Writer 
Banzai Bug 
Bar Games
Barbarian 1 
Barbarian 2  ( Axe of Rage ) 
Barbarian Death Sword 
Barbie Super Model
Bardïs Tale 1 
Bardïs Tale 2
Bardïs Tale 3 - Thief of Fate 
Bardïs Tale 4 - Tales of the Unknown 
Bardïs Tale Construction Set 
Bargon Attack
Barney Bear Goes To School 
Baron Baldric  ( A Grave Overture )
Baron The Real Estate Simulator
Barrel Patrol 3D
Bart's Law
Baseball Mogul 1997
Baseball Mogul 2007 
Bask  ( Japones ) 
Basket Master 
Basket Playoff 
Basketball Challenge 
Bass Duel 
Bastard Operator From Hell  ( Servers Under Siege ) 
Bataille Pour Sirius 
Batman Forever The Arcade Game 
Batman Returns 
Batman The Caped Crusader 
Batman The Movie
Battle Arena Toshinden 1
Battle Beast 
Battle Bugs
Battle Chess 1
Battle Chess 2
Battle Chess 4000
Battle Chess Enhanced 
Battle Command 
Battle Commander
Battle Drome 
Battle for Midway 
Battle for Moscow 
Battle for Normandy 
Battle for The Ashes 97 
Battle Isle 1
Battle Isle 2
Battle Isle 2220  ( Shadow of the Emperor ) 
Battle Isle 3
Battle Isle 93  ( The Moon of Chromos )
Battle Mages  ( Sign of Darkness ) 
Battle Nation 
Battle of Antietam 
Battle Of Britain 1 
Battle of Europe  ( Multi )
Battle Sport
Battle Wrath
BattleCruiser 3000 AD 
Battleground  ( Bulge - Ardennes Deluxe ) 
Battleground 1  ( Ardennes )
Battleground 3  ( Waterloo ) 
Battleground 4  ( Shiloh )
Battleground 9  ( Chickamuaga )
BattleHawks 1942
Battles in Time
Battles of Destiny 
Battles of Napoleon 
Battleship Bismarck 
BattleShip Classic
BattleShip Surface Thunder 
BattleShips by James Boer 
BattleTech  ( Solaris ) 
BattleTech 2  ( The Crescent Hawk's Revenge )
Battletech 2  ( The Crescent Hawks' Revenge )
BattleTech The Crescent Hawk's Inception
BattleZone ( AtariSoft ) 
Batz 'N' Ball 'N' Brix 
Bear The Beards 
Beast Room
Beast Wars Transformers 
Beasts And Bumpkins
Beat The House 
Beat The House  ( for Windows ) 
Beauty Story  ( Japones ) 
Beavis and Butt-Head  ( Addon for WolfenStein 3D ) 
Beavis and Butt-Head Bug Justice 
Beavis and Butt-Head Bunghole in One 
Beavis and Butt-Head Court Chaos 
Beavis and Butt-Head Hock-A-Loogie 
Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity Game Pack
Bedlam ( 1987 ) 
Bedlam 2  ( Absolute ) 
Beer  ( Barstool Adventures ) 
Beethoven's 2nd
Beetlejuice in The Skeletons in The Closet
Begin 2  ( A Tactical Starship Simulation )
Below the Root 
Beneath a Steel Sky
Berenstain Bears' Learning Essentials 
Berlin 1948 
Bermuda Square 
Bermuda Syndrome
Bernie Boulder
Bert And The Snake
Best of The Best Championship Karate
Betrayal at Krondor
Betrayal in Antara
Beverly Hills Cop 
Beyond Columns 
Beyond The Abyss
Beyond the Black Hole 
Beyond The Titanic
Beyond The Wall of Stars
Beyond Zork 
Bible Builder 
Bicycle Baccarat 
Bicycle Blackjack 
Bicycle Card Games  ( Xmas Edition )
Bicycle Casino 
Bicycle Classic 
Bicycle Gin
Bicycle Pinochle 
Bicycle Poker 
Big Brother 1 
Big Brother 2 
Big Business
Big Bussines 
Big Game Fishing 
Big Red Racing 
Big Sea
Big Top 
Big Top Pinball
Bikez 2 
Biliardo 2 
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ( ingles ) 
Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge 
Billy Bear Enchanted Easter
Billy Bear Joins The Circus 
Billy The Kid Returns
Bio Menace Episode 1
Bio Menace Episode 2 
Bio Menace Episode 3
BioForge ( CD-RiP ) 
Bionic Commando 
Bird Hunter  ( Upland Edition 3D ) 
Birds Of Prey
Birth of America 
Black Crown ( ingles ) 
Black Crown (Castellano)
Black Gold 
Black Gold  ( Starbyte ) 
Black Knight  ( Marine Strike Fighter )
Black Monday 
Black Sect ( Castellano )
Black Sign 
Blackjack for Windows
BlackStar  ( Agent of Justice 1 ) 
BlackStar  ( Agent of Justice 2 ) 
Blade 1 ( Castellano ) 
Blade Warrior
Blades of Heaven 
Blades of Steel 
Blake Stone  ( Aliens Of Gold ) 
Blake Stone  ( Planet Strike ) 
Blam! MachineHead 
Blast Thru & Cube Hopper
Blasting, Annihilation & Destruction 
Blaze & Blade 
Blip & Blop 
Blitz Draughts 
Blitzkrieg Battle at The Ardennes 
Blobby Volley 
Block Breaker 
Block Out 
Blood 1 
Blood 2  ( The Chosen ) 
Blood Bowl
Blood Money 
Blood Omen  ( Legacy of Kain ) 
Blood Revenge  ( Addon War Craft 2 ) 
Blow Up ! 
Blue Angels (Accolade)
Blue Brothers 
Blue Force ( Castellano )
Blue Max 
Bluebush Chess 
BlueWater Hunter
Bo Jackson Baseball 
Board Games For 2 
Bob The Builder  ( ingles )
Bob Winner
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess  ( MS-Dos Version ) 
Body Blows
Body Slam Wrestling
Bolz !
Bookie Bookworm Talking Books !  ( Goldielocks ) 
Bookie Bookworm Talking Books !  ( Jack and The Beanstalk )
Bookie Bookworm Talking Books !  ( Little Red Riding Hood ) 
Bookie Bookworm Talking Books !  ( Ugly Duckling ) 
Boom ! 
Boot Camp 
Bop 'n Wrestle 
Border Zone 
Borrowed Time To Die 
Boss Rally
Boston Bomb Club 
Boulder Dash 1 
Boulder Dash 2 
Boulder Dash Construction Kit 
Boulder Rush 
Bounce Zone 
Bouncing Babies 
Bowlda Dash 
Boxer Rebellion
Boxing Manager 
Brad Stallion in Sex Olimpics 
Brain Quest 13 Ages 6-7  ( 1st Grade )
Brave Dwarves 2 Gold
Bravo Romeo Delta  ( CommonWealth Commander )
Bravo Romeo Delta  ( New Missions ) 
Bravo Romeo Delta  ( Usa Commander )
Breach 1
Breach 2
Breach 2  -  Campaign Disk 
Breach 3 
Break Out 
Brett Hull Hockey '95 
Brian Lara Cricket
Bricks of Egypt 2  ( Tears of The Pharaohs )
Bridge Baron 11 
Bridge Deluxe 2
Bridge Hopper 
Bridge Master
Bridge Olympiad 
Brigade Combat Team
Brighter Child  ( Reading Grade 3 ) 
BrimStone The Dream of Gawain 
British Open Golf
Broken Sword  ( The Shadow of The Templars ) 
Broken Sword 2  ( The Smoking Mirror - Castellano )
Bruce Jenner's Decathlon 
Bruce Lee 
Bruce Lee  ( Remake ) 
Bruce Lee Lives  ( The Fall of Hong Kong Palace )
Brutal  ( Above The Claw ) 
Brutal Football 
Brutal Paws of Fury 
Brutal Sports Football 
Brutal Sports FootBall '96 
Bubble Bobble 
Bubble Bobble 2 Hero 
Bubble Bobble Combo 
Bubble Ghost 
Bubble Pop
Bubble Shooter Deluxe 
Bubble Trouble 
Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday 
Buck Rogers Matrix Cubed 
Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom 
Buckmasters Deer Hunting 
Buckmasters Top Bow Championship 
Bud Tucker  ( CD-Version )
Bud Tucker in Double Trouble
Budokan The Martial Spirit 
Buffalo Bills Rodeo Games 
Bug Bomber 
BugRiders The Race of Kings 
Bugs Bunny & Taz  ( La Espiral del Tiempo - Castellano )
Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop 
Bugs Bunny Hare Brained Adventure 
Bully's Sporting Darts
Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy 
Bundesliga Manager Professional 
Bunny Bricks 
Bunny Bunny
Bureau 13 
Burger Blaster
Burger Time 
BushBuck a Treasure Hunt
Bushido - The Way Of The Warrior 
Business Simulator 
Bust-A-Move 2 
Buzz Aldrin Race into Space ( Castellano ) 
Buzz Aldrin Race into Space ( ingles )
By Fire and Sword 
C.Y.P.H.E.R  ( Operation US Presidents ) 
C.Y.P.H.E.R  ( Operation Wildlife ) 
Cabelas African Safari 
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2007
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2007 
Cabela's Grand Slam Hunting North American 29 
Cabelas Outdoor Adventures 
Cabelas Outdoor Trivia Challenge
Cadaver 1 
Cadaver 2 
Caesar 1 
Caesar 2 
Caesar 2  ( Castellano )
Caesar 2  for Windows 95 
Caesar 3 
Caesar 4 
Caesars Palace (1989) 
California Games 1 
California Games 2 
California Pro Golf 
Call Of Juarez
Call to Arms 
Callus Version 0.23 
Cameleon 98 
Campo's International Rugby 
Canasta  ( for Windows ) 
Cannon Fodder 1 
Cannon Fodder 2 
Cannon Smash 
Can't Stop
Capitalism Plus 
Capitan Trueno 
Captain Blood
Captain Claw 
Captain Dynamo
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future 
Captain Quazar  ( Windows 95 ) 
Capture The Flag 
Captured by Pirates ! 
Car & Driver 
Car Builder 
Card Game Classics for Windows 95 
Card Sharks 
Caribbean Stud Poker 
Carl Lewis Challenge 
Carl Lewis' Go for The Gold 
Carlos Sainz 
Carmageddon 1 
Carmageddon 1  ( Splat Pack 3Dfx ) 
Carmageddon 2 - Carpocalypse Now 
Carmen SanDiego Dans Le Monde 
Carnival Games 
Carnivores 2 
Carnivores 2 ( ice Age ) 
Carol Vordermans Sudoku 
Carrier Command
Carrier Strike 
Cars  ( The Videogame )
Cars Radiator Springs Adventure
Cart Precision Racing 
Cartels & Cutthroats 
Cartooners Space 
Carvalho Los Pajaros De Bangkok 
Case Closed
Casino Craps 
Casino Girls Poker Pro
Casino Master
Casino The Luxe  ( 7 Classic Games ) 
Casino Tournament Of Champions 
Castillo del Dr. Brain 
Castle Adventure (1984) 
Castle Adventure by Kevin Bales 
Castle Master 1 
Castle Master 2  The Crypt 
Castle of Dr. Brain  ( Castellano ) 
Castle of Dr. Brain  ( ingles )
Castle Of Kroz
Castle of the Winds I and II
Castle Wolfenstein 
Castle Wolfenstein 2   Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
Castles  ( The Northern Campaign ) 
Castles 1
Castles 2  ( Siege and Conquest ) 
Castlevania & Contra Collector's Series
Castlevania 1 
Castrol Honda Superbike World Champions 
Catacomb 3-D 
Catacomb Abyss 
Catapults  ( for Windows ) 
Catch 'Em
Caveman Ugh-lympics 
Caverns of Bob! 
Caverns of Gink 
Caverns Of Kroz 1 
Caverns Of Kroz 2
Cd-Man 2 
Celtic Tales  ( Balor of The Evileye )
Center Court Tennis
Central Intelligence
Centurion  ( Defender of Rome )
Chain & Combo  ( Chaos Light ) 
Chain Reaction
Challenge of The Ancient Empire
Challenge of the Ancient Empires
Challenge of The Five Realms  ( Spellbound In The World of Nhagardia )
Chamber of The Sci Mutant Princess
CHAMP Asterocks 
CHAMP CentipedEm 
CHAMP Invaders 
Champion Dreams  ( First To Ride ) 
Champion of The Raj 
Championsheep Rally  ( Need for Sheep ) 
Championship Backgammon 
Championship Blackjack 
ChampionShip Boxing 
Championship Chess
ChampionShip Manager ( Liga italiana ) 
ChampionShip Manager 1 
ChampionShip Manager 2 
ChampionShip Manager 2   Liga Alemana
ChampionShip Manager 2   Liga Española (96-97).ace
ChampionShip Manager 2   Liga Holandesa 
ChampionShip Manager 2   Liga inglesa (96-97) 
ChampionShip Manager 2   Liga italiana 
Championship Manager 2000 
Championship Manager 2007 
Championship Manager 3 
ChampionShip Manager 93
ChampionShip Manager 94
ChampionShip Manager 97
Changoo 4 
Chaos Island
Chaos Overlords
Charge of The Light Brigade
Cheat, Heat, Dox, Solve, Fix, Trainers & Add-Ons  ( Vol#1 ) 
Checkers Deluxe  ( for Windows ) 
Cherry Delight for Windows 95
Chess  ( Japones ) 
Chess 88 v2.0 
Chess '96 Battle Master
Chess by Psion 
Chess Housers 
Chess Kids 
Chess Maniac 5 Billion and One
Chess Simulator
Chess The Phantom  ( Japones ) 
ChessMaster 2000 
ChessMaster 2100 
ChessMaster 3000 
ChessMaster 4000  ( Turbo ) 
ChessMaster 5000 
Chex Quest
Chicago 90 
ChiChen Itza
Chicholina (Porno) 
Chicken Run Funpack
Chicken Run Repack 
Chicken Shoot 2
China Sea Traders 
Chinese Chess Master 
Chip 'N Dale in Rescue Rangers 
Chipïs Challenge 
Choose An Enemy 
Chopper Commando 2 
Choy Lee Fut 
Chronicles of The Sword 
Chuck Tones  ( Peter And The Wolf ) 
Chuck Yeaguers Advanced Flight Trainer 
Chuck Yeaguers Air Combat
Circuit's Edge
Circus Attractions 
Circus Fighters
Circus Games 
Circus Maximus 
Cisco Heat
City Life 
CivCity  ( Rome ) 
Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue
Civil War Generals 2 
Civilization 1  for Windows ( ingles )
Civilization 2  ( Castellano )
Civilization 2  ( Conflicts in Civilization Scenarios ) 
Civilization 2  ( The Test of Time ) 
Civilization 2  for Windows ( ingles ) 
Civilization 4  ( Warlords Expansion ) 
Civilization Call to Power 
CivilizationNet ( ingles ) 
Clash of Steel  ( Future Edition ) 
Classic Action's 
Classic Arcade's 
Classic British Motor Racing
Classic Concentration 
Classic Concentration 2 
Claudia Schiffer 1999  ( Calendar & Maker )
Clik Clak 
Cloud Kingdoms
Club Football  ( The Manager )
Clue Master Detective
Clue Master Detective
Clyde's Adventure
Cobra 11 Nitro  ( Multi ) 
Cobra Gunship
Cobra Mission 
Cobra's ARC
Code  ( Europe ) 
Codename Iceman  ( ingles )
Coffee Break 
Coffee Tycoon 2006 
Cohort 1 Fighting for Rome 
Cohort 2 Fighting for Rome 
Cold Shadow 
Colin McRae Rally 
Colin McRae Rally  ( 3DFX and Full CD )
College Slam 
Colonization  ( Castellano )
Colonization  ( CD Version ) 
Colonization  ( for Windows ) 
Color Attack 
Color Buster 
Color Lines 
Comanche 1  ( Castellano )
Comanche 1  ( Maximum Overkill ) 
Comanche 3 
Comanche Rah-66
Comand HQ 
Combat Air Patrol
Combat Command 2  Danger Forward ! 
Combat Command 2  Danger Forward ! ( Gold Edition )
Combat Flight Simulator - WW2 Europe Series 
Combination Lock
Comfy 2  ( The Great Concert )
Comix Zone 
Command  ( Aces of The Deep ) 
Command And Conquer  ( Covert Operations )
Command And Conquer + Warcraft 2 Toolkit #1 
Command And Conquer 1 
Command And Conquer Red Alert 
Command And Conquer Red Alert  ( CounterStrike ) 
Command And Conquer Red Alert  ( The Aftermath )
Command And Conquer Tiberian Sun 
Commander Ken 1 
Commander Ken 2 
Commander Ken 2000 
Commander Ken 3 
Commander Ken 4 
Commander Ken 5 
Commander Ken 6 
Commander Ken Dreams 
Commandos 1 
Como Ser un Sinveguenza Con Las Señoras 
Compaq Grand Slam Cup
Complete Chess Master System 2
Complete Chess System 
Complete Onside Soccer 
Computer Acquire 
Computer Circus Maximus 
Computer Diplomacy
Computer Novel Construction Set 
Conan The Cinmerian  ( ingles )
Conflict  ( The Middle East Political Simulator - VGA )
Conflict  ( The Middle East Political Simulator ) 
Conflict Global Storm 
Conflict in Vietnam 
Conflict Korea 
Congo Bongo 
Conquer for Windows 
Conquered Kingdoms 
Conquered Kingdoms  ( Scenario #1 & Upgrade )
Conqueror A.D. 1086 
Conquest Earth
Conquest of Japan
Conquest of The New World 
Conquest of The New World  ( Deluxe )
Conquests of Camelot 
Conquests of Camelot ( ingles )
Conquests of Longbow ( ingles ) 
Conspirancy  ( Multi ) 
Contract Bridge 
Contraption Zack 
Cool Croc Twins
Cool Spot 
Cool World 
Corel Arcade Mania 
Corel Super Putt 
Corel Wild Board Games  ( for Windows ) 
Corioli Amazing 3-D Adventure Set 
Corncob Deluxe 
Corporate Conflict V 
Corporate Pursuit 
Corporate Raider
Corridor 7  ( Alien Invasion )
Corridors Of Power 
Corsa Grand Slam 
Corsairs Gold 
Corsarios 1 y 2 
Corum 3  ( Chaotic Magic ) 
Cosmic Crusader 
Cosmic Sheriff
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Episodes 1 
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Episodes 2
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Episodes 3 
Cougar Force
Countdown to Doom
Counter Action 
Cover Action 
Cover Girl Strep Poker 
Cow Hunter 
Crack Down 
Crack of Doom 
Crash Course
Crazy Cars 1 
Crazy Cars 2
Crazy Cars 3 
Crazy Cows
Crazy Digger 1 
Crazy Digger 2 
Crazy Eights 
Crazy Football
Crazy Nick's Software Picks Leisure Suit Larry Casino
Crazy Shuffle  ( Demo )
Creatures 2
Creatures 2  ( Deluxe ) 
Creeps The Clash
Cricket 95 
Cricket 97 
Crime and Punishment 
Crime City 
Crime Does Not Pay
Crime Fighter 
Crime Killer 
Crime Time 
Crime Wave
Crisis in The Kremlin
Croc  ( Legend Of The Gobbos )
Cross Country Canada
Crossbow  ( The Legend of William Tell )
CrossWord Puzzle
CrossWord Wizard
Crown of Glory  ( Europe in The Age Of Napoleon ) 
Cruise for a Corpse  ( ingles )
Cruise for a Corpse ( Castellano ) 
Crusade  ( Castellano ) 
Crusade in Europe 
Crusader 1  No Remorse  ( ingles ) 
Crusader 2  No Regret  ( ingles ) 
Crusader's Of Atlantis
Crush Crumble & Chomp ! 
Crush! Deluxe
Cryptic Passage 
Crystal Caliburn  ( for Windows )
Crystal Caves 
Crystals Of Arborea
Cubic Tic Tac Toe 
Curious George
Curious Labs Poser 4.03
Curse of Enchantia  ( Castellano ) 
Curse of Enchantia ( ingles ) 
Curse Style Adult Game 
Cyber Chess 
Cyber Dillo for Windows 95 
Cyber Empires 
Cybercon 3 
CyberDome 3DFX
Cybergenic Ranger
CyberStrip Poker
Cyril Cyberpunk 
Daemons Gate
Daffy Duck P.I  ( The case of the Missing Letters )
Daggerfall  ( The Elder Scrolls Chapter 2 - Beta ) 
Dagger's Rage  ( for Windows ) 
Daily Crossword Puzzles from The New York Times 
Daisy Air Gun Fun 
Dan Bunten's Modem Wars 
Dance of the Planet 2.0 
Dangerous Creatures 
Dangerous Dave 
Dangerous Dave 2  ( The Haunted Mansion ) 
Dangerous Streets
Darius Gaiden 
Dark Ages 
Dark Ages
Dark Angael
Dark Castle 
Dark Century 
Dark Colony
Dark Designs 1  Grelminar's Staff
Dark Designs 2   Closing The Gate 
Dark Earth 
Dark Forces  ( Castellano ) 
Dark Forces  ( Compact Edition )
Dark Legions 
Dark Reign
Dark Rift 
Dark Stike 
Dark Tower 
Dark Venceance 
Dark Vengeance 
Darklands ( ingles ) 
DarkLight Conflict
DarkLight Conflict  ( Castellano )
DarkSeed ( Castellano ) 
DarkSeed ( ingles ) 
DarkSeed 2 
Darkstar One 
DarkSun 1 
DarkSun 2 
DarkSun 2  ( Castellano ) 
Darts  ( Japones )
Darts (1989)
Das Boot  ( German U-Boat Simulation ) 
Daughter of Serpents
Dave Dude  ( in The Holiday Story )
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 
David Douillet Judo 
David Wolf Secret Agent ( ingles )

