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Not available for Atari
Genre: Videoaventura
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Price: Cas:4 € | Crt:12,5 €
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Puntuacion 8.8
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developing team
Concepto, programa y gráficos: Na_Th_an
Programa Amstrad: Artaburu
Gráficos Amstrad: DaDMan, Litos y Na_Th_an
Programa MSX: Jon Cortázar (Viejo Archivero)
Gráficos MSX: Jon Cortázar y Na_Th_an
Apoyo logístico: Iforeve y WYZ
Player y rutinas sonoras: WYZ
Música: Beyker y WYZ
Portada: Ferrán
Betatesteo: Testers CEZ GS y ESP Soft.
Rutina de carga Spectrum: Black Hole
Coordinación CEZ Team: Karnevi
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Dedicated to the living memory of Emilio Salgueiro.

The latest events had taught Phantomas that the only way to end a disease was attacking its very roots. During centuries, a mysterious civilization hiden somewhere in Andromeda had ruled over the whole Universe from the shadows. Intervening here and there, they had done and undone according to their own designs. They had overthrown kings, put others in place, they had tipped the scales in their choose one's favour in the battles, ruined prosperous countries or raisen filthy mudholes to live in the most fine luxury. The latest traces of their existence, found in the spaceship which came from Andromeda to crash on Asteroid Bassard, where Phantomas was injailed, were truly enlightening: old as the world, the old civilization from Andromeda spread its branches accross the eight octants of the Universe.

Phantomas couldn't believe that he was part of that machinery. After the change which started to happen in his -originally simple- positronic brain, right when that twisted neural net was becoming complex and beautiful like an infinite fractal, Phantomas unterstood that the apparently insignificant legion of thieves he belonged to was patronised and ruled by the mysterious Civilization. Knowing himself part of that eternal conspiracy made him feel dirty, or even worse: a puppet. His brain, then semiauthomatic, had mysteriously evolved by itself to become "autonomic" and intelligent. Phantomas was well aware that "god" and "evil" were made-up concepts - but he needed justice and, at the same time, it couldn't be bad to find some answers. What made him special? Why did he evolve and not the other androids from Andromeda?

The first step to know a little bit more about that mysterious Civilization from andromeda was somewhere in that old factory where he was "born" many decades ago: the thief androids factory. Somehow, he knew that destroying it was the first step for the success of his difuse mission. He was sure that it would make enough noise to reach the ears of those who he was seeking, and without a shadow of doubt, they would make them visible then. When that happened, he would be ready to come in action. He didn't know how, where nor when, but his determination was so strong that he couldn't care less about that.

Riding over the personal slider from Tetrarch Pachin Poi-Poi, Phantomas managed to enter without problems in the transport chain which supplied the factory, so he was close enough to one of the transport ships to be affected to the gravitational potential which launched him, accross the hyperspace, to the other end of the galaxy, near a barren blueish planetoid which traveled around an inactive binary system.

Not without problems, Phantomas managed to overcome the acceleration caused by their return to our dimmension and to get aligned in the precise angle just when he was about to disintegrate in the athmosphere of the small planetoid. Still smoking, his slider laid down over the fosforescent grass in the surface, in the middle of a huge rocky gorge. The android rose his eyes to meet a image he thought he had forgotten.

There it was, cold and surrounded by the blue halo made by the light of the stars difracted in the cyanide which composed the athmosphere: the Factory, which legendary basaltic stone walls hid the roots of the best kept secret in the Universe. The deep sound of the millenial winds sounded heavily between the menacing mountains. Phantomas didn't shiver. With firm step he walked to his Destiny.


As Phantomas, you have to destroy the Thief Androids Factory activating the ten auto-destruction devices the building has, the BOLTs: Binaural Onslaught Light Transmitters, located in highly restricted areas. Each BOLT needs a key to be activated. Your job is to find 10 keys to use them in the 10 BOLTs. Once the 10 devices are activated, you'll have 30 seconds to run outside the factory, because after that time has passed the factory will explode in a million of fragments.

The location of those BOLTs and keys will change in every game. The number of keys found is shown in the scoreboard marked with "KEYS". To get a key we simply go accross it. To use a key in a BOLT, we just have to go accross it, as well: if we have keys in our scoreboard the bolt will disappear as well as one of our keys. The number of BOLTs activated is shown in the scoreboard labeled "BOLTS". When all the 10 BOLTs are activated, a count down will show in place of that number. When this happens, just run to the game starting point, otherwise you'll explode together with the factory!


Controlling Phantomas is very easy: we can move left and right and jump in two different ways: LONG JUMP and HIGH JUMP. Knowing which jump to use each time will lead you to success.

The came works with this keyboard layout:


The factory is full of security and builder androids which will try to make your mission to fail. Just don't touch them or your loose your precious energy. The amount of energy can be checked in the scoreboard labeled "LIFE".


The game runs in every 48 or 128k Speccy. These are the loading instructions:

1.- ZX Spectrum 128, +2, +2A, +2B, +3: Select LOADER from the main menu and press ENTER, then PLAY on the casette. The game will load automaticly.
2.- ZX Spectrum 48, +: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Then press PLAY on tape. The game will load automaticly. You will be able to play, but without sound.
Amstrad CPC Cassete
Write |tape if you have a 664 or 6128.
Press CONTROL and ENTER and press PLAY and then any key.
Amstrad CPC Disk
Write run”infinity

Insert the cartridge and turn on your computer.

Amstrad CPC
Amstrad CPC
Amstrad CPC
Amstrad CPC
Amstrad CPC
Amstrad CPC