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info SPECTRUM [3734] 
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Price: 4€
developing team
Concepto, programa y gráficos: Na Than Assh Antti
Apoyo logístico pucrunchero: Iforeve y WYZ
Código Adicional y Rutinas de carga: Blackhole
Best boy: Tony Brazil
Betatesteo: Konamito, Tony Brazil y CEZ Team.

(C) WOPR2K & CEZ Team 2006

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Puntuacion 7.89
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A deep metalic buzz became crisp'n'clear inside your head, while a confusing and dark image began to take form right in front of you. You just became aware of your own existence, and felt how your body was lying over a cold and hard surface, completely extended, with your arms stuck along your sides. Before this, you just didn't remember anything, just the neverending buzz and a distant rumour of well greased machinery while your head was filled with simple concepts, definitions, images and drafts.

You opened your eyes completely and they became accustomed to the dim blue light produced by voltaic arches in the ceiling, a huge vault one kilometer high. You sat up over the dark and uncomfortable platform and looked around. Everything was filled with thousands, millions of platforms just like yours, each one with a bluish android lying on it connected to a golden console just like the one located at your side. The androids, all exactly with the same face and proportions, with rough and hostile features and big round eyes which looked invariantly ad infinitum, seemed not to be awaken yet.

After a while you felt cold and curled up flexing your legs over your chest and putting both your arms around them. It was then when you realized that there was something wrong. Your body was different. You weren't just like the others. You felt you were different. You turned around to watch your reflection over the polished iron right behind you. Granted: you were NOT like all those androids lying all around you. A dark, long and soft hair with bluish reflections cascadingly fell straight covering half of your fine, elegant and soft-skinned face, a beautiful and delicate face, with a clear and deep look, thin nose and thick lips; delicate shoulders, slender arms and an overall graceful figure.

You wondered who you were, why you were there, why you were different. You were so captivated by your own thoughts that you didn't realize that pair of mechanics approaching for a rutinary check-in. When they saw you, one of them shouted "FAULTY", the other one wrote a tick on a list, and the next thing you remember is how your whole body hurted like hell inside that trash deposit. Right then I found you and took you home to live with me.

I'm sure I've told you this same story a lot of times, and everytime I do I'm more confident about its true meaning. You are a woman, a beautiful and intelligent woman, manufactured in the same production line as those looter androids, which simply do their job without needing much of a brain. It isn't possible that you are just a "faulty" android, when you are by all means more sophisticated than an army of a thousand of such androids. No, you were NOT an accident. You were created on purpose. And I strongly believe that you won't be able to stay calm until you find out why. I'm sure that Phantomas could give you good answers. After all, he's a "faulty" android as well, manufactured in the very same factory...

The Adventure

In the role of the female android, you'll have to make your way accross Phantomas' fortress to capture him and take him to your mentor looking for answers about your own existence. Phantomas' fortress is divided in two sectors, connected by a complex security system:

FIRST STAGE: PACKAGING WAREHOUSE - This is where Phantomas' henchmen have their job cataloguing and packaging the goods the looter brings with him when he comes back from his journeys. The henchmen aren't dangerous at all, and don't pose a threat. You'll have to watch out the hazardous environment plagued with ledges, precipices and traps. To make progress, you can take aid from antigravitational floating boxes used by the android to store his vast belongings, which offer a solid platform to land on but which can be moved around just pushing them.

SECURITY SYSTEM - To reach Phantomas' residential tower, you'll have to defeat the fortress complex security system which is completely unknown to you - you'll have to find out how to defeat it!

SECOND STAGE: RESIDENTIAL TOWER - Phantomas has detected your presence and have activated his self-protection system, which consists on an acid snot which falls from the ceiling until it covers each of the eight floors located between the security system chamber and his residence. You have to hurry and exit each floor before you die covered in the corrosive liquid.

Controlling the female android

Our main character can be controlled using your keyboard. The keys used are:


Press LEFT or RIGHT to move in either direction. Press IMPULSE to make the character lift until her strength wears out and falls down again. Using IMPULSE with wether LEFT or RIGHT we'll be able to reach higher levels of platforms.

During the FIRST STAGE it will be necessary to push antigravitational floating boxes, red coloured, to reach your destination. To push a box just stick to it and try to advance towards it.

In the SECURITY SYSTEM we use O and P to move the cursor in the security computer screen, and ENTER or SPACE to confirm.

In the SECOND STAGE you move around just in the same way as in the FIRST STAGE.

FX-Double load

The game is divided into two different loads. The first one corresponds to the FIRST STAGE. Once it's finished, you'll get an access code to be introduced once we load the second part, which contains the SECURITY SYSTEM and the SECOND STAGE.

Load instructions

The game works on any Sinclair ZX Spectrum:

ZX Spectrum 48, ZX Spectrum +:

1. Type LOAD "" y press ENTER.
2. Press Play on tape.

ZX Spectrum 128, +2, +2A, +2B, +3:

You can either:

1. Select "Loader" in the main menu, then press play on tape.
2. Select "48 BASIC" in the main menu, then follow the Spectrum 48 instructions.
loading screen
loading screen
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