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Davidïs Kong 
Davis Cup Tennis
Davis Love 3 at Sea Island Golf Club for Links LS 
Dawn Patrol 1  ( Head to Head ) 
Dawn Patrol 2 
Dawn Patrol Flying Corps  ( Castellano ) 
Dawn Raider 
Day of The Pharaoh 
Day of The Tentacle
Day of The Viper 
Days of Thunder
Daytona USA 
Daytona USA  ( Deluxe ) 
D-Day  ( America Invades ) 
D-Day  ( The Beginning of The End ) 
DDM Soccer '96 
Deadlock Planetary Conquest 
Deadlock Planetary Conquest  ( Minimal RiP ) 
Deadly Racer 
Death Gate 
Death Or Glory 
Death Rally 
Death Squadron 
Death Sword 
Decision at Gettysburg 
Decision in The Desert 
Decisive Battles of American Civil War  Vol.1 
Decisive Battles of American Civil War  Vol.2
Decisive Battles of American Civil War  Vol.3
Decisive Battles of World War 2  ( Ardennes Offensive ) 
Deep Raider
Deep Sea Tycoon Divers
Deep Space ( Operation Copernicus ) 
Deer Hunter 2  ( Extended Season Addon ) 
Deer Hunter 4
Defcon 5 
Defcon 5
Defend 3 Days
Defender of Boston
Defender of the Crown 
Defender Of The Empire  ( Multi ) 
Defender of The Faith 
Deja vu 1 - A Nightmare Comes True 
Deja vu 2 - Lost in Las Vegas 
Delta 5 
Delta Force 
Delta Force Land Warrior  ( Castellano ) 
Deluxe Trivial Pursuit
Demon Blue 
Demon Stalkers  ( The Raid On Doomfane ) 
Demon´s Winter 
Demon's Forge
Depth Dwellers 
Descent 1
Descent 1  ( Anniversary Edition Add-On Pack )
Descent 1  ( Levels Of The World ) 
Descent 2  ( 3D ) 
Descent 2  ( The Infinite Abyss Addon ) 
Desert Rats
Desert Strike
Design Your Own RailRoad 
Designasaurus 2 
Desperado 2
Desperados 2 
Desperate Housewives 
Destruction Derby 1 
Destruction Derby 2
Deutsche Bank Timer
Devil May Cry 3  ( Special Edition ) 
Devil's Island Golf Course
Diablo 1
Diablo 2 
Diabolik ( Collection 12 Partes - italiano ) 
Diamond Ball 3 
Diamond Dreams  ( Demo ) 
Diamond Dreams Baseball 
Dice 10000
Dick Johnson V8 Challenge
Dick Tracy 
Dick Tracy The Crime Solving Adventure 
Die by The Sword 
Die Hard 1 
Die Hard 2 
Die Hard Trilogy
Dif-1 Laser Tank 
Dig Dug 
Digging For Buried Treasure
Digital Arcade  ( CD-Rom ) 
Digital DreamWare
Dime City 
Dink SmallWood 
Dino Wars 
DinoPark Tycoon 
Dinosaur  ( ingles ) 
Dinosauri Balls 
Dinosaurio  ( Castellano )
Dirt Track Racing
Dirt Track Racing Pinball 
Dirty Game 4 
Disasteroids 3D 
Disciples  ( Sacred Lands ) 
Disciples Of Steel 
Discover Space
Discoveries of the Deep 
Discovery  ( in The Steps of Columbus ) 
Discworld  ( Castellano )
Disney's DuckTales The Quest for Gold 
Disney's The Lion King 
Dive Bomber 
Dizzy 1  ( The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy ) 
Dizzy 10  ( FastFood ) 
Dizzy 11  ( Kwik Snax )
Dizzy 3  ( Fantasy World Dizzy )
Dizzy 4  ( MagicLand Dizzy )
Dizzy 5  ( Treasure Island )
Dizzy 6  ( Prince of The YolkFolk ) 
Dizzy 8  ( Bubble Dizzy ) 
DJ Hooligan Interactive 
DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers 
Doctor Who  ( Dalek Attack )
Dogs Of War
Doka Pinball 
Doll Messenger 2
Dolphin Boating Simulator 
Dominant Species
Domination Episode 1  ( First Contact ) 
Domination Episode 2  ( NetherWorld Hell ) 
Domination Episode 3  ( The Final Conflict )
Don Bluth's Thumbelina 
Don Quijote 1 y 2 
Don`t Go Alone
Donald Duck's Playground 
Donald's Alphabet Chase 
Donde Esta Carmen Sandiego 
Donde esta Carmen Sandiego  ( Buscala por todo el Mundo )
Dondra A New Beginning 
Donkey Kong 
Donkey Kong Country 
Doom 1 
Doom 2 
Doom 2 for Windows
Doom 2D
Doom 2S  ( Sreen Saver ) 
Doom 3 
Doom Must Fall 
Dope Wars 
Double Agent 
Double Dare 
Double Dragon 1
Double Dragon 2 
Double Dragon 3 
Double Dribble
Double Dynamite for Windows 95 
DoubleTalk  ( Sports Edition )
Doushin  ( Same Heart )
Downhill Challenge 
Dr. Drago's Madcap Chase
Dr. Mcree's PlayHouse 
Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex 
Dr. Thorp Black Jack 
Dr. Wong's Jacks & Video Poker 
Dracula  ( Reign of Terror ) 
Dracula in London
Dracula in London  ( for Windows )
Dracula Resurrection 
Dragon Dice 
Dragon Force 
Dragon Lord  ( ingles ) 
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Strike
Dragon Wars 
DragonRiders The Chronicles of Pern ( ingles ) 
Dragons - A Challenge in Chivalry 
Dragon's Breath 
Dragon's Lair 2 - Time Warp 
Dragon's Lair 3 - Curse of the Mordread 
Dragons of Flame 
Dragonsphere  ( ingles ) 
Dragoon  ( The Complete Battles Of Frederick The Great  ) 
Drakkhen ( Ega ) 
Drakkhen ( Vga ) 
Dream Pinball 3D  ( Multi ) 
Dream Solver '95  ( Summer Edition ) 
Dream Word Adventure
Dream Zone 
Dreamweb  ( Castellano ) 
Dreamweb  ( ingles )
Drilling Billy 
Driver 1 
Drug Lord 1
Drug Lord 2
Drug Wars 
Drug World
Duke Nukem  ( Penthouse Paradise )
Duke Nukem 3D 
Duke Nukem 3D  ( Map Pack #1 )
Duke Nukem Episode 1 
Duke Nukem Episode 2 
Duke Nukem Episode 3 
Dune 1 
Dune 1  ( Castellano ) 
Dune 2 
Dune 2000 Long Live The Fighters 
Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Keeper 1 
Dungeon Keeper 1  ( Castellano + Addons ) 
Dungeon Keeper 2
Dungeon Master 1
Dungeon Master 1  ( Java ) 
Dungeon Master 2  ( ingles )
Dungeon of Shalan 
Dungeons Of Kroz 1
Dungeons Of Kroz 2 
Dungeons of The Unforgiven
Duracell Run The Bunny
Dusk of The Gods 
Dusk of the Gods
Dweezil's Golf Companion
DX-Ball 2 
Dylan Dog ( Collection 17 Partes - italiano ) 
Dyna Blasters 
Dynasty League Baseball  ( for Windows ) 
D-Zone 1
D-Zone 2
E.S.S. Mega
Eagle Eye Misteries in London  ( ingles ) 
Eagles Rider 
Earl Weaver Baseball
Earl Weaver Baseball 2  ( Commemorative Edition ) 
Earth 2140 
Earth 2150  ( Castellano ) 
Earth Quest 
EarthSiege 2 
EarthWorm Jim 1 
EarthWorm Jim 2 
EarthWorm Jim 3D
Eat This 
Ecco The Dolphin 
Echelon 1 
Eco Phantoms
Eco Quest 1  Search for Cetus ( Castellano )
Eco Quest 1  Search for Cetus ( ingles ) 
Eco Quest 2  Lost Secret of The Rainforest ( Castellano ) 
Eco Quest 2  Lost Secret of The Rainforest ( ingles ) 
Ecstatica 1  ( ingles ) 
Ecstatica 2 
Ecworld Act.1
Eden Blues (a.k.a. Doomsday Blues) 
EF2000 ( 3DFX ) 
EGA Roids 
Egyptia  ( Secrets of the Lost Tomb ) 
Egyptian Solitaire 
Einstein Jr.'s Classroom 
Eis Planet 
Eishockey Manager
El Equipo A 1 y 2
El Imperio De Las Hormigas
El matador
El Padrino 
El Pequeno Larousse Interactivo 2001 ( Castellano ) 
El Precio Justo 
El Principio Del Fin  (Castellano ) 
El Velo De La Sombra  ( Castellano ) 
El Viaje De Colon 
Electric Crayon Dinos are Forever 
Electric Crayon World of Nintendo 
Electronic Pinball
Electronic Popple
ElectroPorn Gazette  ( Volumen 1 )
Elevators From Hell
Elf Land
Eliminator  ( for Windows )
Elite 1
Elite 2
Elite 3  ( Multi )
Elite Plus 
Elvira 2  ( The Jaws of Cerberus ) 
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Aventura 
Emergency 1 
Emergency 4  ( Global Fighters for Life ) 
Emilio Butrague¤o Futbol
Emperor Battle for Dune
Emperor of The Fading Suns 
Empire 2  ( The Art of War )
Empire Deluxe
Empire Soccer
Empire v.5.00 
Encyclopedia of War Ancient Battles
Enemy Infestation
Enemy Nations 
Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea
England Football Championship
Entomorph  ( Plague of the Darkfall )
Epic Pinball  ( 1 Pack ) 
Epic Pinball  ( 2 Pack ) 
Epic Pinball  ( 3 Pack ) 
Epic Pinball Enhanced  ( Multi )
Eric The Unready
Escape From Delirium  ( ingles )
Escape From Hell
Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters 
España  ( The Games '92 )
ESPN Extreme Games 
ESPN National Hockey Night
ESPN NBA Airborne 95 
Eternal Darkness for Quake 1 
Eternal Prison 
Eternam  ( Castellano )
Euro '96  ( England ) 
Europe Racer 
European Champions 
European ChampionShip 1992 
European Racers  ( Chinese Hack ) 
European Space Simulator Mega
European Superleague 
Evets The Ultimate Adventure ... Begins 
Evidence  ( Castellano ) 
Evil Core  ( Fallen Cities ) 
Evolution For Civilization 2 
Excessive Speed
Executive Suite
Exile  ( Escape From The Pit ) 
Exile 2  ( Crystal Soul )
Exotic Car Showroom 
Expansion Pack for Command & Conquer 
Expect No Mercy
Expert Casino 
Expert Chess  ( for Windows ) 
Expert Common Knowledge 
Expert Crosswords and More Word Games
Explore The Solar System
Extreme Assault 
Extreme Boards & Blades
Extreme Bullrider
Extreme G2 
Extreme Pinball 
Extreme Rock Climbing 
Extreme Rodeo
Extreme Slots for Windows 95
Extreme Warfare Revenge v4.0
Extreme WinterSports
Eye of Horus 
Eye Of The Beholder 1
Eye Of The Beholder 2
Eye Of The Beholder 3
F!Zone for  ( Fury 3 ) 
F. Godmon 
F.A Premier League Football Manager 99
F.A Premier League Stars 
F1 2001 
F1 Manager Professional 
F1 Renault 
F1 World Championship Edition 
F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 
F-14 Fleet Defender Gold 
F-14 Fleet Defender Gold  ( Scenario & Mission Builder )
F-14 Tomcat 
F-15  ( Jane's Combat Simulations ) 
F-15 Strike Eagle 
F-15 Strike Eagle 2
F-15 Strike Eagle 3 
F-16 Agressor 
F-16 Combat Pilot 
F-16 Multirole Fighter 
F-18 No Fly Zone
F-18E Super Hornet
F-19 Stealth Fighter 
F-22  ( Air Dominance Fighter ) 
F22  ( Red Sea Operations ) 
F-22 Lightning 2 
F-22 Lightning 3 
F-22 Persian Gulf
F-29 Retaliator 
FA-18 Korea 
FA-18E Hornet for Windows 
FA-18E Super Hornet  ( Albanian Campaign ) 
Fable  ( Castellano ) 
Face Off! 
Faces Of War  ( Multi ) 
Fade To Black 
Faery Tale Adventure 
Faery Tale Adventure 2  ( Halls of The Dead ) 
Fahrenheit 451 
Fairy Tale Adventure 2  ( Halls of the Dead ) 
Falcon 3 
Falcon 4 
Falcon AT 
Falcon Beertender
Fallen Angel
Fallout !
Family Card Games 
Family Feud 
Family Game Pack Royale
Fantasia of Mahjong
Fantasy Adventure Pack 1
Fantasy Empires
Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2000 
Fantasy General 
Fantasy World Dizzy
Far Gate ( Castellano ) 
FarLand Story
Fascination  ( Castellano )
Fascination  ( ingles )
Fast Attack 
Fast Break 
Fastrack Racing 
Fatal Fumes 
Fatal Fury 3 ( Jap ) 
Fatal Racing 
Fate of the Dragon 
Favorite Games  ( for Windows )
Fernando Martin Basket Master
Ferrari Formula One Racer 
FIA Formula One  ( World Champions ) 
Fields of Battle 
Fields Of Glory 
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun 
Fifa 2000 
Fifa 2001 
Fifa 96 
Fifa 97 
Fifa 98 
Fifa 99 
Fifa International Soccer  ( Special Edition ) 
Fifa Soccer Manager  ( Castellano )
Fifth Fleet
Fight Of Destiny 
Fighter Bomber 
Fighter Duel 
Fighter Duel  ( Special Edition ) 
Fighter Pilot
Fighter Squadron  ( Screamin' Demons Over Europe )
Fighter Wing 
Fighters Anthology 
Fighting for Rome
Fighting Force
Final Assault
Final Conflict
Final Doom 
Final Fantasy 7 
Final Fighter 
Final Frontier 
Final Orbit 
Final Racing Cyber Space 2001 
Final Soccer Challenge
Fire & Forget 1 
Fire & Forget 2  ( The Death Convoy ) 
Fire and Ice 
Fire Brigade The Battle for Kiev 1943
Fire Department 3  ( Multi ) 
Fire Fight 
Fire Fighter 
Fire Hawk Thexder  ( The Second Contact )
Fire King 
Fire Power 
FireTeam 2200
First Battalion
First Encounters
First Expedition 
First Over Germany 
First Samurai 
Fisher Price Castle
Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue 
Five-a-Side indoor Soccer 
Flames Of FreeDom
Flashback  ( The Quest For Identity )
Flight Action
Flight Assignment 
Flight Commander 2 
Flight Commander 2  ( Mission Builder )
Flight Light 
Flight of The Amazon Queen  ( ingles ) 
Flight of the Intruder 
Flight Simulator  ( Aircraft British Isles Part 1 )
Flight Simulator  ( Aircraft British Isles Part 2 )
Flight Simulator  ( Flight Shop )
Flight Unlimited 2 
Floor 13 
Floppy Frenzy 
Fly Hunter 
Flying Corps 
Flying Tigers
Foo Castle for Windows 95
Football Fanatic 
Football Glory 
Football Limited 
Football Manager 2 
Football Manager 2  ( Expansion Kit )
Football Manager 2006
Football Manager 2007 
Football Manager 3 
Football Masters 99
Football Mogul 98-99 
Football World Manager
Forbes Corporate Warrior 
Forbidden Castle 
Forbidden Quest 
Force 21
Ford Racing 
Ford Simulator 
Ford Simulator 2
Ford Simulator 3 
Ford Simulator 5
Ford Simulator 6 
Forgotten Worlds
Formula 1 
Formula Graphics Multimedia System 3.0 
Formula Karts Championship Season.ace
Formula One 99
Fort Apache (Español)
Fort Apache (ingles)
Fort Boyard  ( The Quest ) 
Fountain of Dreams 
Fox Ranger
Fox Sports Soccer 99 
Fragile Allegiance 
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball 
Frantic Factory  ( for Windows ) 
Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs
Freddi Fish 2
Freddy Hardest 1 y 2 
Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist  (Castellano ) 
Frederic Pohl's Gateway 
Free D.C 
Free Enterprise 
Freedom Under Siegem
FreeStyle BMX 
Fright Time 
Fritz !  ( ISDN Package From AVM ) 
Fritz Chess 
Frogger 2 
Frogger Jr 
Front Lines
Front Office Football  ( New Version ) 
Front Office Football ( The College Years ) 
Front Page Sports  ( Baseball '94 )
Front Page Sports  ( Football Pro '95 ) 
Front Page Sports  ( Football Pro '95 Upgrade Edition )
Front Page Sports  ( Football Pro '96 ) 
Front Page Sports  ( Trophy Rivers )
Fruit Machine 
Fruit Machine Mania
Fruit Machine Mania  ( Repack )
FST  ( Flight Simulator Creator For Windows ) 
Full Destruction  ( SVGA Version )
Full Metal Jacket  ( Demo Version )
Full Metal Planete
Full Snes Emulator & Game Pack 
Full Spectrum Warrior  ( Ten Hammers ) 
Full Throttle ( Ingles ) 
Full Tilt Pinball 1
Full Tilt Pinball 2 
Fun 'n Games  ( Blockbusters Edition ) 
Fun 'n Games Deluxe
Funnels & Buckets 
Fury 3 
Fury of the Furries
Future Clasiscs Collection 
Future Cop L.A.P.D 
Future Wars  ( Castellano ) 
Future Wars  ( ingles ) 
Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf
FX Fighter  ( CD Version ) 
FX Fighter  ( Minimal Version )
Gabriel Knight Sins of The Fathers  ( Castellano ) 
Gadget Tycoon  ( Crazy Factory ) 
Galactic Battle
Galactic Gladiators 
Galactic Voidminer
Galactix (1987) 
Galaga Destination Earth 
Galaxy ! 
Galdregon's Domain 
Galleons of Glory 
Game of Life  ( The Linel ) 
Game Over 
Game Over 2  ( Parte 1 y 2 )
Game Patches for The Month of June '95 
Game Tycoon 
Game, Net and Match ! 
GameBoy Game Experience #1
GameBoy Game Experience #2 
GameBoy Game Experience #3
GameMaker  ( Regged )
Gamma Force in Pit of a Thousand Screams Aventura 
Gangsters  ( Organized Crime ) 
Garfield 2  ( Tale of Two Kitties ) 
Garnott 2
Gary Grigsby's Pacific War 
Gary Grigsby's War in Russia
Gateway 2  ( Homeworld ) 
Gato Class Submarines 
Gauntlet 1 
Gauntlet 2 
Gazillionaire Gold 
Gazza 2
GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two 
Gear Works 
Geisha ( Castellano ) 
Geisha ( ingles ) 
Gem' X 
Gemstones 3 
Gender Wars
Gene Rally 
GeneWars  ( Castellano ) 
Genghis Khan 
Genghis Khan  ( Original ) 
Genghis Khan 1  ( Koei )
Genghis Khan 2  ( Clan of The Grey Wolf ) 
Genocide 2 
Gertrude´s Secrets 
Get Medieval
Getaway Entertainment 6 Pack 
Getaway Entertainment 6 Pack for Windows
Gettysburg The Turning Point 
Gex 2 
Gex 3D  ( Enter The Gecko  -  Only 3DFX ) 
Gex 3D  ( Enter The Gecko ) 
GFL Championship Football 
Ghostbuster 3D 
Ghostbusters 2 
Ghostly Monk Hero  ( Japones ) 
Ghost'n'Goblins for Windows 
Ghosts 'n Goblins
Giana Sisters
Gilligans long island 
Giorno Del Tentacolo 
Gipf for One
Girlfriend Construction Set 
Girlfriend Speaks 
Gliders Split Wing Falcon 
Global Conquest
Global Domination 
Global Effect 
Glorana  ( In The Service of the Crown )
Glory of The Roman Empire
G-Netix ! 
Gnome Alone
Gnome Land 
Gnome Ranger 
Gnome Ranger 2  Ingrid's Back Aventura
Go Kart Challenge 
Go Professional 2
Go Simulator 
Gobliiins 1 
Gobliiins 2 
Gobliiins 3  ( Goblins Quest ) 
Gold of the Americas 
Gold Rush ! 
Golden Age Of Racing 
Golden Axe
Golden Basket 
Golden Eagle 
Golden Oldies Volume 1 Computer Software Classics 
Golf Doctor 
Golf Pro 2000 Down Under 
Golf Resort Tycoon 1 
Golf Resort Tycoon 2
Gone Fishin'
Gonzzalezz 1 y 2 
GP 500 
Gradius Deluxe Pack 
Grammer Games  ( for Windows )
Grand Monster Slam 
Grand Prix 2 
Grand Prix 3  ( 2000 Season )
Grand Prix 3  ( 2001 Season )
Grand Prix 500 2
Grand Prix Circuit 
Grand Prix Manager 1
Grand Prix Manager 2 
Grand Prix Manager 2 - Screen Saver 
Grand Prix Unlimited 
Grand Slam 97 
Grand Slam Bridge 
Grand Slam Bridge 2
Grand Slam Turkey Hunt 
Grand Theft Auto 
Grand Theft Auto 2
Grand Theft Auto London 1961 
Grand Touring 
GrandMaster Chess
Granny  ( for Windows ) 
Grave Yardage
Gravity Sports 3 
Grc Snes Sports Pack Disk
Great Battles Of Caesar 
Great Courts 
Great Courts 2 
Great Jigaw Puzzles 
Great Journey Mr Penguins Letter 
Great Napoleonic Battles
Great Naval Battles  ( Burning Steel ) 
Great Naval Battles  ( North Atlantic 1939-1943 ) 
Green Berets 
Greg Norman's Shark Attack ! 
Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf 
Gremlins 2 The New Batch
Grid Runner 
Gris in Jaile
GT Racing 97 
GTI Racing 
Guardians of Infinity The Save Kennedy
Gubble for Windows 95 
Guerilla War 
Guillermo Tell 
Guilty  ( Castellano ) 
Guilty  ( CD-Version )
Guilty  ( ingles ) 
Guilty Gear Isuka 
Guilty Gear X2 Reload 
Gulf Strike 
Gumboots Australia
Gunocide 2 
Guns and Butter 
Gunship 2000
Gus Goes to CyberTown
Gus is Gone  ( Lucy is Lost ) 
Guy Spy 
Guy Spy 2  ( The Crystals of Armageddon ) 
H.E.D.Z  ( Head Extreme Destruction Zone ) 
Hacker 2 The Doomsday Papers 
Hal 5.0 
Half-Life 1 
Half-Life 2  ( Episode One ) 
Halls of Montezuma
Hammer Boy 1 y 2
Hammer Of The Gods
Hamster Heroes 
Hand of Fate
Hand of Fate  ( for Windows )
Hanse  ( Die Expedition ) 
Happy Birthday ! 
Happy End 
Harald Hardtand 
Hard Drivin 
Hard Drivin 2 
Hard Hat Mack 
Hard Hat Mack 
Hard Nova
Hard Truck Apocalypse
Hard Truck Road To Victory
HardBall 2 
HardBall 3 
HardBall 3 
HardBall 4
HardBall 6 
Hare Raising Havoc 
Harlem Globetrotters 
Harley-Davidson  ( Motor Cycles Race Around the World ) 
Harley-Davidson  ( Race Across America ) 
Harley-Davidson  ( The Road to Sturgis )
Harpoon 2  ( Westpac Addon ) 
Harpoon 2 Admiral's Edition 
Harpoon Classic  ( for MS-Dos )
Harpoon Classic  ( for Windows ) 
Harrier Combat Simulator 
Harrier Jump Jet 
Harry's Haunted House of Horror
Hat Trick
Hateful Chris 
Hatfields & McCoys 
Head 42 
Headline Harry and The Great Paper Race
Heart Of Africa 
Heart Of China  ( ingles )
Heart Of China (Castellano)
Hearts of Iron 2  ( Doomsday ) 
Heat Baseball 2000 
Heat Wave Offshore Superboat Racing 
Heaven & Earth
Heavy Barrel 
Heavy Gear 2
Heavy Metal 
Heavy Metal  FAKK 2 
Heimdall 1  ( ingles ) 
Heimdall 1  (Castellano )
Heimdall 2  ( ingles )
Heirs to The Throne 
Hellboy  ( Castellano ) 
Hellcat Ace
Hellfire Zone 
Hello Kitty's Big Fun Piano ! 
Helter Skelter 
Heretic 1 
Heretic 2 
Hero Quest 1  ( Castellano ) 
Hero Quest 1  ( ingles ) 
Heroes Chronicles  Warlords of The Wasteland 
Heroes of Legend 
Heroes of Might and Magic 1 
Heroes of Might and Magic 1  ( Castellano ) 
Heroes of Might and Magic 1  for Windows 95 
Heroes of Might and Magic 2  ( Gold ) 
Heroes of Might and Magic 2  ( The Succession Wars - Castellano )
Heroes of Might and Magic 2  ( The Succession Wars ) 
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 
Heroes of Sango
Heroes Of The 357 th
Heroes of the Lance 
Hero's Quest  ( So You Want To Be a Hero ) 
Hexen 1
Hexen 2
Hexen 2  ( Portal Of Praevus Mission ) 
Hexen for Windows 
Hexx  ( Heresy of The Wizard ) 
HiArcs Chess 7.32 
Hidden & Dangerous  ( Fight For Freedom )
Hidden Agenda  ( Springboard-Trans Fiction Systems )   
Hidden Dragon
High Command  ( Europe 1939 - 1945 ) 
High Reward 
High Rollers 
High Seas
High Seas Trader  ( ingles )
High Stakes by Dick Francis 
Highway Hunter
Highway Patrol 2
Hill Street Blues
Hi-Octane  ( 3D-Blaster ) 
Hi-Octane  ( Multi ) 
Hired Guns 
History Of The World 
Historyline  ( 1914-1918 ) 
Hitman  ( Blood Money )
Hitman Codename 47 
Hockey League Simulator 1 
Hockey League Simulator 2 
Hockey Pool 96
Hodj 'N' Podj 
Hole in One
Holey Bridge For Windows
Holiday Island 
Holiday World Tycoon 
Hollywood Hijinx
Hollywood Squares 
Home Alone 
Home Alone 2  ( Lost in New York ) 
Homemade Duke 3D Levels Edition 1 
Homeworld Raider Retreat 
Homey D.Clown  ( Castellano ) 
Horror Zombies From The Crypt
Horse Racing  ( for Winfows )
Horse Racing '97
Hot Rubber
Hot Wheels Crash 
Hot Wheels Mechanix
House of Cards
HoverBoard Simulator 
Hoyle Blackjack 
Hoyle Board Games 2007 
Hoyle Card Games 2007
Hoyle Card Games 3
Hoyle Casino 2007
Hoyle Casino 4 
Hoyle Classic Board Games 1
Hoyle Classic Board Games 2 
Hoyle Classic Board Games 3
Hoyle Official Book of Games
Hoyle Official Book of Games  ( Volume 3 ) 
Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 2
Hoyle Poker 
Hoyle Puzzle Games 2007 
Hudson City  ( Sector 1 )
Hugo 1  ( Castellano ) 
Hugo 2  ( Whodunit )
Hugo 3  ( Jungle of Doom ) 
Hugo's House of Horrors 
Hunter's Law
Hunting Unlimited 4 
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream  ( Castellano ) 
I, Damiano 
I.M Mean 
Ian Botham's Cricket
IBM Story Teller 
Iceman's Apprentice 
Icon - The Quest For The Ring 
If It Moves, Shoot It !
Igor Objetivo Uikokahonia  ( Castellano ) 
IHRA Drag Racing Sportsman Edition
Ikari Warriors 1
Ikari Warriors 2  ( Victory Road )
Ikari Warriors 3  ( The Rescue ) 
ImagiNation Network  ( INN )
Impact !
Imperial Conquest 2 
Imperial Space Command 
Imperialism 1  ( ingles ) 
Imperialism 2  ( Age of Exploration ) 
Impossible Mission 2
In Search of Dr. Riptide
In Search of The Most Amazing Thing 
In the Days of Knights and Kings 
In The Dead of Night  ( ingles ) 
Inca 1  ( ingles ) 
Inca 2  Nations of inmortality  ( ingles )
Incredible Pipeline 1.60 for Windows 
Independence Day 
Independence Day  ( Castellano ) 
Independence War 1  ( Deluxe )
Independence War 2  ( Edge of Chaos ) 
Indiana Jones and The Desktop Adventures
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade 
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade  ( Castellano ) 
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade  ( ingles ) 
Indiana Jones and The Revenge of The Ancients
