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Jinj 2 Belmonte's Revenge  
karnevi · 2020-03-07 · 7288 views [#446] 
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Genre: Videoaventura
Type: Maze
Distribution: Amateur
Contest: MSXdev'12
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developing team
Código y gráficos (Spectrum y MSX): José J. Ródenas 'Sejuan'
Gráficos adicionales: Juan Carlos Soriano 'Mikomedes' y Fco.Javier Velasco 'Pagantipaco'
Código adicional Spectrum: Jaime Tejedor 'Metalbrain' y Javier Peña 'Utopian'
Código adicional MSX: José Vila Cuadrillero 'ZilogZ80A'
Música y player: José Vicente Masó 'Wyz'
Portada y carátula: Fco. Javier Velasco
Traducción al inglés: Jaime Tejedor
Betatesters Spectrum: 'Augustoruiz', 'IvanZX', 'Metalbrain', 'Pagantipaco', 'Utopian', 'Tbrazil' y resto del grupo Retroworks.
Betatesters MSX: grupo Retroworks. Mención especial a José Andrés aka 'Konamito', Pepe Vila y Jon Cortazar por reporte de bug's
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
"There goes the review of another new game," I tell myself every time I start writing about one created beyond the commercial life of 8-bit and 16-bit computers. And sometimes - few lately - it is still true. "Now that Retroworks and Sejuán are going to launch a new game I get the penultimate one", I insist, it won't be that I get even more comments to make. Ok, I look at the date and it's from 2012, we're in 2020 ... It's been eight years. When I created CEZ in 1999, it hadn't been eight years since the last 8-bit commercial Spanish games had seen the light. In 1991 those launches were not even residual. In 1999, what had been done eight years earlier seemed from another era; In 2020, what has been done eight years ago seems recent, almost the day before yesterday... As you know, the passage of time is relative.

JINJ 2, the revenge of Belmonte, is the second part of one of the last games published by CEZ GS, in 2008 (once again, the day before yesterday). Another day we talked about the fact that CEZ GS lasted four years and those that succeeded have been at the foot of the canyon for twelve years, and improving every day.

Johnny is not Jones, I think I remember what the title meant ... At least originally. Do you need more data to say in which game Sejuán was inspired?

In this second part, after having recovered the memory, you will have to face the troops of the evil Belmonte while you try to recover the notes that have flown out of the parchment.

If the first part had been developed exclusively for Spectrum, this time you can also enjoy an MSX version, also programmed by Sejuán, with the collaboration of Pepe Vila.

A new game in the wake of Abu Simbel Profanation, which has undoubtedly made and will delight fans of this type of adventure.
Ranking de versiones
· SPECTRUM: Realizado para 48k y 128k, solo en esta última sonará la bonita melodía creada para la ocasión, que a su vez solo podréis disfrutar en el menú del juego. Se puede apreciar un avance en gráficos y presentación respecto a la primera parte, aunque quedan mínimamente deslucidos por la estela que llevan los sprites alrededor.

· MSX: En esta versión la música suena durante el juego en sí, lo que sin duda le da un plus. Por otro lado, los gráficos rebosan de colorido, al estilo Retroworks. ¿Y cuál es ese estilo? Bueno, el término me lo he inventado, pero podría traducir lo que tengo en mi cabeza en algo así como que parecen gráficos de Spectrum coloreados; es decir, los grandes clásicos del MSX hacían uso de colores planos, de una forma característica. En Spectrum, por el contrario, se jugaba mucho con sombreados, una forma de sacar provecho a una paleta con menos posiblidades. Y los juegos de Retroworks de MSX (Genesis, Teodoro o el que tenemos entre manos) parecen haber hecho de la hibridación de esas dos formas de hacer gráficos su sello de identidad. Estupendos en todo caso, como siempre.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-03-07
Visits: 7288 (#446)

Thanks to:
Goodboy (map Spectrum)