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    Abadía del Crimen, La - Remake PCW (Habisoft 2012 
    Published in 1987 by Opera Soft, for Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX, La Abadia del Crimen is probably the most succesful game created in Spain for 8 bits, although it wasn't published outside our country. Opera used to publish its games also for Amstrad PCW, (...)
    4205 views •   Comments (3)
    Posted on 2014-06-04 by karnevi
    Super Pacmania (Mad 2006 
    Pac-man is one of the greatest classics of all time. Years ago, Namco decided to create a sequel, and they called it 'Pacmania'. It had a great success too, and was converted to the home computers by Grandslam, a british company. Years after, MAD had cr (...)
    5376 views •   Comments (0)
    Posted on 2014-01-03 by karnevi
    Mr. Chef & the Sausages (Paxanga Soft 2004 
    MSX conversion of and old hand held, where you control a chef who has to shoot the sausages that are flying over you, whose also will shoot you. As every hand held, is a very simple game, but actually I guess you'll enjoy just if you had the original wh (...)
    4678 views •   Comments (0)
    Posted on 2012-01-27 by karnevi
    Turbo Girl Project (CEZ RD 2011 
    As some of you could remember, CEZ Games Studio began to close in early 2009. At that time, they were some games in the pipeline, and some of those were almost completed, so they still were released under one of our seals; this was the case of I Need Sp (...)
    22721 views •   Comments (0)
    Posted on 2011-11-02 by karnevi
    Phantomas PC (Traperic 2005    
    Phantomas is, no doubt, one of the classics of the Spanish software, although it was only released for the ZX Spectrum. It was so successful that Dinamic decided to publish a game by Emilio Salgueiro (author of Freddy Hardest), called Vamp (...)
    10017 views •   Comments (0)
    Posted on 2011-10-04 by karnevi

    iLogicAll (CEZ GS 2008  
    Map of the Spectrum version added.
    Modified on 2013-02-18 • 17163 views •   Comments (0)
    BeTiled! (CEZ Silver 2007   
    Cover of the MSX cartridge version added.
    Modified on 2012-02-12 • 25534 views •   Comments (1)
    Map and information (development tab) added.
    Modified on 2011-11-01 • 59551 views •   Comments (9)
    Cover from the cartridge version added.
    Modified on 2011-10-05 • 8841 views •   Comments (0)
    Added the promotional banners and headers made for the game release.
    Modified on 2011-04-23 • 19526 views •   Comments (0)

    Edge has interviewed one of the most remembered musicians of the Golden Age of the Spanish soft (in Spanish only).

    41833 views •   Comments (11)
    Posted on 09/03/2008 by Edge

    In Remakes Zone you'll find all the remakes of spanish classics, made in Spain or outside our country. Moreover you'll find all the remakes coded in Spain, based on classics of all provenences.



    CEZ Retrocompo 2007

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    Abadía del Crimen, La » Más que un remake es una conversión... y ... (Enrique)
    Abadía del Crimen, La » Fantastica version, la mejor de 8 bits m ... (QBee)
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