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom 
Indiana Jones The Fate of Atlantis  ( Castellano ) 
Indiana Jones The Fate of Atlantis  ( ingles )
Indiana Jones The Fate of Atlantis 2  ( Castellano )
Indianapolis 500 The Simulation
Indoor Sports Volume 1 
IndyCar Racing 2 for MS-Dos 
IndyCar Racing 2 for Windows 95
Inetris for Windows
Inferno 1 
Infiltrator 2  ( The Next Day ) 
Inherit The Earth 
Inline Racer
Inmoral Study 
Innocent Until Caught 1 ( Castellano ) 
Innocent Until Caught 2  Guilty  ( Castellano )
Inordinate Desire
Inside Trader 
Inspector Gadget
Interactive Girls 
Interactive Girls  ( Foreplay CENSORED )
Interactive Girls  ( Jo Guest In The Mild Round ) 
Interactive Girls  ( Teresa The House Guest ) 
Interactive Girls  ( Vida At The Cafe CENSORED ) 
InterGalactic Exterminator  ( Special Edition )
Internacional Grand Prix Racing The Cycles 
Internatinal Karate
International Athletics
International Bridge Contractors 
International Cricket Captain  ( Ashes Tour ) 
International Cricket Captain 2 
International Open Golf Championship 
International Rally Championship 
International Sports Challenge
International Tennis Open 1996
Interstate 76
Into the Eagle's Nest 
Into The Void 
Iron & Blood  ( Warriors of Raveloft ) 
Iron Assault
Iron Blood 
Iron Cross
Iron John Hawk  ( The Shards Of Power ) 
Iron Lord 
Iron Seed 
IronMan Super Off-Road Racer
Ishar 1  Legend of the Fortress  ( ingles )
Ishar 2  Messengers of Doom  ( ingles )
Ishar 3  The Seven Gates of Infinity  ( ingles )
Ishido The Way of Stones
Island of Danger
Island of Dr. Brain 
Island Peril
Isle  ( Japones ) 
Isle Of Four Winds  ( Rune War )
It Came from The Desert 
Italy 90 
Ivan Stewart's Ironman Super Off Road
J.B Harold in Murder Club 
Jabato 1 y 2
Jack in The Dark 
Jack Nicklaus' Golf & Course Design  ( Signature Edition ) 
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf 
Jack Nicklaus' International Golf Course Disk 
Jack Nicklaus' Major Championship Courses of 1990 
Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf 
Jack The Bear
Jack The Ripper 
Jackal !
Jackpot Slots for Windows 95 
Jacks Crazy Cong 2
Jagged Alliance 1  ( ingles ) 
Jagged Alliance 1  ( ingles CD Version ) 
Jagged Alliance 2
Jahangir Khan's World Champion Squash 
Jai Alai 
Jakkal  ( Flesh + Bones ) 
James Bond 007  A View to a Kill 
James Bond 007  Goldfinger
James Bond 007  Licence To Kill 
James Bond 007 The Stealth Affair 
James Clavell´s Shogun 
James Pond 2  ( Robocod ) 
Janitor Joe 
Japan Tetris 
Jaws Unleashed  ( Multi ) 
Jazz Jackrabbit  ( Mega Pack CD ) 
Jazz Jackrabbit 1
Jazz Jackrabbit 1  ( Extra 9 New Levels ) 
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 
Jazz Jackrabbit 2  ( The Secret Files ) 
Jazz Jackrabbit 3
Jcgs  ( Japones ) 
Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2
Jedi Knight Mysteries of The Sith 
JellyFish Player 3.0 
Jeopardy !
Jeopardy !  Platinum Edition
Jeopardy ! 2nd Edition (1988) 
Jet Boat Racing 
Jet Moto 
JetFighter 1  The Adventure
JetFighter 2  Advanced Tactical Fighter
Jewel Quest Solitaire 
Jewels of Darkness 
Jewels of The Oracle
Jigsaw Power 
Jigsaw-It !  ( for Windows )
Jill Goes Underground 
Jill of the Jungle episodes 1-3 
Jill Saves The Prince
Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure Chaos at the Carnival 
Jim Power 
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour
Jimmy Whites 2  ( Cueball )
Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker 
Joan of Arc 
Joe & Mac  ( Caveman Ninja )
Joe Montana Football 
John Deere American Farmer Deluxe 
John Elway's Quarterback 
John Madden Football 
John Madden Football 2
Johnny Bazookatone
Jones In The Fast Lane 
Jones In The Fast Lane 2
JongPuzzle 2.0 for Windows 
Jonny Quest  ( Curse of The Mayan Warriors )
Jordan vs Bird One on One
Josephine  ( Portrait of an Assassin ) 
Journey To The Center of Earth
Jr. Pac-Man 1
Jr. Pac-Man 2
Judge Dredd 
Judge Dredd  ( CD-ROM Version )
Jukebox Pinball 
Jumping Bean Marathon
Jumping Jake 
Jumpman Lives ! 
Jungle Hunt 
Jungle Legend
Jungle Strike 
Jurasick Park 
Jurassic War
Just Cause  ( Multi ) 
K-1 Tank 
KA-50 Hokum 
Kart Race  ( Beta Version )
Kasparov's Gambit 
Kasparov's Gambit  ( Castellano )
Katie's Farm 
Kawasaki Jet Sky for Windows
KChess  ( for Windows )
KChess Elite 32 ( Version 3.6 )
Keef the Thief 
Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer 
Ken`s Labyrinth 
KGB ( Castellano ) 
KGB ( ingles ) 
Khalaan ( Castellano ) 
Khalaan ( ingles ) 
KickOff 94  ( European Challenge )
KickOff 95
KickOff 96
KickOff 97
Kid's Arcade Pack 
Kill Krush 'n' Destroy 
Kill Krush 'n' Destroy  ( Castellano ) 
Kill Krush 'n' Destroy 2  ( Krossfire ) 
Killer Loop
Killing Cloud
Kin Yeo Fighting  ( Japones ) 
King Arthur's K.O.R.T
King of Dragon Pass
King Pin 
King Pin  ( Life of Crime )
King´s Quest 1  Quest for The Crown ( ingles ) 
King´s Quest 1  Quest for The Crown ( Original )
King´s Quest 3  To Heir is Human 
King´s Quest 4  The Perils of Rosella ( Castellano ) 
King´s Quest 4  The Perils of Rosella ( ingles ) 
King´s Quest 4  The Perils of Rosella ( Original ) 
King´s Quest 5  Absence Makes The Heart go Yonder ( Castellano )
King´s Quest 6  Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow ( ingles )
Kingdom at War 
Kingdom Of Kroz 1 
Kingdom Of Kroz 2 
Kingdom The Far Reaches 
Kingdoms of Germany 
Kingïs Quest 2 Romancing The Throne 
King's Bounty 
Kings Of The Beach Professional Beach Volleyball 
King's Table  ( Legend of Ragnarok )
Kitty Luv 
Klass of '99 
Klik 'N' Play Gamepack #1 
Klingon Honor Guard
Klondike Moon 
Knight Exchange 
Knight Games 
Knight Lore
Knight Moves 
Knight Orc 
Knights And Merchants
Knights of Legend 
Knights of The Desert 
Knights of The Sky 
Knights of Xentar 
Knowledge Adventure
Kobayashi Naru 
Kong´s Revenge 
Krazy Ivan 
Kronolog  ( The Nazi Paradox )
Krypton Egg 
Kult The Temple of Flying Saucers 
Kung Fu Warrior 
L.A. Crackdown
L.A. Law  ( The Computer Game ) 
La Abadia Del Crimen
La Abadia Del Crimen Remake PC 32bits
La Aventura Espacial
La Bella y La Bestia (Castellano)
La Carrera Espacial de Buzz Aldrin ( Castellano )
La Colmena 
La Diosa de Cozumel 1 y 2
La Espada Sagrada 
La Grande Armee
La Jungla De Cristal 2 
La Pulga 1
La Pulga 2 - Poogaboo 
Lady Love 
L'Affaire Morlov 
Lakers vs Celtics 
Lamborghini  ( American Challenge ) 
Lamentation Sword 
Lands Of Lore 1  ( The Throne Of Chaos  - Castellano ) 
Lands Of Lore 1  ( The Throne Of Chaos  - ingles ) 
Lands Of Lore 2  ( Guardians Of Destiny  - ingles ) 
Lands of Xadom
Lane Mastodon vs The Blubbermen 
Larry 1  in The Land of The Lounge Lizards ( Castellano ).ace
Larry 1  in The Land of The Lounge Lizards ( ingles ).ace
Larry 2  Looking for Love in Several Wrong Places  ( ingles ).ace
Larry 2  Point and Click  ( ingles ) 
Larry 3  in Pursuit of The Pulsating Pectorals ( ingles ).ace
Larry 5  a Little Undercover Wwork ( Castellano ).ace
Larry 5  a Little Undercover Wwork ( ingles ).ace
Larry 6  Shape Up or Slip Out ( Castellano ).ace
Larry 6  Shape Up or Slip Out ( ingles ).ace
Larry 7  Love For Sail ( Castellano ) 
Larry Vales 1  ( Traffic Division ) 
Larry Vales 2  ( Dead Girls Are Easy ) 
Las Llaves el Tiempo 
Las Tortugas Ninja 1
Las Tortugas Ninja 2
Laser Arena
Laser Ball Frenzy
Laser Match Racing
Laser Squad 
Laser Surgeon The Microscopic Mission 
Last Action Hero 
Last Day Klik And Play Stand Alone  ( for Windows ) 
Last Half of Darkness 1 
Last Half of Darkness 2 
Last Ninja 1 
Last Ninja 2 
Last Rites 
Laura Bow  ( Crazy Nick's Budget Picks ) 
Laura Bow 1  Colonel Bequest´s  ( ingles ) 
Laura Bow 2  Dagger of Amon Ra ( Castellano ) 
Lawn Mower 
Lax Team  ( To The Rescue ! ) 
Laxius Power 1  ( Random Story )
Laxius Power 2  ( Destinies ) 
Laxius Power 3 
Le Fetiche Maya
Le Maitre Des Ames
Le Manoir de Mortevielle 
Leap Frog Math 
Learn The Alphabet 
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 
Leeds United Club Manager 
Legacy of The Ancients 
Legend of Djel 
Legend Of Dragon Island 
Legend of Faerghail
Legend of Genesis 
Legend of Myra 
Legend of The Red Dragon 
Legend of The Seven Paladins
Legend of The Sword 
Legends of Might and Magic 
Legends of Valour 
Legion Arena  ( Cult of Mithras ) 
Legions  ( for Windows )
Lego Alpha Team
Lego Loco 
Lego Star Wars 2  ( Multi )
Leisure Suit Larry's Casino 
Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses 
Lemmings 1
Lemmings 1  ( for Windows ) 
Lemmings 2
Lemmings 3 
Lemmings 3D 
Lemmings Chronicals 
Lemmings Holiday
Lemmings Paintball for Windows 95 
Leo The Lion 
Les Manley 1  In Search For The King  ( ingles )
Les Manley 2  Lost in L.A  ( Castellano )
Les Manley 2  Lost in L.A  ( ingles ) 
Lethal Weapon 
Lexi Cross
Leyendas de Lhodrye  Arakhas el Oscuro
LHX Attack Chopper 
Liberation Army 
Liberation Day 
Liberty or Death 
Liberty Wars 
License To Drive
Life and Death 
Life and Death 2  ( The Brain )
Lin Wu's Challenge
LineWars 2
Links  ( The Challenge Of Golf ) 
Links 386 
Links 386 Pro ( Version 2.0 ) 
Links 386 Pro CD 
Links LS  ( 1997 Course Pack ) 
Links LS  ( 1997 Edition ) 
Links LS  ( 1998 Edition )
Links Solid  ( Gold Edition ) 
Lion King 
Liquid War 
Literati Lite  ( for Windows )
Litil Divil 
Litil Divil  ( Deluxe )
Little Big Adventure 1  ( Castellano ) 
Little Big Adventure 2  Twinsen´s Odyssey 
Little Computer People 
Little Red Riding Hood
Live Boxing  ( Castellano ) 
Live Wire 
Living Pinball 
Living World Racing 
LivingStone Supongo 1 y 2
Llamatron 2112 
Loco Mania  ( Castellano ) 
Lode Runner - The Legend Returns 
Lode Runner (1983) 
Lode Runner 2 
Logical Journey of The Zoombinis  ( Castellano )
Lone Wolf  ( The Mirror of Death )
Longbow 2
Loom  ( Castellano ) 
Loony Labyrinth Pinball 
Lord of The Rings Vol. 1 - The Fellowship of The Ring 
Lord of The Rings Vol. 2 - The Two Towers 
Lords of Conquest 
Lords of Doom 
Lords of Magic 
Lords of The Realm 1 
Lords of The Realm 2 
Los Archivos secretos de Sherlock Holmes  ( El caso del Escapelo Mellado )
Los Intocables 
Los Pasajeros del Tiempo
Los Templos Sagrados
Lose Your Marbles
Lost Dutchman Mine 
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes  ( Castellano ) 
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes  ( ingles )
Lost in Time  ( Castellano ) 
Lost Secret of Rain forest 
Lost Vikings 1 
Lost Vikings 2
Lost Vikings 2 for Windows95
Lotus 1
Lotus 3 
Lovers Ecstasy 
Low Blow 
Lucky Luke 
Lucky Stars for Windows 95 
Lucky's Casino 
Luigi and Spaguetti 1 
Luigi and Spaguetti 2 
Lula Virtual Babe
Lunar Lander
Lunar Orbiter
Lure of The Temptress 
Lurid Land 
Lux Delux v5.4
M Alien Paranoia 
M1 Tank Platoon 
M1 Tank Platoon 2 
Macadam Bumper 
MacArthur's War 
Mach 3 
Machiavelli The Prince 
Machine Hunter 
Mad Paradox 
Mad TV 
Madden NFL 2000
Madden NFL 2007
Mad-Mix Game 
Mad-Mix Game 1 
Mad-Mix Game 2
Mad-Mix Game en el Castillo de los Fantasmas 
Mag Racer
Magebane 2 
Magic - El Reencuentro  ( Castellano )
Magic & Mayhem 
Magic Ball 2 
Magic Carpet 1 
Magic Carpet 1  (  Hidden Worlds Add-On ) 
Magic Carpet 2  ( Netherworlds ) 
Magic Color  ( for Windows ) 
Magic for Windows  ( Aleman )
Magic Johnson's Basketball 
Magic Johnson's MVP 
Magic Pockets
Magic The Gathering BattleMage 
Magic The Gathering BattleMage ( Castellano )
MagnaFlux Runner !
Magnetic Scrolls Collection
Mah Jongg 
Mahjong Century The 100 Year Quest 
Mahjong Suite 2006
Mahjongg Empire 
Majestic 1  ( Alien Encounter )
Major League Manager 
Mamary Memory 
Man Hunter Los Angeles 
Man Hunter New York 
Man Hunter San Francisco
Man of War 
Manchester United Europe 
Manhattan Dealers
Manhunter 2  San Francisco 
Maniac Mansion 1 
Maniac Mansion 1 ( Castellano ) 
Maniac Mansion 1 Deluxe ( Castellano ) 
Maniac Mansion 2 ( Castellano ) 
Manic Karts 
Manic Miner PC 
Manifest Destiny  ( The Geniuses )
Mantis XF-5700 Experimental Fighter 
Marathon 2  ( Durandal ) 
Marble Madness
Marc Ecko's Getting Up  ( Contents Under Pressure ) 
Marco Polo
Marine Aquarium 
Mario & Luigi 
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge 
Mario is Missing 
Mario Teaches 
Mario's Game Gallery  ( for MS-Dos ) 
Mario's Game Gallery  ( for Windows ) 
Mars Maniacs 
Martian Memorandum 
Marty and The Trouble With Cheese 
Masque Publishing  ( 5 Game Super Pak )
Mass Destruction  ( Castellano ) 
Master Blaster 
Master Ninja Shadow Warriors of Death 
Master of Magic  ( ingles ) 
Master of Orion 1 
Master of Orion 2
Math Blaster 2  ( Secret of The Lost City )
Math Blaster Plus
Math WorkShop  ( Castellano )
Maths Circus 
Maupity Island  ( Castellano )
Maupity Island  ( ingles ) 
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Max Mole 2  ( Daddy`s Secret ) 
Maxime HeadBoom 
Maximum Road Kill 
Maximum Sports Extreme 
Max'n Sparky
Mayor Stryker Full Game 3 Planets 
Maze Adventures 
Maze Runner
MCD Quad packs 1 
Mcdoe !
McDonald Land 
MDK ( Castellano ) 
Mean 18 
Mean 18  Famous Course Disk Volume 2 
Mean 18  Famous Course Disk Volume 3 
Mean 18  Famous Course Disk Volume 4 
Mean Streets
Mean, Ugly, Dirty Sport 
Mech Brigade 
Mech Engineer Professional 2.0
Mechanized Assault &  Exploration 
MechCommander 2 
MechWarrior 1
MechWarrior 2 
MechWarrior 3 
MechWarrior 3  ( Pirates Moon Expansion Pack ) 
Medieval Britain
Medieval Lords 
Medieval Lords  ( Build, Defend, Expand )
Medieval Warriors 
Meeting Maker XP 
Mega lo Mania 
Mega Maze
Megaman 1 
Megaman 3
Megaman X 
Megaman X3 
Megaman X4 
Megatraveller 1  The Zhodani Conspiracy 
Megatraveller 2  Quest for The Ancients
Megatron  ( Vga )
Men in Black 1
Mephisto ChessGenius 1999  ( Multi ) 
Mephisto ChessGenius 3 
Merchant Colony 
Merchant Prince 
Merlin Royal Navy 
Metal and Lace 1 
Metal and Lace 2
Metal Gear
Metal Gear Solid 1 
Metal Marines 
Metal Marines  ( Castellano ) 
Metal Marines  ( for Windows ) 
Metal Marines ( Master Edition )
Metal Mutant 
Metaltech  ( Battledrome ) 
Metaltech Earthsiege 
Metaltech Earthsiege  ( Expansion Disk ) 
Meurtres en Serie
Miami Space 
Miami Vice
Michael Jordan in Flight 
Michel Super Skills 1 y 2
Mickey´s Space Adventure
Mickey's 1,2 y 3
Mickey's ABC's  ( A Day At The Fair ) 
Micro League Action Sports Soccer 
Micro League Baseball 1 
Micro League Baseball 2
Micro League Baseball 4 
Micro League Football 1 
Micro League Football 2
Micro League Wrestling 2
Micro Machines 1 
Micro Machines 2
Micro Machines 2  ( Special Edition ) 
Micro Machines Turbo Tournament
Micro Machines V3 
Micro Machines V4
Micro!  ( Deluxe ) 
MicroProse Pro Soccer
Microsoft Baseball 2000
Microsoft Close Combat 
Microsoft Close Combat 2  ( A Bridge Too Far )
Microsoft Decathlon 
Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows
Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows 2 
Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows 4
Microsoft Flight Simulator  -  Australian Scenery ( ADDON ).ace
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5  ( Las Vegas Scenary )
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1 
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1  ( Extra Cities ) 
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1  ( Map Tools ) 
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.11 
Microsoft Flight Simulator '98
Microsoft FreeCell
Microsoft Fury3 
Microsoft Golf  ( for Windows 2.0 )
Microsoft Golf 1993 Edition 
Microsoft Golf 1996 Edition 
Microsoft Golf 2001 Edition
Microsoft Golf Championship Courses  ( Pinehurst Country Club - 2 )
Microsoft International Football 2000 
Microsoft Kids  ( for Windows ) 
Microsoft Return To Arcade 
Microsoft Soccer
Midtown Madness
Midway - The Battle that Doomed Japan
Midwinter 1 
Midwinter 2  Flames of Freedom 
Mig Alley
Mig-29 Fulcrum 
Mig-29 Fulcrum ( 1990 )
Might and Magic 1 - Secret of the Inner Sanctum 
Might and Magic 2 - Gates to Another World 
Might and Magic 3 - Isles of Terra 
Might and Magic 4 - Clouds of Xeen 
Might and Magic 5 - Darkside of Xeen 
Might and Magic 6 - Swords of Xeen 
Mighty BombJack
Mike Ditka Ultimate Football 
Mike's Adventure Game 
Mille Bornes
Millennium  ( The Return to Earth )
Millionaire Release 2 
Mimi and The Mites
Mind Games Entertainment Pack  ( for Windows ) 
Mind Prober
MindQuest  ( Medieval France )
Mine Shaft 
Mines of Titan 
Mini Desktop Racing
Mini Putt 
Mission  ( Japones )
Mission Force  ( CyberStorm ) 
Mission Humanity 
Mission Impossible 1 
Mission Mainframe
Mixed-Up Fairy Tales  ( ingles ) 
Mixed-Up Mother Goose  ( Nuevo - ingles ) 
Mixed-Up Mother Goose  ( Original - ingles ) 
ML Crux 
ML Loyd 
ML Push Your Luck
ML Yaht 
Mockba To Berlin
Modem Wars 
Moebius 2 
Moebius The Orb of Celestial Harmony 
Moho  ( Castellano )
Monaco Racing Simulation 2 
Monaco Racing Simulation 2 
Monday Night Football
Mondu's Fight Palace
Monopoly Casino Vegas Edition 
Monopoly Deluxe
Monopoly for Windows 
Monopoly Tycoon 
Monster Bash 1
Monster Bash 2
Monster Bash 3 
Monster Truck Madness 2 
Monster Trux Extreme  ( Offroad Edition )
Montana Solitaire  ( for Windows ) 
Montezuma´s Revenge 
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Monument of Mars
Monzie's Mansion 
Moon Blaster
Moon Bugs 
Moon Child
Moonshine Racers
Moonstone  ( A Hard Days Knight ) 
Moonwalk Of Destiny 
Moraff`s Blast
Moraff`s Morejongg for Windows
Moraff`s Revenge 
Moraffïs Entrap
Moraff's Stones 
More Mandy 
Morkin 2 
Mortadelo y Filemon 2  ( Fase 1 y 2 )
Mortal Kombat 1 
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat 4 
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Moto Extreme
Moto GP 3  ( Ultimate Racing Technology )
Motocross Madness 
Motor City 
Motor Mash
MotoRacer 1
MotoRacer 1 ( Castellano ) 
MotoRacer 2 
MPC Wizard
Mr. Blobby 
Mr. Boom
Ms Pac-Pc 
Ms. Pac-Man 
Mudball Wall 
Multi Action Game for Windows 
Mundial de Futbol 
Murder ! 
Murder by The Dozen 
Murder Club 
Murder on The Atlantic 
Murder on The Zinderneuf 
Murders in Space 
Murders in Venice 
Museum Madness 
Mutant Penguins 
Mutant Zone 1 y 2 
Muzzle Velocity  ( Castellano )
Muzzle Velocity  ( ingles )
My Friend Koo 
My Make Believe Castle 
Myst  ( Millenium Edition ) 
Mysterious Worlds 
Mystery of the Mummy ! 
Mystic Midway  ( Phantom Express ) 
Mystic Midway  ( Rest In Pieces )
Myth  ( The Fallen Lords ) 
Myth 2  ( Soulblighter ) 
Nam  ( 1965-1975 ) 
Nanaei  ( Japones ) 
Napoleon in Russia Borodino 1812 
Narco Police 
Nascar Craftsman Truck Racing
Nascar Legends 
Nascar Racing  ( Track Pack 100% )
Nascar Racing 1  ( for 3D-Blaster )
Nascar Racing 1  ( MGA Hi-Resolution With All Cars ) 
Nascar Racing 1999 Edition 
Nascar Racing 2 
Nascar Racing 3 
Nascar Racing 4 
Nascar Revolution
Nascar Revolution  ( Special Edition ) 
Navcom 6
Navy Moves 1 y 2 
Navy SEAL 
Navy Strike
NBA Inside Drive 2000 
NBA Jam Tournament Edition 
NBA Live 2001
NBA Live 2006 
NBA Live 2007  ( Multi ) 
NBA Live 96
NBA Live 97
NBA Live 98 
NBA Live 99 
NCAA Championship Basketball 
NCAA Football 98 
NCAA Road to the Final Four
NCAA Road to the Final Four 2
Necromantics ( CD )  Version 
Necromantics ( Mini )  Version 
Neded for Steep
Need for Speed 1  ( Plus - Ultimate Patch ) 
Need for Speed 1  ( Plus ) 
Need For Speed 1  Special Edition 
Need For Speed 2 
Need For Speed 2  ( Castellano )
Need For Speed 2  Special Edition 
Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit 
Need For Speed High Stakes 
Neighbors From Hell Compilation
Nemesis  ( The Go Master ) 
Nemesis 2 
Nerves Of Steel 
Nerves of Steel 
Net Cribbage ( Version 5.0 )
Net Gin Rummy ( Version 5.1 )
Net Spite and Malice ( Version 5.1 )
Network Q RAC Rally Championship 
Network Q RAC Rally Championship  ( The X-Miles )
Never Mind 
New Order 
New Race Time
New York Warriors 
NFL Challenge 
NFL Fever 2000 
NFL Football 
NFL Legends Football '98 
NHL 2001 
NHL 2007  ( Multi ) 
NHL 98 
NHL 99 
NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007
NHL Hockey 93 
NHL Hockey 95 
NHL Powerplay '96 
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf
Nicky Boom 
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing 
Nigel's World
Nighlong - Union City Conspiracy  ( ingles ) 
Night Hunter 
Night Mission Pinball 
Night of The Hermit
Night Raid 
Night Shift
Nightbreed The Action Game 
Nightbreed The Interactive Movie 
Nightmare Creatures 
Nil The Living God 
Nine Princes in Amber
Ningyou 2 
Ninja Commandoes 
Ninja Gaiden 1 
Ninja Gaiden 1  ( Ninja in The USA )
Ninja Gaiden 2 
Ninja Gaiden 2  ( The Dark Sword of Chaos )
Ninja Rabbit 
Ninja Rabbit 2 
Ninjabread Man
Nippon Safes, Inc 
NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing 
Nitro Racers 
N-Knights & N-Queens
No Action Jackson  ( ingles )
No Exit
No Greater Glory 
Nobody Island 
Nobunaga's Ambition 1
Nobunaga's Ambition 2
Nobunaga's Ambition 2
Nobunaga's Ambition 3
Nobunaga's Ambition 4
Nobunaga's Ambition 5
Nobunaga's Ambition 6
Noisy Video Poker & BlackJack 
Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack for Windows 95 
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of it 
North & South 
North & South  ( Full Version CD ) 
Nova 9 
Now You See It
NRA High Power Competition
Nuclear Strike 
Nuclear War 
Nuclear War 3  ( Ground Zero ) 
Nude & Bunny 
Nuke It !
Number Munchers 
Number Squares 
Oakland Hills Country Club For Links LS 
Oasis Project 
Ocean Ranger 
Ocean Trader
Off Shore Warrior 
Off To Europe 
Oh No ! More Lemmings
Oil Barons
Oil Imperium 
Oilcap Pro for Windows
Oilïs Well 
OJ.'s Race To Acquittal 
Olaf L'Ours  ( for Windows )
Olimpiadas 92  ( Gimnasia Deportiva ) 
Olimpics Games 92TM 
Oliver and Company
Olympic Games ( Winners Edition ) 
Olympic Games 92
Omar Sharif on Bridge
Omnicron Conspiracy 
Omni-play Basketball 
Omni-Play Horse Racing
On The Ball League Edition 
Once Upon A Forest
One Must Fall 2097 
One on One 
Onesimus  ( A quest for Freedom )
Oni  ( Castellano ) 
Ooze Creepy Nites 
Open Kart 
Open Season
Operation BodyCount
Operation Carnage 
Operation Clean Streets 
Operation Cleaner

