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Camelot Warriors El Remake
punisherThe Punisher · 2007-10-02 00:00:00 · updated: 2020-07-09 00:00:00 · 75915 views [#60] 
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Language: spanish
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Action, Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
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rating Puntuacion 8.4
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Programa: Buhonero
Gráficos: Coelophysis

redactorThe Punisher · review computeremuzone
Created by the Ruíz brothers in 1986, Camelot Warriors is one of the mythical games of the Golden Age of Soft in Spain. Impressive graphics, no gameplay, and a non-existent difficulty curve, made it one of the most overrated games in the history of Spanish soft. One only had to read the opinions of the magazines of the rest of the world, to realize that only Microhobby had forgotten to mention the issue of difficulty.
Interestingly, the other versions of Camelot, mainly the one for Commodore 64 (programmed by Opera) and the one for Amstrad, are much more playable than the one for Spectrum.

The Chapman and Coleopsys remake has chosen to faithfully reproduce this almost impossible difficulty of the original (although in later versions than the one submitted to the contest, this section has been greatly improved), but with some variations, which do it even more. hard.

This difficulty, if we were talking about a game, which has no relation to another, would be enough for me to “brush” it, but be careful, we are talking about a remake, gentlemen, and although I have always preferred that remakes be rectified the errors of the originals, it is completely respectable that the authors have wanted to remain faithful to the original, regarding that difficulty, so I can't mess with that, which doesn't take away my “right to kick”;)

In the rest of the sections, it must be said that the remake is absolutely outstanding, especially in those lush graphics and in the brilliant animations, there are no words, because the images speak for themselves.

The sound is quite good, the only thing I can think of to criticize is the very low quality (of sampling) of the sound effects, something that I suppose is so, because Camelot is a remake designed for the GP2X console, and for that reason, you have to lower the quality of the sounds, so that they take up as little space as possible (but it would have been a detail if the other versions had a little more quality. The same goes for the music, which is quite good, but is lost by using 8 bit quality.
In the technical part, what I liked the most is that unlike the original, in this remake I no longer play on screens, but rather that the entire stage is a gigantic scroll decorated, allowing us to see enemies with a little in advance. Another improvement is the jump of the protagonist, much more "real" than the original, or what is the same with more gravity, the problem is that now it is much more difficult to jump at enemies, as if that were not enough, They go to much more milk than in the original.

In short, Camelot Warriors is a very homage to one of the mythical games of our sophomore, and that undoubtedly deserves to be among the first places in this compo.

NOTE: You can go to the Retrocompo page to see the reviews of the other jurors.
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
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Nota 09/07/2020: Hemos añadido la versión Dreamcast, que existe desde hace mucho tiempo, casi tanto como el original, pero que no nos habíamos acordado de ella hasta un reciente repaso. t
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Author: The Punisher

Created: 2007-10-02 00:00:00
Modified: 2020-07-09 00:00:00

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