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CEZ in the social networks (Posted on 12 Mar 2014 by Admin)
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Hostages [aka: Operation Jupiter] (Infogrames 1988)    
image Hostages (Operation Jupiter in France), published originally in 1988, was another Infogrames hit converted to the z80 8 bits systems by the Spanish team New Frontier, two years later. In the first part of the game, the player must bring three men into p (...)

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Posted on 2015-07-04 by karnevi
Beastie Feastie (Beyker Soft 2005)  
image Beyker conversion wass performed on occasion of Arcade Coin-op 2005 Competition, organized by Bytemaniacos. The original was created by Cardinal Amusement Products, a division of EPOS Corporation. In turn, it was a clone of 'The Glob', created by EPOS a ye (...)

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Posted on 2015-05-02 by karnevi
Bingsete (Cibercomp 1984)  
image To play "Bingo" with a personal computer is one of the most boring things you could find. Thanks to the author, this game is a kind of bingo-puzzle. Of course, you'll enjoy a bit more if you play with another human, but we must greet the author due to h (...)

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Posted on 2015-05-01 by The Punisher
Light Corridor, The (Infogrames 1990)    
image The goal of the game is to conduce the ball with our special racket through the tunnels, avoiding the colisions with the different objects we'll find during our trip. This is one of the conversions New Frontier made for 8 bits computers based on Z80 mic (...)

facebook google + twitter meneame8470 views •   Comments (0)
Posted on 2015-04-25 by karnevi
2x1: El Poder Oscuro - Arkos (Zigurat 1988)   
image This game card belongs to a videogames compilation, so you will find in it a list with the links to the games, plus all the material that is listed below. If it has a review, it could be found after the list.

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Posted on 2015-03-31 by karnevi

Drakkar (Delta 1990)     
image MSX version added, after a very long time being one the most wanted missing in action games for that computer. With it, we've added the box scan.

Modified on 2016-07-25 • 25207 views •   Comments (0)
Hero-Quest (Karry Soft 1994)  
Added information about the making off, thanks to the author.

Modified on 2016-01-27 • 12161 views •   Comments (0)
Buran (OMK 1990)      
image We've added the PC DOS version (with its box scan). There's one spanish MIA less.

Modified on 2016-01-22 • 26257 views •   Comments (0)
Averno (Proein 1989)     
We've added the PC box scan of this game.

Modified on 2016-01-17 • 26935 views •   Comments (0)
Aventura Original, La (Aventuras AD 1989)        
We've added the Amiga cover scan.

Modified on 2016-01-17 • 70722 views •   Comments (1)
F-1 [aka: G.P. Formula 1 Simulator] (Zigurat 1991)     
image We've added a new PC DOS version. The older one had some crackers messages than won't appear in this new version.

Modified on 2016-01-06 • 28716 views •   Comments (4)
Sol Negro [aka: Soleil Noir] (Opera Soft 1988)        
We've added the PC booter version. The former version (still available in the zip) seemed to be corrupted. The new one is just available with CGA graphics.

Modified on 2016-01-05 • 57287 views •   Comments (12)
Chichén Itzá (Aventuras AD 1992)        
image We've added the C64 version. The last one, after the upload of the ST version months ago. At last, we have all of the ready for download!

Modified on 2015-12-26 • 46817 views •   Comments (2)
Mister Gas [aka: Mr. Gas] (Proein 1989)     
image We've added the PC version, created by Gonzo Suarez and Javier Fafula. Greetings go to Cozumel, Ripsaw8080 and Agamenon3. Moreover, we've added the Amstrad PCW version.

Modified on 2015-12-12 • 26476 views •   Comments (4)
Turbo Girl [aka: Turbo Bike] (Dinamic 1988)     
image UK MSX version added (it was named Turbo Bike there, although they changed the name just in cover and tape).

Modified on 2015-12-06 • 35706 views •   Comments (2)

Game covers in the Golden Age of the Spanish soft
image Different colors of the covers have been an interesting thing for many users in Spain, being even object of collectionism.

facebook twitter menéame41029 views •   Comments (4)
Posted on 2012/01/19 by Karnevi

Cesar Astudillo "Gominolas"
entrevista Edge has interviewed one of the most remembered musicians of the Golden Age of the Spanish soft (in Spanish only).

facebook twitter meneame22897 views •   Comments (11)
Posted on 09/03/2008 by Edge

In this page you'll find the best games for the spectrum history. How can you play them? Simple, download an emulator for your PC, Mac or console and you'll feel like in the 80's.

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Jungle Warrior » Así es Rodrigo, parece que no todo es ev ... (Gardelito97)
Jungle Warrior » Gardelito97, eso mismo me pasa a mi con ... (Rodrigo)
Tutti Frutti » Hasta las estalactitas son iguales a las ... (Gardelito97)
Liberator » la carátula es llamativa y los print scr ... (Gardelito97)
Phantis » Este juego es una maravilla , desde la p ... (Francisco)
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Abadía del Crimen, La » 10
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