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Operation Combat
Operation Combat 2
Operation Europe Path to Victory 1939-45 
Operation Harrier 
Operation Market Garden
Operation MicroSpace
Operation Stealth
Operation Wolf
Opus and Bill  ( On The Road Again )
Orbital Sniper 
Orbits  (Voyage through The Solar System ) 
Oregon Trail 
Oregon Trail  ( Deluxe ) 
Othello for Windows 95 
Out of This World 
Out of This World  ( for Windows ) 
Out Run 1
Outer Ridge 
Outlaw Chopper
OutPost for Windows 
OutRun 2006 
Over The Hedge 
Over The Net 
Over The Reich 
P-47 The Freedom Fighter 
Pac In Time 
Pac PC 2
Pacific General 
Pacific Islands  ( ingles ) 
Pacific Theater of Operations 2 
Pack Dinamic 1 
Pack Dinamic 2 
Pack Dinamic 3 
Pac-Man Adventures in Time
Pac-Man World 3
Pac-Man World Rally
Paganitzu Part 1 
Paganitzu Part 2 
Paganitzu Part 3 
Pako 2 
Paladin 1
Paladin 2 
Pandemonium 1 
Pandemonium 2 
Pangea ( Return to Planet Earth )
Panic Soldier 
Panza Kick Boxing
Panzer Battles 
Panzer Campaigns  ( Bulge '44 ) 
Panzer Campaigns  ( El Alamein '42 ) 
Panzer Campaigns  ( Kharkov '42 ) 
Panzer Campaigns  ( Korsun '44 )
Panzer Campaigns  ( Kursk '43 )
Panzer Campaigns  ( Market-Garden '44 ) 
Panzer Campaigns  ( Moscow '41 ) 
Panzer Campaigns  ( Sicily '43 )
Panzer Campaigns  ( Stalingrad '42 ) 
Panzer Command  ( Operation Winter Storm ) 
Panzer Dragoon 
Panzer General  ( Gold ) 
Panzer General 1  ( ingles ) 
Panzer General 2  ( ingles ) 
Panzer General 3D Assault
Paparazzi The Million Dollar Shot 
Paperboy 1 
Paperboy 2 
Paradise Slots for Windows 95 
Paris Dakar 
Passengers on The Wind 1  ( ingles ) 
Passengers on The Wind 2  The Hour of The Snake  ( ingles ) 
Patolli for Windows 
Patton Strikes Back
Patton vs Rommel 
Pax Corpus
Pax Imperia  ( Eminent Domain ) 
PC Bert
PC Domino 
PC Erotico 1 
PC Guay 2 
PC Guay 3
PC Guay 4 
PC Pool Challenge 
PC Rally 
PC Trivial Millenium ( Castellano )
PC-Basket 3.0 
PC-Basket 4.0 
PC-Calcio  ( Castellano Version 1.0 ) 
PC-Engine + 50 Games 
PC-Eurocopa '96 
PC-Futbol 2000  ( Castellano )
PC-Futbol 2001  ( Castellano )
PC-Futbol 3.4 Clausura`95 Liga Argentina 
PC-Futbol 4.0 
PC-Futbol 5.0
PC-Liga  ( 94-95 )
Pc-Man By Orion Software
Pearl Harbor Attack! Attack! 
Pearl Harbor Defend the Fleet
Pearl Harbor Zero Hour
Pennsylvania - New Jersey 98  ( Scenario for Flight Simulator 98 )
Pentax Flashlight 
Penthouse  ( Full 12 Months ) 
Penthouse Puzzle '95 
People's General 
Perfect General 2
Perimeter Emperor's Testament 
Perry Mason The Case of The Mandarin Murder 
Personal Nightmare 
Pete Rose Pennant Fever
Pete Sampras Tennis 97 
Peter Jackson's King Kong 
PGA 96  ( The Links At Spanish Bay ) 
PGA Championship Golf 99 
PGA European Tour 
PGA Pro Tour 96 
PGA Pro Tour 97
PGA Pro Tour 98 
Phantasie 3 The Wrath of Nikademus 
Phantis 1 y 2
Pharaoh  ( Cleopatra ) 
Pharaoh's Tomb
Philips European League  ( Multi  ) 
Philosopher's Quest
PHM Pegasus
Pick' n' pile 
Pickle Wars 
Pickup Express
Pictionary  ( Castellano ) 
Pictionary  ( The Computer Edition ) 
Picture Blackjack  ( Penthouse Edition ) 
Pilgrim's Quest 
Pinball 3D VCR
Pinball 95 By Maxis
Pinball Arcade
Pinball Construction Kit 
Pinball Construction Set 
Pinball Dreams 1
Pinball Dreams 2
Pinball Dreams 3 
PinBall Fantasies 
PinBall Fantasies  ( Deluxe ) 
Pinball Gold Pack for Dos 
Pinball Illusions
Pinball Mania 
Pinball Prelude 
Pinball Space Cadet 
Pinball Warriors 
Pinball World
Ping Pong 
Ping Pong Polo
Pipe Dream 
Pipe Dreams 
Pipe Mania 
Pirates 2 
Pirates of The Barbary Coast 
Pirates of The Caribbean  ( The Legend of Jack Sparrow ) 
Pirates! Gold 
Piso Zero 
Pit Stop 2 
Pizza Connection 2  ( Castellano ) 
Pizza Syndicate
Pizza Tycoon
Pizza Worm 
Pizzeria 1.0 for Windows  ( Castellano )
Plan 9 From Outer Space  ( ingles )
Plane Crazy
Planet of Lust 
Planet of Lust 
Planets Edge
Plastic Kitten 
Play & Learn 
Player Manager 99  ( European Edition ) 
Player Manager Season 98-99
Player of The Year 
Playmaker Football 
Plundered Hearts 
Pocket Rockets
Pod Gold
Poker (1986)
Poker Night with David Sklanksy 
Poker Solitaire 
Poker Superstars 2
Polaris Rebellion 
Pole 500 
Pole Position 2 
Police Quest - Swat 2
Police Quest 1  in Pursuit of The Death Angel  ( ingles ) 
Police Quest 1  in Pursuit of The Death Angel  ( original ) 
Police Quest 2  The Vengeance ( ingles )
Police Quest 3  The Kindred ( Castellano )
Police Quest 4  Open Season ( ingles )
Polvos Magicos 
Pong Kombat 
Pool Champion  ( Addon Scenario #1 )
Pool Shark 
Pools Of Darkness 
Popo Car !
PopStar !
Populous 1 
Populous 2 
Populous 3 
Porno Filmation 
Porno impresora
Pornolio Fuck For The Futuro 
Portal A Computer Novel 
Ports of Call 
Ports of Call  ( VGA )
Postman Pat 3
Posturas Porno 
Power  ( The Game ) 
Power  ( The Game for Windows ) 
Power Arcade for Windows
Power Chess 98 
Power Dolls 
Power Drift
Power Drive 
Power Drive  ( Castellano )
Power F1 
Power Politics
Power Rangers ZEO PowerActive Math ! 
Power Roger 
Power Slave 
Power Slide 
Power Struggle 
PowerGlove Driver To Doom 
Powershot Pinball 
Prairie Dunes Golf Course for Links LS 
Pray for Death 
Predator 2
Pref Club
Prehistorik 1 
Prehistorik 2 
Premiere Manager  ( 1998 - 1999 )
Premiere Manager  ( 2006 - 2007 )
Premiere Manager 2
President 2000 
President Elect 1988 Edition
President is Missing! 
Press Your Luck 
Presumed Guilty 
Pretty Girls Fight 
Pretzel Pete 
Primal Rage  ( 16 Megas SVGA Version )
Primal Rage  ( 4 Megas VGA Version )
Prime Time 
Prinace  ( Japones ) 
Prince of Persia 
Prince of Persia  ( The Two Thrones )
Prince of Persia 2
Prince of Persia 3D
Princess Maker 2
Prison Tycoon 2  ( Maximum Security ) 
Prisoners Of Ice 
Private Investigator
Privateer 2 The Darkening 
Privateer 2 The Darkening  ( Castellano )
PRO Challenge 
Pro Evolution Soccer 6
Pro Football Scorecard 1994 NFL Season  ( for Windows ) 
Pro Manager 
Pro Pinball ( The Web ) 
Pro Pinball ( TimeShock ) 
Pro Stroke Golf  ( World Tour 2007 ) 
Pro Tennis Tour 1 
Pro Tennis Tour 2
Pro-BasketBall  ( for Windows ) 
Professional Bull Rider 2 
Professional League of Pain
Professional Manager 2006
Profitania Deluxe
Project Neptune
Project Nomad
Project Paradise
Project Space Station 
Project X
Promised Lands
Prophecy 1  ( The Viking Child ) 
Prophecy of The Shadow 
ProRally 2001  ( Castellano ) 
Protostar War on The Frontier  ( ingles ) 
Psi 5 Trading Company 
Psychic War 
Psycho Pinball
Pt 109 
Pub Pool
Puppy Luv A New Breed 
Purple Dinosaur Massacre 
Purple Saturn Day 
Pushe Pushe 
Puzz 3D  ( NeuschWanstein Bavarian Castle ) 
Puzz 3D  ( Victorian Mansion ) 
Puzzle Beauty  ( Japones ) 
Puzzle Bobble for Windows ( Jap ) 
Puzzle Gallery 
Puzzle Master 
Puzzle Station
Pyro 2 
Quake 1 
Quake 1  ( Mission Pack #1 - Scourge of Armagon ) 
Quake 1  ( Mission Pack #2 - Scourge of Armagon ) 
Quake 1  for Windows
Quake 2 
Quake 2 The Reckoning  ( Mission Pack #1 ) 
Quake 3 Team Arena 
Quarantine  ( Castellano )
Quarantine 2 
Quarky And Quaysoo's Turbo Science
Quest For Glory 1  So You Want to be a Hero ( ingles ) 
Quest for Glory 1  So You Want To Be A Hero (VGA Remake) 
Quest For Glory 2  Trial by Fire  ( ingles ) 
Quest For Glory 3  Wages of War ( ingles )
Quest For Glory 4  Shadows of Darkness  ( ingles )
Quest For The Timebird  ( ingles ) 
Questmaster 1 Prism of Heheutotol 
Questprobe Featuring The Fantastic Four
Questprobe One The Incredible Hulk 
Questron 2
Quick Thunder Rabbit
Quiero Gritar Pero NO Tengo Boca  ( Castellano ) 
Quiky  ( Nestle Game Like Kelloggs )
Race Drivin 
Rack 'Em 
Rackïem Billiards 
Rad Warrior 
Radio Baseball 
Radix  ( Beyond The Void )
Rage of Mages 
Rage Rally 
Rags to Riches
Raiden 2 
Railroad Empire
RailRoad Tycoon 1 
RailRoad Tycoon 2 
RailRoad Tycoon 2  ( Gold Edition ) 
Rallo Gump
Rally Alley 
Rally Race 
Ram ! 
Rambo 3 
Rambo First Blood 
Rampart A 
Rapid Assault 
Raptor  ( VGA )
Rascal's Alphamaze 
Ravenloft Stone Prophet
Ravenloft Strahdïs Possession 
Rayman 1 
Rayman Designer 
Rayman Gold 
Razas De Noche 
RBI Baseball 2
Reach for the Stars  ( Full Version )
Reach for the Stars (1988) 
Reach For The Starts 
Real Deal 
Real Genius 
Real MahJong 
Real Pool 
Real Video Blackjack for Windows 95 
Real Video Poker for Windows 95
Realms of Arkania 1  ( Blade of Destiny ) 
Realms of Arkania 2  ( Star Trail )
Realms of Arkania 3  ( Shadows Over Riva )
Realms of Chaos 
Realms of the Haunting  ( Castellano ) 
Rebel Charge at Chickamauga
Rebel Runner  ( Operation Digital Code ) 
Rebel Strip Poker  ( Upgraded )
Records of Warrior 
Red Baron
Red Hell  ( Castellano )
Red Lightning
Red Storm Rising
Redguard  ( The Elder Scrolls Adventures ) 
Redline  ( TroubleShooting ) 
RedLine Racer 
Redneck Rampage 
Reel Fishn
Reflector Chess 
Rei Poker 
Reloaded  ( Castellano )
Remote Assault 
Remote Control 
Rendezvous With Rama 
Renegade  ( Battle For Jacob's Star )
Renegade  ( Legion Interceptor ) 
Renegade 1 
Renegade Robot Retaliation v1.0 
Requiem Avenging Angel
Rescate en el Golfo 1 y 2
Rescue at Rigel 
Rescue Rover 1 
Rescue Rover 2
Reservoir Dogs
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 2 
Resolution 101 
Respect Inc
Return Fire
Return Fire 2
Return of Medusa
Return of the Dinosaur 
Return of The Phantom
Return Of The Time Machine Contraptions 
Return To Kroz 
Return To Ringworld 
Return To Zork
Reunion  ( Castellano ) 
Revelation !
Revenge of Defender 
Revenge of The Toys 
Revolution '76 
Revolution X
Rex Nebular and The Cosmic Gender Bende 
Richard Carr's Treasure Island 
Rick Dangerous 1 
Rick Dangerous 2
Riders of Rohan 
Riding Star 
Rig Racer 2 
Ring Cycle
Rings of Medusa 
Rings of Medusa 2 
Rings of Zilfin 
Ringworld  ( La Venganza del Patriarca ) 
Ringworld  ( Revenge of The Patriarch ) 
Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires
Rise of Nations  ( Rise of Legends ) 
Rise Of The Dragon  ( ingles )
Rise of The Robots 1
Rise of The Robots 2  ( Resurrection )
Rise of The Triad  ( Dark War ) 
Rise of The West
Rising Lands
Risk 2
Risky  ( for Windows ) 
Risky Woods 
Rival Realms
Riviera Country Club Golf Course for Links LS 
Road and Track  ( Grand Prix Unlimited ) 
Road Hog ! 
Road Hog 2 !
Road Rash
Road Runner
Road Warrior
Roadwar 2000
Roadwar Europa 
Robin Hood 
Robinsons Requiem 
Robo Rumble 
RoboCop 1
Robocop 3 
RoboSport for Windows 
Robot Battle for Windows
Robot Odyssey
Robot Rascals
Robotron 2084 
Rock 'n Roll
Rock Rap 'N Roll
Rocket Jockey 
Rocket Ranger 
Rockin' Magic Ball
Rock'n Roller
RockStar  ( So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star ) 
Rocky Interactive Horror Show 
Rocky Racers 
Rocky's Boots 
Rodeo Games 
Roger Rabbit  ( Hare Raising Havoc ) 
Roger Rabbit 2
Rogue  ( Epyx )
Rogue Trooper 
Roland Garros '97 
Roland Garros '98
Roland Garros Championship Tennis 99 
Rolemaster  ( Combat Moderator for OS2 ) 
Roller Coaster 
Roller Coaster Rumbler
Rollerblade Racer 
RollerCoaster Factory 
RollerCoaster Tycoon 
RollerCoaster Tycoon  ( Loopy Landscapes Expansion Pack ) 
Rolling Ronny 
Rolling Ronny 2 
Rollo and the Brush Brothers 
Roma El Testamento Del Cesar  ( Castellano )
Romance of The Three Kingdoms 1 
Romance of The Three Kingdoms 2 
Romance of The Three Kingdoms 3 
Romance of The Three Kingdoms 4 
Romantic Encounters at The Dome
Rome AD 92  ( The Pathway To Power ) 
Rome Caesar's Will 
Rome The imperium 
Romeo & Juliet
Rommel  ( Battle for North Africa ) 
Ronnie Resort 
Rorke's Drift 
Roswell Pinball  ( Repack )
Rosy & Jim
Round 42 
Royal Air Force 2K For Combat Flight Simulator
Royal Flush 
Royal Video BlackJack 
Royal Video Poker
Rubiks Games
Ruckus Poker 
Rugby 2001 
Rugby Challenge 2006
Rugby World Cup 1995 
Rules of Engagement 1
Rules of Engagement 2   ( Deluxe Commander Package )
Rune ( ingles ) 
Rush N Attack 
Russian 6 Pak Games 
S!Zone for Sim City 2000 
S.C. Out
Saboteur 2 
Sabre Team
Saddle Up with Pippa Funnell 
SafeCracker  ( The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure )
Sail 95
Sam & Max Hit the Road  ( Castellano ) 
Sammy's Science House
Samurai Shodown 2 
Sands of Fire 
Sango 4  ( PowerFull ) 
Sango Dragon  ( Japones ) 
Sango Fighter 1 
Sango Fighter 2 
Santa Balls 
Santa Paravia 
Santa Paravia & Fumaccio 
Santa Paravia 2  ( Fiumaccio ) 
Sargon 4  ( World Class Chess ) 
Sargon 5  ( World Class Chess )
Satan 1 y 2
Savage Arena 
Savage Warrior's  ( SVGA ) 
Sawgrass  ( Addon for PGA Tour 96 )
Sax Mpower 
Scavengers of the Mutant World
Scenery Collection Set B 
School House 
Sci-Fi Pinball 
Scorched Earth 
Scorched Planet 
Scotland Yard  ( ingles )
Scottish Open Virtual Golf  ( Multi ) 
Scrabble Deluxe Edition 
Screamer Rally 
Screamer Rally 2 
Sea Dragon 
Sea Legends
Sea Rogue 
Seal Team
Search & Destroy 
Search for The Titanic 
Searching For Fossils 
Season of The Sakura
Season Ticket Baseball 2001 
Second Conflict
Second Front 
Secret Agent - Mission One 
Secret Agent - Mission Three
Secret Agent - Mission Two 
Secret Files Tunguska 
Secret Mission
Secret Weapons of the LuftWaffe
See The USA
Sega Classics For Sega-Cd
Sega GT 
Sega Manx TT Superbike 
Sega Puzzle Pack 
Sega Rally Championship 1 
Sega Smash Pack
Sega WorldWide Soccer 
Semper Fi  ( The Tradition Continues )
Senior PGA Tour Golf
Sensible Golf 
Sensible Soccer 
Sensible Soccer 1998 
Sensible Soccer 2006  ( Multi ) 
Sensible World Of Soccer
Sento From 47-Tek
Serf City 
Serve & Volley 
Sesame Street  ( Opposites Attract ) 
Seven Kingdoms
Seven Years War
Seventh Sword Of Mendor  ( Demo )
Sex Olympics 
Sex Vixens from Space
Sex Yath 
Sexy Droids 
Shadow Caster 
Shadow Knights 
Shadow Lands 
Shadow of The Comet
Shadow President
Shadow Sorcerer
Shadow Warrior
ShadowGate  ( Windows Version )
Shadows Of Cairn 
Shadows of Mordor 
Shadows of The Empire 
Shak 2  ( The Wolf ) 
Shanghai  ( for Windows ) 
Shanghai  ( Great Moments ) 
Shanghai 2  ( Dragon's Eye )
Shape Up Girl
Shark  ( for Windows ) 
Sharkey's 3D Pool
Sherlock Holmes  ( Castellano )
Sherlock Holmes ( The Vatican Cameos ) 
Sherlock Holmes in Another Bow 
Sherlock The Riddle of the Crown Jewels 
Sherman M4 
ShiftZone for Windows 
Shiloh Grant's Trial in The West 
Ship Simulator 2006 
Shockwave Assault  ( Operation Jumpgate ) 
Shogi Master 
Shogi Variants 
Shooting Gallery
Shoplifter 2 
Shortline Railroad 
Shredder 10  ( Multi )
Shufflepuck Cafe 
Shuttle  ( The Space Flight Simulator ) 
Sid Meierïs Alpha Centauri 
Sid Meier's Antietam ! 
Sid Meier's Civil War Collection 
Sid Meier's Civilization 
Sid Meier's Covert Action
