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Can I send you games?
Where are the games?
How can I run the games? Where are the emulators?
What's about the main page right column? And the games one?
What to do to see the cards, walkthroughs, manuals or to download any of the games?
Can I take part in Computer Emuzone?
How to read the games sections?
What was Computer Emuzone Games Studio (CEZ GS)?
Where can you meet us?

Can I send you games?
My friend, don't ask if you can, you're forced to do it! My little joke, being serious, if you have any spanish game or any version of a game you haven't seen in our web, don't have a doubt, let us know about it. Well, send us a mail telling the game you got and you'd like to add to cez big collection, why you have to ask before? Quite simple, perhaps we have the game but didn't have time enough to upload it. When you send us a game that we haven't got, It will be added to our collection inmediatelly and you'll see your name placed in its game card.
Where are the games?
You can get to the games from the games section. There are the top lists (preferred games, worst games, last added or modified cards and top downloaded games).
At the left menu of the site you can search a game, access the complete games list, preferred games and worst games, complete top downloaded games...
And even look for a game by letter, company, genre, year or system.
How can I run the games? Where are the emulators?
If you have the original computer (usually a PC or Mac, though maybe you're sailing trhough the internet using an Amiga), you'll only have to download the required files for the game you like and carry it out. If you don't have the computer for which the game was programmed, you'll need an emulator.... Emulators are in their corresponding zones, i.e: spectrum emulators are in the Spectrum zone and the same with others, and also they are in the CEZ's emus section. All the emulators usually have a "how to use" file within them.
What's about the main page right column? And the games one?
In this plank (only available in CEZ) you can see: in the first of the columns, the computer in question. In the second one, the number of games avaliable. In the third one the number of cards avaliable for that particular computer´s games. In the fourth one, the number of emulators for that system and lately.

In the following plank (available in both CEZ and Zones) you have a description of all the extras: games, reviews, manuals, maps, etc.
You can click every one and you'll have a list of all the cards containing the requested extra.
What to do to see the cards, walkthroughs, manuals or to download any of the games?
To see the cards or maps/walkthroughs what you have to do is just go to the page in which the game you are interested in is placed and click on the game's name, if it's underlined. If it isn't means that game doesn't have a card yet.
In what downloads are refered to, click on the version of the game you are interested in (if it's highlighted, if it isn't means that game exists, but it's not been still uploaded to the page) or you can download them from the cards sections.
Can I take part in Computer Emuzone?
Of course, with no doubt just send us a mail with your reviews, maps or solutions of your favourite game and we´ll paste it beside your name in the game's page, of course after make up our minds if your job deserves to be published, we´re sure it will be really good.
How to read the games sections?
Highlighted games have a card. Following this, the company's name, the year in which the first version was released, whether there is a coverscan, manual, magazine review, solution or map, available versions you can find here. If the name of a determined computer is not beside it, that game wasn't developed for that computer. If the name of the computer appears white coloured (SP - Spectrum; AMS - Amstrad CPC; C64 - Commodore; ST - Atari ST; AG - Amiga), it exists but it's unavaliable at the moment; if it appears red coloured it means distribution is not allowed. If you find it highlighted, download it out of problems. These are the instructions for the general use of this page but, of course, there are some modifications to these rules in the search page or the preferred games pages.
What was Computer Emuzone Games Studio (CEZ GS)?
Computer Emuzone Games Studio (CEZ GS) was a new software label, oriented to the old computers, but also to the actual ones. Under the auspice and experience of Computer Emuzone, was born with two clear objectives: by a side to help the new creatives of our country; on the other hand, to revitalize the scene of the historical computers of 8 and 16 bits, although other systems like GP2X had their place here. All without profit spirit, of course. However, "deLuxe" editions of some games could be acquired, although they had always a free version available for download.
Where can you meet us?
In the left column of the site, alongside the language flags, you'll find an access to the e-mail page, where you'll be able to send us a letter.
But if you like to talk about games and computers, maybe you'll prefer to enter our forums.

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