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Profanation 2 Escape from Abu Simbel  
karnevi · 2019-05-22 · updated: 2021-03-25 · 10180 views [#354] 
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Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Web: 4Mhz
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developing team
CÓDIGO: Javier García Navarro ( JGN )
IDEA, DISEÑO y GRÁFICOS: Daniel Celemín García (LordFred)
MUSICA: Juan Diego Triviño Navarro (John McKlain)
ILUSTRACION: Lorena Azpiri
TESTERS: metr81 y Jon Cortazar
RRSS: juliaroses
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
As I have mentioned in other occasions, it has not been until this year that I have caught up with the new retro productions made in our country. And it is that you miss a few years and you find a lot of wonders that make you remember that, even if you are not aware, the wheel keeps turning (or not, Daenerys?).

New groups have emerged that were not there when I took a shot beyond the 8 and 16 bits, and among them one of the highlights, for the care of their products, is 4MHz, which has become a name (in capital letters) in the Amstrad world.

I think I remember that the first thing I saw about this game, and what the group made me know, was its cover. It seemed so good and so evocative of the original that I was not too surprised that its author was an Azpiri, Lorena in particular.

On the other hand, it impelled me to carry out something I had in mind for a long time, and now I have begun to do: change the note of "addiction" to one in which the presentation of the game was valued (cover, box , content of this ...). In the end, "addiction" and "playability" did not differ much, except in isolated cases, and I wanted to give my opinion on those aspects that were never scored in the magazines, but were essential for a game to sell more or less ( in fact the magazines themselves knew it, and that's why the best covers were on the cover).

After the cover came graphics ... And being of LordFred, the uncle of the world that I admire the most when he starts to join pixels, could not give rise to disappointment.

For the rest of the pack, it was time to load the game and watch videos. That has arrived recently.

Music is at the level of what enters through the eyes and programming, by Javier García Navarro (the author of the already thirty-something Sabrina), too. So for the moment all outstanding, bordering the license plate.

But even the animations are great and the mapping is taken care of to the maximum, each screen is a small work of art (I may add).

So, if you have advanced a little and have seen the total score out of the corner of your eye, you will have the odd question.

Yes, the game is a technical marvel, I will repeat it as many times as necessary. And it is made in the way that is done conscientiously, or so they seem to let us know their authors on their website: "Sequel to the most difficult game in history: will we have overcome that level of difficulty?".

You have overcome it, and widely. This is an ode to the millimeter, to the well-known pixel-perfect, where not doing what you have to do at the moment you have to do it becomes a tragedy. And that, inevitably, has its consequences in terms of playability. There are skilled dudes and others who are less so, but to pass this little work of art you have to be the best of the first. Eye, it is possible, and in fact we have added some videos in which one of those titans gets it (from what you hear in the comments, you see that after having failed many times and have seen where the shots go). But the average player is likely to throw in the towel on the second screen, if not on the first.

It was the intention of the creators, and you have to respect it. But what could have been a masterpiece remains in a sensory wonder. Which is not a little thing either.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-05-22
Modified: 2021-03-25

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