Sid Meier's Pirates ! 
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon 
Sid Meier's SIMGolf
Sidekick 95
Sierra Alphabet Blocks 
Silent Hunter  ( Castellano ) 
Silent Hunter  ( ingles ) 
Silent Hunter  ( Patrol Disk ) 
Silent Service
Silent Service 2 
Silent Shadow 
Silk  ( Chino ) 
Silly Master Blaster 
Sim Ants 
Sim Ants  ( Castellano )
Sim City 
Sim City 2000
Sim City 2000  ( Castellano ) 
Sim City 2000  ( City Pack #1-5 ) 
Sim City 2000  ( Special Edition ) 
Sim City 2000  ( Urban Renewal Kit for Windows ) 
Sim City 2000 ( Network Edition ) 
Sim City 2000 for Windows 
Sim City Classic for Windows 
Sim Earth 
Sim Earth for Windows
Sim Farm 
Sim Golf 
Sim Health 
Sim Isle  ( Missions In The Rainforest ) for Windows 
Sim Life 
SIM Safari 
Sim Tower for Windows 
Sim Town for Windows 
Sim Town Junior for Windows
SimCity 3000 
SimCity 3000  ( 3DFX ) 
Simon The Sorcerer 1  ( Castellano ) 
Simon The Sorcerer 2  ( Castellano ) 
Simpsons Bart vs The Space Mutants 
Simulador Profesional de Tenis 
Sin  ( Wages of SIN Mission Pack )
Sin Episodes  ( Emergence ) 
Sinaria  ( Episode 1 )
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon  ( ingles )
Sing Along Kids Vol.3 
Sinistar Unleashed
Sink Or Swim 
Sir Fred 
Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix 
Skat For Windows
Skate Or Die
Skate Rock 
Skeleton's Key Pinball
Ski or Die 
Ski Racing  ( Front Page Sports ) 
Skull & Crossbones 
Skunny Kart 
Sky Runner 
Skyfox 2 The Cygnus Conflict 
Skymap  Sky-image ! 
Slam ´N´ Jam 
Slam 'N' Jam '96 Sig Edition
Sleep Walker
Sleeping Gods Lie
Sliders for Windows 95 
SlipsTream 5000 
Slob Zone 
Slob Zone 3D 
Slot City 2  ( Plus Video Poker )
Smoking Guns Shooting Gallery 
Snack Attack 2 
Sno-Cross Extreme 
Snooper Troops Case 1 
Snooper Troops Case 2 
Snoopy and Peanuts 
Snow Cat  ( Japones )
Snow Strike 
Snow Wave - Avalanche 
Snowmobile Racing 
Soccer Kid 
Soccer SuperStars 
Soko  ( Japones ) 
Sol Negro 1 y 2
Solaris 104
Solid Ice Hockey 
Solitaire Antics Deluxe 
Solitaire Deluxe for Windows 95
Solitaire Royale
Solitaire Suite
Solitaire's Journey
Solitario Porno 1 
Solitario Porno 2 
Solo Flight 
Solomon's Key 
SolSuite 2000
Solututions 96 
Sonic 3 & Knuckles Collection 
Sonic Mega Collection Plus
Sonic R 
Sonic The Hedgehog for Windows 95 
Sons of Liberty 
Sony Game 
SopWith 1 
SopWith 2 
Sorcerer Lord 
Space  ( Exploration & Conquest ) 
Space 1889 
Space Ace 
Space Ace 2  ( Borf's Revenge ) 
Space Bucks
Space Commands 
Space Conquest 
Space Crusade 
Space Dude
Space Empires 3 
Space Empires 3  for Windows 
Space Federation 
Space Games 
Space Harrier 
Space Hulk 
Space Monopoly
Space Quest 1 
Space Quest 1 ( Castellano ) 
Space Quest 2 
Space Quest 2  ( Castellano ) 
Space Quest 3 
Space Quest 4 
Space Quest 4 ( Castellano ) 
Space Quest 5 
Space Quest 5 ( Castellano ) 
Space Quest Replicated
Space Racer 
Space Rogue 
Space Station Oblivion 
Space Station Simulator
Space Traveler 
Space War Simulation  ( Japones )
Space Waste 2 
Space Wrecked 
SpaceKids  ( Where's Grandpa )
SpaceWard Ho ! 
Spear Of Destiny 
Species's for Windows 95 
Spectre VR 
Speed Demons 
Speed Haste
Speed Rage 
SpeedBall 1 
SpeedBall 2 Brutal Deluxe 
Speedboat Attack 
Spellcasting 101  ( Sorcerers Get All the Girls ) 
Spellcasting 201
Spellcasting 301 
Spiderman  ( The Sinister Six )
Spider-Man  Lïuomo Rango  Part 1 ( italiano ) 
Spider-Man  Lïuomo Rango  Part 2 ( italiano )
Spider-Man  Lïuomo Rango  Part 3 ( italiano )
Spirit of Adventure 
Spirit of Excalibur
Split Screen Soccer Manager 
Sport of Kings 
Sports Car GT 
Sports Pinball  ( Baseball Edition ) 
Sports Spectacular 
Sprint Cars  ( Road To Knoxville )
Spy Hunter 
Spy vs Spy 3 
Spy´s Adventure Europe
Spyïs Adventure North America 
Squad Battles Vietnam ( Full Version ) 
Squark for Windows 
Squynch Adventure
Sram 2 
St Porno 
Stained Glass
Stanford Wong Video Poker
Star Bouls 
Star Bowls
Star Century  ( Japones ) 
Star Command 
Star Command Deluxe 
Star Command Revolution 
Star Control 1
Star Control 2 
Star Control 3
Star Crusader 
Star Crusader  ( Speech Pack ) 
Star Duster Pinball 
Star Emperor  ( for OS-2 )
Star Empire 
Star Fleet 1 ( The War Begins ) 
Star Fleet 2  ( Krellan Commander )
Star General
Star Gunner 
Star Hope  ( The Star of Tomorrow ) 
Star Legions
Star Quest 1  ( in The 27th Century )
Star Rangers 
Star Rank Boxing 2 
Star Saga One Beyond the Boundary
Star Trek  ( 25th Anniversary )  Castellano 
Star Trek  ( 25th Anniversary )  ingles
Star Trek  ( First Contact )
Star Trek  ( Starfleet Command ) 
Star Trek  ( Starfleet Command Orion Pirates ) 
Star Trek  ( The Kobayashi Alternative )
Star Trek  ( The Rebel Universe ) 
Star Trek  ( Trivia Challenge ) 
Star Trek ( The Promethean Prophecy ) 
Star Trek ( The Trivia Game Vol.1 ) 
Star Trek 5  ( The Final Frontier ) 
Star Trek Conquest 
Star Trek Deep Space Nine  ( Dominion Wars ) 
Star Trek Screen Savers 
Star Trek TNG  ( A Final Unity ) 
Star Trek TNG  ( Slide Show )
Star Trek TNG  ( The Transcinium Challenge ) 
Star Trek TNG  ( Virtual AudioClips )
Star Trek Voyager  ( Elite Force ) 
Star Wars 
Star Wars Battlefront 2 
Star Wars Chess 
Star Wars Episode 1  (  Racer )
Star Wars Episode 1  ( The Phantom Menace ) 
Star Wars Monopoly 
StarBlade  ( Castellano )
StarBlade  ( ingles )
StarBlade 2 
StarCraft 1 
Starcraft Broodwar 
Stardust  ( PC Version )
Stardust ( Topo ) 
Starfighter 3000
StarFighter 3000  ( Speech Pack )
StarFlight 1 
StarFlight 2 
StarLord 1990 
Starring Charlie Chaplin 
Stars ! 
Starships Unlimited 
Start Pinball 
StarTrek  ( Judgment Rites ) 
State of War 1 
Steel Panthers  ( Special Edition ) 
Steel Panthers Modern Battle
Steel Panthers Modern Battle  ( Campaign Disk  ) 
Steel Panthers Modern Battle  ( Expansion Set ) 
Steel Thunder 
Steg The Slug 
Stellar 7 
Stellar Conquest 2  ( Second Encounter ) 
Stellar Conquest 3  ( Hostile Takeover )
Stellar Crusade
Stellar Defence 2 
Stick Soldiers 
Sticky Bear Town Builder 
Stock Market  ( The Game )
Stocks and Bonds 
Stone Age 
Storm Across Europe 
Storm Master 
Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg 
Stratego 2 
Street Fighter 
Street Fighter Zero
Street Fighter Zero 2 
Street Racer 
Street Rod 1 
Street Rod 2 
Street Rod 3 
Street Shuffle  ( for Windows )
Street Sports Baseball 
Street Sports Basketball 
Street Sports Soccer 
Strife 3D
Strike 2 
Strike Fleet 
Strike Force Harrier 
Strike Squad
Strike Zone
Strikepoint The Hex Missions
Striker 95 
Striker 96 
Striker By D.Williams 
Strip BlackJack  ( Part Three )
Strip PC Poker  ( Castellano )
Strip Poker 1 
Strip Poker 2 
Strip Poker 3 
Strip Poker for Windows
Strong Lines
StrongHold  ( Castellano ) 
Stronghold Legends 
Stun Runner
Stunt Car Racer 
Stunt Driver
Stunt GP 
Stunt Island
Stunt Track Racer
Stunts -  Circuitos By USA-SOFTware 
Sty CENSORED  ( Japones ) 
Su-27 Flanker
Sub Battle Simulator 
Sub Culture 
Sub Mission 
Submarine Titans
Subtrade  ( Return to Irata ) 
Suburban Commando 
SubWar 2050
Sudden Strike 1
Sudden Strike Add-On ( Sudden Strike Forever )
Summer Challenge 
Summer Games 2
Summer Olympiad 
Super BlackJack  (v5.5 + Keygen ) 
Super Bubble Mania 
Super Bubsy 
Super Cauldron 
Super Cycle Mania 
Super Dead Quake Levels
Super Dune 2
Super Duper Arcade 1 
Super Fighter 
Super Fruit Machine Casino 
Super Funny Sango 
Super Hang-On 
Super Huey 1 
Super Huey 2
Super Huey UH-IX 
Super Jeopardy ! 
Super Karts
Super Mario World Deluxe 
Super Munchers 
Super Pac-Man
Super Password 
Super Pinball 
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Ski 
Super Ski  ( Pro ) 
Super Solvers  ( Ancient Empires ) 
Super Solvers  ( Gizmos and Gadgets )
Super Solvers  ( Operation Neptune ) 
Super Space invaders 
Super Speed 
Super Spellicopter 
Super StarDust '96 
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo 
Super Tetris 
Superbike Challenge 
Super-Bike Riding Challenge  ( Multi )
SuperChix' 76 
SuperDeath Pack for Duke Nukem 3D  ( MS-Dos )
SuperDeath Pack for Quake  ( MS-Dos )
SuperHero League of Hoboken  ( ingles ) 
Superman  The Man of Steel 
SuperSki 2 
Superslam Wrestling
SuperStar Ice Hockey 
SuperStar Soccer 
Supreme Commander 
Surface Tension
Suzuki's RM-250 Motocross 
Swiv 3D
Sword Fight 2
Sword of Aragon
Swords of Glass 
Swords of The Stars 
Symantec Game Pack for Windows
Syndicate 1 
Syndicate 1 & American Revolt  ( Castellano )
Syndicate Wars 
System Shock 
System Shock  ( Speech Pack #1 ) 
Syyrah  ( The Warp Hunter )
Taboo  ( Japones )
TacOps for Windows 95
Tactical Communication EF-2000 
Tag Team Wrestling 
Taipan  ( for Windows )
Taito Legends 2
Take a Break Pinball
Take Command Second Manassas
Take Down
Take No Prisoners
Taking of Beverly Hills 
Talking Reading to Me
Talking Work Attack Plus ! 
Tang-Chi  ( 16 Bits ) 
Tank Attack
Tank Commander 
Tank Racer
Tank Wars 
Tarot  ( Castellano ) 
Tass Times in Tonetown 
Tau Ceti 
TC Invaders 
TC Ping Pong 
Team Apache 
Team Suzuki
Team Yankee
Techno Cop
Ted Nugent Wild Hunting Adventure 
Teen Agent 
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Manhattan Missions 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 
Teenage Queen 
Tegel's Mercenaries
Tekken 1 
Tellurian Defence 
Tempest 2000 
Temple of Apshai Trilogy 
Temple Of Kroz 
Ten Intelligent Strategy Games  ( for Windows ) 
Tennis 2001 for Windows 98 
Tennis Cup 
Tennis Cup 2
Tennis PC 
Terminal Terror 
Terminal Velocity 
Terminator 1 
Terminator 2 
Terminator 2029 
Terra Nova
Terra Wars  ( New York Invasion ) 
Terry Bradshaw Fantasy Football
Test Drive 1 
Test Drive 2 
Test Drive 3 
Test Drive 4 
Test Drive 5 
Test Drive Off Road 
Test Drive Off Road 2 
TetFun 2000 World Championship 
Tetris ( original ) 
Tetris (1986)
Tetris 3D 
Tetris Internacional 
Tetris Porno 1
Tetris Porno 2 
Tetris Warning 
Th3 Plan 
The 3rd Millennium 
The 5th Element 
The Adventures Of Bart Simpson 
The Adventures of Batman and Robin
The Adventures of Captain Comic 
The Adventures of Captain Comic 1 
The Adventures of Captain Comic 2 
The Adventures of Fatman
The Adventures of Lomax  ( ingles ) 
The Adventures of Maddog Williams  ( Dungeons of Duridian ) 
The Adventures of MicroMan  ( Adventure 1 )
The Adventures of Robin Hood 
The Adventures of Willy Beamish 
The All New Family Feud 
The Almightly Dragon  ( Japones ) 
The Amazing Spider-Man 
The Amazing Spider-Man & Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge 
The Amazon Trail 
The American Challenge Sailing Simulation 
The Ancient Art of War 
The Ancient Art of War at Sea 
The Ancient Art of War in the Skies
The Ant Bully
The Apache From Desert Storm 
The Astronomy Quiz 
The A-Team 
The Backyard  ( Mr. Spock & The U.S.S. Enterprise )
The Ball Game
The Basket Manager
The Battle of Austerlitz 
The Beast Within  ( Gabriel Knight Mystery )
The Best of Shangai
The Beverly Hillbillies  ( ingles ) 
The Big One
The Big Three
The Black Cauldron 
The Blue and The Gray  ( Castellano ) 
The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers 2  ( The Jukebox Adventure ) 
The Broken Land 
The Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure 
The California Raisins 
The Camy Collection 
The Cardinal Of The Kremlin 
The Chaos Engine 
The City Of Lost Children ( Castellano ) 
The City Of Lost Children ( ingles ) 
The Civil War
The Clue ! 
The Colonelïs Bequest 
The Colony 
The Complete Kroz Series  ( a.k.a. Kingdom of Kroz ) 
The Complete Set Of Interactive Girls
The Complete Ultima 7 
The Computer Quiz 
The Crimson Crown
The Crow 
The Crusade 
The Crystal Maze 
The Curse of Monkey Island  ( Castellano )
The Curse of Monkey Island  ( ingles ) 
The Curse of Monkey Island  ( Speech Addon #1 )
The Cycles
The Da Vinci Code 
The Dagger of Amon Ra 
The Dam Busters 
The Dark Half  ( Castellano ) 
The Dark Half  ( ingles )
The Dark Heart Of Uukrul 
The Dark Queen of Krynn 
The Definitive Wargame Collection  ( SSI ) 
The Dig 
The Dope Game 
The Dragon's Domain
The Dream Team 3 on 3 Challenge
The Duel Test Drive 2
The Dungeons of Morabis
The Elder Scrolls Adventures  ( Arena  )
The Elder Scrolls Adventures - Redguard 
The Eve of Domination
The Even More Incredible Machine
The Exterminator
The Fellowship of the Ring ( Part 1 ) 
The Fellowship of the Ring ( Part 2 )
The Fifth Element 
The Fight of The Sumo-Hoppers 
The Final Battle 
The Final Crusade Of Kroz
The First Colonists  ( Settlers of Catan )
The Flintstones Bedrock Bowling 
The Flintstones Dino Lost in BedRock 
The Fool's Errand 
The Fortress of Doctor Radiaki 
The Four Crystals of Trazere
The Fourth Protocol 
The Fox Collection
The Game of Harmony 
The Game Of Live 
The Game of the Amazons
The Games Summer Edition 
The Games USA Olympics 
The Games Winter Challenge 
The Games Winter Edition 
The Geekwad  ( Games of the Galaxy ) 
The Gene Machine 
The General 
The Gift 
The Global Dilemma Guns or Butter 
The Godfather
The Gold of the Aztecs
The Golden Need For Speed SPEED PACK ( ADDON ) 
The Goonies 
The Grandest Fleet 1 
The Grandest Fleet 2 
The Great Battles  ( Collector's Edition )
The Great Battles of Alexander 
The Great Battles of Hannibal
The Great Escape 
The Greens
The Guardian Of Darkness 
The Guild 2 
The Guild of Thieves 
The Hitchhikerïs Guide to the Galaxy 
The Hobbit
The Holy Grail 
The Honeymooners 
The Hound of Shadow 
The House of The Dead 2  ( ingles ) 
The Humans 
The Humans 3  ( Evolution - Lost in Time )
The Humble Guys !
The Hunt For Red Octuber 
The Immortal
The Incledible Machine 
The Incredible Toon Machine  ( for Windows )
The Infernal Tome  ( Episode 1 - Shardmoure Keep ) 
The inmortal 
The Intruder 
The JetSons 
The Jungle Book 
The Keys to Maramon 
The King of Chicago 
The King of Ghost 
The Koshan Conspiracy 
The Kristal
The Last Mission 
The Led Wars 
The Legend Lives ! 
The Legend of Billy the Kid 
The Legend Of Galaxy Hero 3 SP  ( Japones ) 
The Legend of Kyrandia 1  ( Castellano ) 
The Legend of Kyrandia 2  ( Castellano ) 
The Light Corridor 
The Lost Admiral 
The Lost Adventures Of Kroz 
The Lost City Of Atlantis 1 
The Lost Patrol
The Lost Treasures of Infocom 2 
The Lost Tribe
The Lure of The Temptress  ( Castellano )
The Lure of The Temptress  ( ingles )
The Lurking Horror
The Machines
The Magic Candle 1 
The Magic Candle 2
The Magic Candle 3
The Manager 
The Manhole 
The Many Faces of Go
The MathDa
The Memory 3D 
The Millenium Invaders Invasion 
The Mist  -  By USA-SOFTware (PC-GAME).ace
The Moon Project  ( Castellano ) 
