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The end of CEZ Games Studio
An interesting title, right?

Don't be scared, you won't run out of games, because whoever writes this knows for a fact that the retro activity of our colleagues is to follow and that you will be able to enjoy a lot of new games for your obsolete computers. Variety and quantity, even more than now, you'll see.

But there are stages and stages, and today begins the end of one of them. Computer Emuzone Games Studio (CEZ GS) will cease to exist, as such, after the publication of our next (and perhaps last) big bomb: Capitán Sevilla - El Remake (stay tuned! :)).
After its appearance, CEZ GS will formally close its doors , unless some other current member of the group wants their game -which is currently under development- to appear under this label.

The CEZ GS page stops working from today. In it you will find this same message and a link to the store, so you can get the latest stock of games. Its future - that of the store - is yet to be elucidated, but the current managers of CEZ GS, Utopian and Benway will update you soon, although the games already published that have not had a physical version are likely to have it and be purchasable, either in the store or at the various user meetings.

Cards and games will continue to be available at Computer Emuzone (CEZ), so that nothing is lost. From Captain Sevilla (or someone else, as I have already said), it will be the creators of the games who decide whether to create their own pages or forums, or announce their projects in the CEZ forums, or even consider as a page of reference of the same the cards that we make in CEZ. But it will be the same for everyone, whether they have belonged to CEZ GS or not.
Of course, whoever wants to remove the games from the page will be able to do so without any problem.
All of them, unless their authors say Otherwise, they become 100% free distribution. It was already allowed to do so some time after its publication, but perhaps not all page administrators had found out.

The CEZ GS subforums will remain in the CEZ forums for as long as their current managers determine. Afterwards, messages from public forums will be moved to "current games for retro systems" or "remakes", depending on their category, while messages from private forums will be changed to what was said at the beginning of this paragraph.
The In short, the CEZ forums, with the aforementioned caveats, will continue to be there to serve people, but they will no longer be the support of any specific group.

Another thing, addressed to the current members of CEZ GS, is that you will be able to keep your spaces in the ftp for as long as you consider necessary... It will not be deleted unless you ask for it. And if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm left with a lot of friends, some disappointment and the pride of having made it possible for true retro artists to get together. It was a childhood dream come true many years later.

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