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      This wonderful game, programmed by Paco Menéndez with graphics made by Juan Delcán, let us enjoy too much in a part of our life. In Spain, it is still considered like one of the best games of all times (Canal C: "The Spanish Soft Gold Age (1985/1991)". Canal Satélite Digital).

       It was programmed initially in an Amstrad CPC 6128, because it had more powerful graphics, and it was more easy to convert to Spectrum. The progam was made in 128k Spectrum and Amstrad versions, MSX and PC -with digitized voices via speaker-.



Amstrad CPC


        It wasn't possible to talk with Umberto Eco, the author of "The Name of the Rose", so the authors of the game decided, after three months, that it would be called "La Abadía del Crimen" ("The Abbey of crime"). Although this, this title was bright by itself, and even it was during various months in the MicroHobby's sales Top 20, not a normal thing because it wasn't an arcade nor a sports game, and because it was a 128k program.

        The program received some awards, like MicroHobby annual awards 1988, to the best programmer (Paco Menéndez), best argument and best graphics (of course!).

        Paco Menéndez left his work for 8-bit to dedicate his efforts to his principal ocupation: to be engineer. It was 10 years ago. He wanted to make a new computer, with an structure and language so different to another one known.

Actuality (updated September 7th, 2002)

        Actually, La Abadía del Crimen (Crime's Abbey) continues being one of the most remembered games by all the people who had a 8 bit computer. For example, the forum is in continous activity, and the guestbook of our mother page  ( Computer Emuzone ), receive a lot of messages about this incredible game.

        But, fortunately, we can live without remembering everydays the past. People like Antonio Giner or Manuel Pazos are putting their own work in order to make new versions of the classic game.


PC remake


        Antonio Giner is the author of the PC Remake , wich is still in phase of development. The actual version is in VGA 256 colours, and it hasn't sound yet. But Antonio said that the final version will have True Color graphics and Sound Blaster sound, so I think you could imagine how good it will be.

        And it's not all, fortunately. In MSX world, so active yet, two man are doing a great job. Armando Pérez created a version for MSX 2, with the "save the game" option. Continuing his work, Manuel Pazos made an incredible 16 colours version, also for MSX 2, 2+ and Turbo R, obtaining a wonderful game with three different colour palettes, and the original MSX sound (although he is thinking about adding FM or WAVE sound, and also in a japanese translation).

        As you can see, La Abadía del Crimen will live so many years yet. Long life for Paco and Juan!



    NONA: You arrive to the Abbey and the abad tells yuo to follow him while he´s telling you the terrible that happened in the Abbey. Follow him closer.

    VÍSPERAS: Go to the chapel and stay forward Adzo to pray, at the same position as the monk in the right side. You can see one of the monks at the altar backward.


MSX 2 (remake)

MSX 2 (remake)



    NIGHT: While you sleep, someone takes your glasses. Don't worry, you will find them some days after.

    PRIMA: The ABAD announces a new dead.

    TERCIA: Investigate all the Abbey and get to the "scriptorium". The librarian keeps the library entry, and his helper shows the table of the second victim, without leting you to pick up anything.

    SEXTA: You have to go to the dinner room, like you will do some times more during your permanence in the Abbey.

    NONA: You return to the library and there, while you talk with the librarian, make Adzo taking the key. After this, you will discover the secret corridor that communicate the chapel with the kitchen.


NIGHT: You enter quickly and carefully in the chapel building to investigate what the librarian helper didn´t let you see. But when you get to the scriptorium you see that the mask man has caught the book, but not the manuscript. Anyway you can´t read without your glasses.

PRIMA: The ABAD communicates you that the librarian has disappeared.

TERCIA: The ABAD presents you an old man that says that the Antichrist has arrived to the Abbey.

NONA: You go to investigate the Abbey and, in the kitchen, Adzo have to pick up the lamp that latter, in the labirynth, will be necessary.


PC original

PC remake



    NIGHT: You enter in the labirynth, not to discover, to learn to orientate yourself.

    PRIMA: The ABAD, after the corpse discovery, let the investigation to Bernardo Güi. Anyway, you decide to keep  investigating by yourself.

MSX original

PC remake




      Now you can finish the game, even don't speaking Spanish, with this maps, published in the MicroHobby magazine. .


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