The Most Terrible Night ( Arab - Israeli Wars Addon )
The Nations
The Nemesis Mission
The Neverending Story 2 
The New Adventures of Zak Mackraken
The New York Times Puzzle Master  ( Crossword Creator ) 
The Nine Lives of Secret Agent Kat
The Operational Art of War 1
The Operational Art of War 2
The Operational Art of War 3 
The Orion Conspirancy
The Outforce
The Pac Pack  ( 6 Complete Games ) 
The Palace of Deceit  The Dragon's Plight ( Gold Edition )
The Patrician  ( Castellano ) 
The Patrick Polly Swooshball Challenge 
The Pawn 
The Pepsi Challenge
The Perfect General 
The Perfect General  ( Castellano )
The Perfect General World War 2 Battle Set 
The Phantomïs Revenge 
The Pie 3D Game Creation System
The PlayRoom  ( for Windows )
The Price is Right
The Prophecy Fall of Trinadon
The Psychotron
The Punisher
The Pure Wargame 
The Pyramids of Egypt 
The Queen of Tenshindo 95 
The Quest For Opa Opa
The Real Car Simulator R-Nissan Edition 
The Return of The Space Invaders 
The Revolt of Don´s Knights 
The Rift 
The Road From Sumter To Appomattox 2 
The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer  ( Castellano ) 
The Scoop
The Scottish Open 
The Scroll 
The Secret of Monkey Island 1
The Secret of Monkey Island 2 
The Sentinel 
The Sentinel Returns 
The Sentinel Worlds  Future Magic
The Settlers 1 
The Settlers 2 
The Settlers 2  Gold Edition
The Settlers 3 
The Settlers 3  ( Mission Stand Alone )
The Settlers 4
The Seven Spirits of Ra 
The Sex Files 
The Shadows Of Mordor
The Shard of Spring
The Ship
The Silicon Dreams Trilogy 
The Simpsons 
The Simpsons Tetris 
The Skins Game At BigHorn 
The Skul & The Suit
The Slugger
The Sporting News Baseball
The Sting! 
The Third Courier 
The Thor Trilogy 
The Three Stooges
The Tracer Sanction 
The Train Escape to Normandy
The Treehouse
The Tube 
The Two Towers 
The Ultimate Doom 
The Ultimate Trivia
The Unofficial Quake FAQ  ( Version 2.0 )
The Untouchables
The War In Heaven 
The Ward  ( ingles ) 
The Warp Factor
The Watchmaker 
The Weakest Link 
The Wish of Star !
The Witness 
The World of Barbarian 
The Worldïs Greatest Baseball 
The Yukon Trail  ( for Windows )
The Zipper 
Theatre of Death
Theatre Of War
Their Finest Hour ( Battle Of Britain Game )
Theme Hospital 
Theme Hospital  ( Castellano )
Theme Park 
Theme Park Mystery 
Thexder 2 
Thief  ( The Dark Project )
Thief of Justice  ( Japones ) 
Think Cross 
Third Reich 
Third Reich  ( Minimal RiP )
This Means War ! 
Three Dirty Dwarves
Three Sisters History 
Throphy Buck 
Through The Desert
Thud Ridge 
Thunder Blade 
Tie Break Tennis '98
Tie Fighter Defender Of The Empire 
Tiger Woods 07 PGA Tour Golf
Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf 
Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf  ( The Vegas Courses Addon )
Tigers On The Prowl 1 
Tigers On The Prowl 2
Tigger Tras Un Bote de Miel  ( Castellano ) 
Time And Magik The Trilogy 
Time Bandit
Time Commando
Time Gate  ( Knight's Chase ) 
Time Hunters
Time Machine 
Time Passengers  ( Final Duel )
Time Runners ( Collection 30 Partes - italiano )
Time Slaughter
Time To Die
Times of Lore
Timothy Learyïs Mind Mirror 
Tintin 2  ( Prisoners Of Sun ) 
Tintin in The Tibet
Tintin on The Moon 
Tintin Temple of The Sun 
Tiny Skweeks 
Titans Of Steel 
Title Bout Championship Boxing 2 
Title Fight Boxing
Titus The Fox 
Tk  ( Japones ) 
TLON a Misty Story  ( ingles )
TMG Indianapolis Auto Racing 
TMG Stock Car Racing
TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96 
To Serve and To Protect 
Toca Touring Car 
Tom & Jerry Cat-Astrophe !
Tom & Jerry Yankee Doodle's CAT 
Tom and The Ghost 
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Covert Operations Essentials
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear
Tom Clancy's 
Tomb Raider 1
Tomb Raider 2 
Tomb Raider 3 
Tomb Raider Chronicles 
Tommy's Calabresella 
Tone Of Rebellion  ( Castellano ) 
Tongue of The Fatman
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Tony La Russa Baseball 1 
Tony La Russa Baseball 2 
Tony La Russa Baseball 3 
Tony La Russa Baseball 4 
Too Many Geckos ! 
Toon Saver 
Top Girl Strip Poker
Top Gun  ( Danger Zone )
Top Gun  ( Hornet's Nest ) 
Top Gun  (1987) 
Top Secret 
Top Shot 2
Topsy Turvy Games  ( The Hunchback of Notre Dame ) 
Torin's Passage
Torry Pines Course  ( Addon Links LS 98 ) 
Total Annihilation 
Total Annihilation Kingdoms  ( The Iron Plague ) 
Total Carnage 
Total Eclipse
Total Knockout Championship Female Boxing 
Total Mayhem 
Total Meltdown 
Touchdown Football 
Touche  ( The Adventures Of The Fifth Musketeer - Castellano ) 
Touche  ( The Adventures Of The Fifth Musketeer - Ingles ) 
Tough Guy 
Tour 91 
Tournament Of Champions 
Tower  ( Real - Time  Control  Tower Simulation ) 
Tower Assault 
Tower of Fear 
Towers Of Kublai Khan 1995
Toxic Bunny 
Toy Trouble 
Toyota Celica GT Rally 
Tracer for Windows 95 
Tracksuit Manager 2 
Tracksuit Manager '91 
Tracon 2 
Trade Empires 
Traffic Department 2192  ( Episode 1 )
Traffic Department 2192  ( Episode 2 ) 
Traffic Department 2192  ( Episode 3 ) 
Traffic Giant
Train Driver RailRoad Simulator 2006
Transport Tycoon 
Transport Tycoon Deluxe 
Transport Tycoon Scenario and Alternate Graphics
Transylvania 2
Trantor The Last Storm Trooper 
Travel Gunner  ( Japones )
Treasure Dive 
Treasure Galaxy  ( for Windows ) 
Treasure Island 
Treasure Trap 
Tribal Rage 
Trick Or Treat
Tricked N' Tuned West Coast Streets 
Trilogy  ( Shard of inovar and Venom )
Triplane Turmoil
Triple Play 1999
Triple Play 2000
Triple Play Baseball 1997 
Tristan Pinball 
Trivia Whiz
Trivial Pursuit 1 ( Castellano ) 
Trivial Pursuit Deluxe  ( Castellano ) 
Trivian Mania
Trixie In Toyland 
Troll's Tale   
Troubled Towers
Trump Castle 
Trump Castle 2
Trump Castle 3
Trust and Betrayal The Legacy of Siboot 
Tube Twist
Tubular Worlds 
Tunneler 2.0
Tunnels and Trolls
Tunnels Of Armagedoon 
Turbo Cup 
Turbo Gomoku 
Turbo Outrun 
Turbo Science
Turn it 
Turn 'n Burn
Turok 1
Turok 2 
Turrican 2 
TV Mogul 
TV Sports Baseball 
TV Sports Basketball 
TV Sports Boxing 
TV Sports Football 
Twilight Zone 
Twilight's Treasures
Twisted Metal 2 
Tycoon  The Commodity Market Simulation
Tycoon City  ( New York ) 
Tyrian 1.0 
Tyrian 2.0
Tyrian 2000 
U.S. Navy Fighters 97 
U.S. Navy Fighters 97  ( Expansion Disk - Marine Fighters )
U.S.H.F  ( Beyond Armageddon )
U.S.S John Young 
UEFA Champions League  ( 95-96 ) 
UEFA Champions League  ( 98-99 ) 
Ufo 1   Enemy Unknown ( Castellano ) 
Ufo 2   Terror From The Deep ( Castellano ) 
UFO The Card Game 
Ulimate Soccer Manager 2 
Ultima 2 - Revenge Of The Enchantress 
Ultima 3 - Exodus
Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar 
Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny 
Ultima 6 - The False Prophet 
Ultima 7 a - The Black Gate 
Ultima 7 b - Serpent Isle 
Ultima 8 - Pagan 
Ultima Classics  ( 1,2,3,4,5 y 6 ) 
Ultima Underworld  1 - The Stygian Abyss 
Ultima Underworld  2 - Labyrinth Of Worlds 
Ultimate Backgammon
Ultimate Cards 
Ultimate Duck Hunting  ( Hunting & Retrieving Ducks ) 
Ultimate FootBall '95 
Ultimate FootBall '96 
Ultimate Games Pack 
Ultimate Golf 
Ultimate Golf  ( Challenge Version ) 
Ultimate Paintball Challenge
Ultimate Race Pro
Ultimate Soccer Manager 
Ultizurk 3  ( The Guildmaster's Quest )
UltraHLE  ( Emulador N64 + Games ) 
UltraVixen 2  ( Japones ) 
Ulysses and The Golden Fleece
UMS 1  The Universal Military Simulator 
UMS 2  ( Nations at War )
Uncharted Waters 1
Uncharted Waters 2
Uncharted Waters 3
Uncover It !
Under Fire
Ungaria for Windows 95
Union City Conspiracy  ( NL ) 
Universe  ( Core Design )
Universe  ( Omnitrend )
Universe 3
Unnatural Selection 
Unnecessary Roughness 95
Unreal  1
Unreal 1  ( for Windows )
Unreal Tournament
Up Periscope ! 
Uprising Join Or Die
Urban Extreme
USCF Chess 
USM Soccer Manager Season Edition  ( 98-99 ) 
Usurper Mines of Qyntarr
Utah Beach 
Utopia City 
V for Victory  ( Battleset 1 - D-Day Utah Beach 1944 ) 
V for Victory - Utah Beach 
Vampyr The Talisman of Invocation 
Vantage Master Online 
Vegas Casino 2 
Vegas Gambler 
Vegas Games Entertainment Pack for Windows 
Vegas Nights for Windows
Veil of Darkness  ( Castellano ) 
Vengeance of The Excalibur
Vengeance of The Excalibur 
Venom Trilogy 
Venus Porno 
Vette ! 
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra
Victoria Revolutions 
Victory Road 
Video Casino 
Video Trek 88
Vietnam 2  ( Black Ops )
Vietnam Squad Battles 
Viking Siege 
Vikings 1 
Vikings 2 ( Fields of Conquest ) 
Vinyl Goddess From Mars 
Violent Fighter 
Viper Racing 
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter 1 
Virtua Fighter 2 
Virtua Squad 
Virtual Golf
Virtual Karts
Virtual Plateau 
Virtual Pool 
Virtual Pool For Windows 
Virtual Snooker
Virtual Snooker 
Virtual Snooker  (CD-ROM Version ) 
Virtual Tennis
Virtual U
Virtual Victor 
Virtual Villagers  ( A New Home )
Virtus Deathmatch Maker 2 for Quake 2
Virus 2000 
Visual Star Trek
Viva Football 
Vivan Los Straijakets 
Vivisector Beast Inside 
Viz Sex 
Volkswagen GTI Racing
Volleyball Simulator 
Voodoo Island 
VooDoo Kid 
Voyages Of Discovery 
VR Baseball 2000 
VR Soccer '96 
VR Sports Powerboat Racing
Wacky Wheels 
WAD Concatenater
Wall 3D 
Wall Pipe 
Wall Street 
Wall Street Manager
Wall Street Raider  ( The Corporate Simulation )
Wall Street Raider 6.61
Walls of Rome
War Diary 
War Eagles
War in The Middle Earth
War INC 
War of The Lance 
War Of The World 
War Planets  ( Age of Chaos )
War Wind 
War Wind 2 
WarBirds 2 
Warcraft 1 
Warcraft 2 
WarCraft 2  ( Beyond the Dark Portal - Addon )
Wardoves  ( Secret Weapon of WW 1 ) 
Wargame Construction Set 
Wargame Construction Set 2  ( Tanks ! ) 
Wargame Construction Set 3  ( Age of Rifles ) 
Wargamer  ( Napoleon 1813 ) 
Warhammer 1  Shadow of The Horned Rat 
Warhammer 40.000  ( Rites of War )
Warlords 1
Warlords 2
Warlords 3 
Warrior Dragon 
Warriors of Legend 
Wars of The Chun-Chous 
Warzone 2100 
Water Wonder 
Wayne Gretzky and The NHLPA All-Stars 
Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2
Wayne's World 
WCW Nitro
Wedding Errantry  ( Japones )
Ween The Prophecy
Weird Dreams 
Weird Worlds Return to Infinite Space 
Welcome To The Future 
Werewolf 1  ( Castellano ) 
Werewolf 1  ( ingles )
Western Front  ( 1940 To The Defeat of Berlin 1945 ) 
Western Front  ( The Liberation of Europe 1944-45 ) 
WestWorld 2000
Whale's Voyage 
What They Don't Teach You at Harvard BS 
Wheel of Fortune 
Wheel of Fortune  ( Featuring Vanna White ) 
Wheel of Fortune  ( Junior Edition ) 
Wheel of Fortune  ( New Second Edition )
When Two Worlds War 
Where in America's Past  is Carmen Sandiego 
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
Where in The World  is Carmen Sandiego 
Where Time Stood Still 
White Death 
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire  ( 3rd Edition )
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire  ( 4rd Edition )
Wibbles 2
Wicked Dimension  ( Japones ) 
Wide World of Sports Boxing 
Wild Science Arcade
Wild Streets 
Wild Turkey Hunt
Wild Varmint Bounty Hunter
Wild West World
Wild Wheels 
Will Harvey's Zany Golf 
Willy The Worm 
Windows 95 Game SDK
Windows Wizard
Wing Commander  ( Kilrathi Saga ) 
Wing Commander  ( The Secret Missions 1 ) 
Wing Commander  ( The Secret Missions 2 )
Wing Commander 1 
Wing Commander 2 
WinGenius Game Series
Wings Of Fury 
Wings of Glory 
Wings Of Terror
Wings of War  ( Repack ) 
Wings Over Europe  ( Cold War Gone Hot ) 
Winnie The Pooh in Hundred Acres Wood
WinPac 2 
WinPoker Version 1.0 ( Win ) 
Winter Games
Winter Olympiad 88 
Winter Sports 
Winter SuperSports 92
Winzle ! 
WipeOut XL
Wizard Of Wor 
Wizard Wars 
Wizard Warz 
Wizardry 1 - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord 
Wizardry 2 - The Knight Of Diamonds 
Wizardry 3 - Legacy of Llylgamin 
Wizardry 4 - The Return of Werdna 
Wizardry 5 - Heart of The Maelstrom 
Wizardry 6 - Bane of the Cosmic Forge 
Wizardry 7 - Crusaders of The Dark Savant
Wizardry Gold
Wizard's Crown 
Wizard's Quest 
WMan AVG  ( Chinese Version ) 
Wolf  ( By Santuary Woods Multimedia )
WolfenStein 3-D
Wooden Ships & Iron Men 
Word City  ( Grand Prix Edition ) 
Word Hunt  ( for Windows ) 
Word Rescue 1 
Word Rescue 2 
Word Rescue 3
Word Rescue Plus
Word Whiz 
World at War Series  ( Pack ) 
World Championship Boxing Manager 
World ChampionShip Soccer 
World Class Chess 
World Class Leader Board 
World Class Rugby
World Class Rugby '95 
World Class Soccer 
World Cup 98 Monopoly 
World Darts
World Empire 2  ( for windows )
World Empire 3  ( for windows )
World Empire 4 
World Games 
World Hockey '95
World Karate ChampionShip 
World League Basketball
World Of Sin 
World Of Xeen
World Rally Fever
World Series of Poker  ( 1995 Edition ) 
World Series of Poker  ( 2007 Edition )
World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 International 
World Tour Golf
World War 2  ( Battles Of South Pacific ) 
World War 2  ( Combat Iwo Jima ) 
World War 2  ( Combat Road to Berlin ) 
World War 2  ( Fighters ) 
World Wide Rally ChampionShip
Worlds at War
Worlds of Ultima  ( Martian Dreams )
Worlds of Ultima  (The Savage Empire )
Worms 1 
Worms 1 Plus 
Worms 2 
Worms 4 Mayhem  ( Multi ) 
Worms Armageddon 
Worms Reinforcements 
Wrath of Earth 
Wrath of Earth 3D 
Wrath of The Demon
Wrestle Mania
Wrestlers Carreers 
Wrigglers  ( The Grow Worm Game ) 
WW2 Battle Over The Pacific 
WWF European Rampage Tour
WWF in Your House 
WWF WrestleMania
X Quest 
Xargon Beyond Reality ( Episode 1 ) 
Xargon Beyond Reality ( Episode 2 ) 
Xargon Beyond Reality ( Episode 3 ) 
X-Beyond The Frontier
XCar  ( Experimental Racing ) 
X-Change 3
X-Com 1  Interceptor
X-Com 2 
X-Com 3  The Apocalypse 
X-Com Terror From The Deep  ( Multi ) 
Xeno Ball 
Xenon 1
Xenon 2 MegaBlaster 
XenoPhage  ( Alien Bloodsport )
X-Grass ( Porno ) 
Xiang Liu 
Xmas Carnage 
Xmas Lemmings
X-Men  ( Children of the Atom )
X-Men  ( The Official Game ) 
X-Men 1  Madness in The Murderworld 
X-Men 2  The Fall of The Mutants
Xoxo Tres en Raya
Xtris for Windows  ( Aleman ) 
X-Wing Alliance 
X-Wing Space Combat Simulation  ( CD-Version ) 
X-Wing Space Combat Simulator 
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
Yacht Racing Simulator ( Americas Cup ) 
Year Round Sports 
Yendorian Tales  Book 1  ( Chapter 2 )
Yes Prime Minister
Yoda Stories for Windows XP  ( Castellano ) 
Yoda Stories for Windows XP  ( ingles ) 
Yogho Yogho 
Yoot Tower
You Don't Know Jack
Yuppi's Revenge

