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¿Ya me conoces?
Thermomix 31 - ¿Te gusta cocinar?

Cesar Astudillo "Gominolas" (Topo soft)
Edge has interviewed one of the most remembered musicians of the Golden Age of the Spanish soft (in Spanish only). Comments (11)
Juan Delcán (Made in Spain/Opera Soft)
Graphist of the - probably - best spanish 8 bit game: La abadía del crimen. An interview by Zemman & Mandrake (now in Spanish only, please use a web translator).  Comments (8)
Jon Ritman (Artic & Ocean 1982-1987)
Coder of classics like Batman, Head over Heels or the two parts of the best 8 bits soccer saga: Match Day. An interview by Guardian Misterioso and CEZ. Comments (1)
José Vicente Pons (Opera, Comix, Exelweiss)
Actual Exelweiss CEO and old Opera and Comix member, Jose Vicente Pons answer the question asked by German Aracil Boned, also known as Tecnoxarxa (in spanish only, please use a web translator). Comments (0)
Alfonso Fernández Borro (Topo soft, Revistronic...)
Graphist of Viaje al Centro de La Tierra (Journey to the center of Earth) or R.A.M., between others. An interview by Karnevi (in spanish only, please use a translator). Comments (1)
Alberto Pérez (Slowglass 1989)
Cyberbig (published by Animagic) and Slowglass co-founder, he talked with Nach (an old member of CEZ) in a conversation that is reproduced here for your information (in spanish only, please use a web translator). Comments (0)
8/5/2001 - 5/24/2004
Juan Eduardo Vargas & Víctor Fernández (Dro/Iber 1988-89)
Main coder and graphic designer of Explorer XXXI and Defcom 1, two games whose were received with diferent opinions by the people. An interview by Karnevi (in spanish only, please use a web translator). Comments (1)
Andrés R. Samudio Monro (Aventuras AD 1988-92)
Founder, producer and director of the most powerful adventures company of Spain. An interview by Karnevi (in spanish only, please use a web translator). Comments (2)


The programmers of the golden age have many things to say yet. In this page you could find interviews with the people who made possible all this, both Spaniards and foreign people.

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