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The Punisher · 2019-06-06 · 5217 views [#1178] 
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Racing
Distribution: Commercial
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Programa: S. Arrevellado
Gráficos: F. Martín
Sonido: M. Villate y C.A. Caparrini
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
Sometimes, to find the origins of a fun idea we have to go very, very far back in time. In this game that concerns us, driving a taxi, and dodging the traffic of a city, we must take the passengers wherever they tell us, does it sound like? Of course I do, although I doubt that anyone in SEGA saw this lost Spanish game, right? But the facts are the facts, and if there is a predecessor of Crazy Taxi, it is Taxi Driver.

The funny thing is that the simulation is much more complex than in its evolved version, since here we have to observe traffic signals, meanings of the streets and not run over the disabled. Any indication of making the beast will be subtracted from our total score (the pasta).

Also, you have to worry about oil and gasoline, almost na !!

The system to indicate where passengers want to go is rudimentary, but it works wonders. Just follow the arrows that indicate how many screens, up / down or left / right, is the destination and, once we get to the screen, you have to park where it says "Taxi".

If we talk about sound or graphics, they are not wonderful, but for me they already give. In particular, I like the speakers, they give a very real touch to everything.

The graphics, if we forget the terrible proportions between buildings, cars and pedestrians, are passable, and have enough details in the mapping, at least, so that we do not look like we are on the same screen.

The problem of the game? That picking up customers without being able to make the beast, when we've already been five or six, becomes a real pain in the neck.
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Author: The Punisher

Created: 2019-06-06
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