Z  ( Castellano )
Zack Mc.Cracken and The Alien Mindbenders  ( Ega - ingles ) 
Zack Mc.Cracken and The Alien Mindbenders  ( Vga - ingles ) 
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders 
Zany Golf
Zargon Zoo 
Zelda Classic
Zeppelin ( Giants of The Sky )
Zero Critical  ( ingles )
Zero Force One 
Zeus - Master of Olympus 
Zeus - Master of Olympus  ( Poseidon Official Expansion ) 
Zeus Señor del Olimpo  ( Castellano )
Zig Zag 
Zona 0
Zone 66
Zone Of Thunder
Zone Raiders
Zoo Tycoon 2  ( African Adventure )
Zoo Tycoon 2  ( Marine Mania Standalone ) 
Zool 2 
Zoom ! 
Zork 1
Zork 2
Zork 3
Zork Anthology 
Zork Quest 1
Zork Quest 2
Zork Zero 
Zork Zero The Revenge of Megaboz 
Zug's Adventures on Eco-Island
Zurk`s Rainforest Lab 

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Site Admin
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¿Y esta lista, USASoft? :roll:

Un saludo.
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 Asunto: Re: Compro Juegos clasicos de Pc
 Nota Publicado: 04 Nov 2008 22:42 
32 bits
32 bits

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tienes todos esos juegos?

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Como diría mi hijo el mayor... ¡No lo sabemos!

Un saludo.
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32 bits
32 bits

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yo tambien digo eso... XD

que tiene de malo?

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rhaul escribió:
yo tambien digo eso... XD

que tiene de malo?

Jejejeje... no, si no tiene nada de malo... pero es que me hace gracia cómo lo dice... cuando le preguntas algo, y te contesta... "¡No lo sabemos!" :D

Ya sabes... que a los papis es que se nos cae la baba con nuestros hijos :P ;)

Un saludo.
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32 bits
32 bits

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venga venga, que seguro que tenias algo

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16 bits
16 bits
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Esta lista mastodóntica casi se puede considerar spam si me descuido. Vaya tela. Hubiera sido mejor meterla dentro de una sección CODE por ejemplo, para que no agrandara la página. Vamos, que no casca el navegador de milagro :lol:

Un saludo,

MFM Gandulf

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¡Joder con la listita! :D

Si quieres puedes ponerla en Tu Mercadillo (mini spam)

Retro Invaders : C64 Manía : : Mercadillo retro : Mi web y blog : Glest Juego RTS

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Esta lista mastodóntica casi se puede considerar spam si me descuido. Vaya tela. Hubiera sido mejor meterla dentro de una sección CODE por ejemplo, para que no agrandara la página. Vamos, que no casca el navegador de milagro :lol:

Gracias! No sé por qué no se me ocurrió antes editarlo y ponérselo!

Es que ya sabes que m.mazuecos / USASoft no hace mucho caso ni de las normas de los foros, ni de la net-etiqueta básica, ni nada de esas cosas... mientras pueda vender cosas y comprar lomos rosas (valga el pareado) :roll: :lol:

Un saludo.
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 Asunto: Re: Compro Juegos clasicos de Pc
 Nota Publicado: 22 Mar 2009 14:07 
256 bits
256 bits
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Pues yo tengo un Terminator II - Judgment Day para PC en discos de 3,5".

Si USA está interesado que me lo diga por aquí o por privado.

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 Asunto: Re: Compro Juegos clasicos de Pc
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32 bits
32 bits

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ese juego no me llama la atencion... no tienes mas?

 Asunto: Re: Compro Juegos clasicos de Pc
 Nota Publicado: 26 Mar 2009 17:46 
256 bits
256 bits
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ese juego no me llama la atencion... no tienes mas?


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