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karnevikarnevi · 2020-03-16 00:00:00 · updated: 2021/10/26 · 23499 views [#324] 
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Language: spanish & english
Genre: Videoadventure
Distribution: Amateur
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Guión Original: Luis I. García Ventura (Benway)
Adaptación y diseño: Francisco Javier Velasco (Pagantipaco) y Benway

Programación: Benway
Gráficos y portada: Pagantipaco
Pantalla de presentación: NeilParsons
Música: Benway y Juan Carlos Soriano 'Mikomedes'

Programación MSX: Fernando García 'Bitvision'
Apoyo programación MSX: Manuel Pazos
Adaptación música MSX: José Vicente Masó (WYZ)

Programación CPC: Spirax
Conversión inicial gráficos CPC: Spirax
Retoque gráficos CPC: Pagantipaco
Pantalla de carga CPC: Marco Antonio del Campo (MAC)

Testing: RetroWorks, Traperic y Daniel Canales Llera.
Testers MSX: Araubi, Konamito, Retroabuelo, Pablibiris

Traducción al gallego: Entebras

redactorkarnevi · review computeremuzone
The manual begins with these reflections by Fray Gonzalo, who made a pilgrimage to Santiago with Fray Cesáreo, ended up in a small Galician town:


The first time I arrived in this town I realized that something strange was around the head of its inhabitants. You could breathe that cold air of dusk that begins to get into your body. They all began to gather in their houses, closing the door so that the night did not surprise them helpless before its most twisted terrors.

It was as if these people had no soul, as if they had drifted away from God and abandoned themselves to superstition.

I tried to forget that feeling but my partner couldn't. He was quite a bit younger and still not mastered his terrors. But really, my biggest concern was looking for a place to spend the night; more than for the monsters and demons, for the cold, another night more to the serene and my bones would give me the can to Santiago.


The fine line between these two concepts is very easy to cross. Both are blind beliefs in something. They have no foundation, or believe or not believe and that makes them so separate and so close.

I remember that talking to the people of this town gave me bad vibes. Their fears would go through you and sometimes, if you did not stay calm, you would start to see the same things as them, to be able to go where there was no passage before, to wake up at the entrance of a cave without knowing how you had got there.

The best way to forget everything was to pray in a holy place, reinforcing my faith and moving away from all those thoughts. Then, the reality was shown before my eyes, there were no strange places or beings from beyond the grave.

But I was always afraid of losing my faith and sanity completely, of being duped by that collection of pagan beliefs, their myths and characters, forever abandoning everything that linked me to my previous life.

What happened until I was able to control myself, I'm not going to tell you because I still have the feeling that doubts assail me. You are never quite sure. "

After looking for accommodation in the village inn, the priest sent them to the apothecary's house where, after a hearty dinner, our friars went to sleep. The next morning, Fray Cesáreo was plunged into a deep sleep from which he can only wake up after a wonderful story of love, friends and superstition of which we are not going to tell you anything else, so that it is you who discover it.

The game is a true wonder from start to finish, both in the original version and the one released last year for the second generation of MSX. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I have not felt so immersed in an 8-bit game for over thirty years, when La Abadia del Crimen (The Abbey of Crime) fell into my hands.

Everything in this game reminds me of the Opera classic, although it really has very little to do with it. It is the atmosphere, a magical setting that made him forget about his gameplay problems, and in Brunilda that led me to that state of adolescent happiness that I had not enjoyed for a long time.

Well, it is not entirely accurate that they do not have much to do: arrival at the village / abbey accompanied by Cesáreo / Adso, being led by the priest / abbot, being directed to our rooms before dinner / prayer ... But that It is only at the beginning, the rest is the setting.

As a Galician, I was struck by the name of the town, San Arteixo ... There is no saint or person who has ever known who was called that in Galicia, it is only the municipality where Inditex is located (or the Bonilla factory, the of the potatoes that appear in 'Parasites', the movie that won the Oscar), but once again it is a detail that I find charming, like everything in the game.

I vaguely remember when Benway told me that he wanted to make this game, and the illusion he showed, but back then it was going to be a conversation. Things changed a lot until it became a video adventure with RPG overtones, or vice versa. Something that MSX users are more used to, but that for Spectrum users is still something quite new.

The graphics do their job comfortably. They are pretty, and they don't need to be better than they already are.

The music, while there is a note to the main melody that I always think had to sound a little higher pitched, is the biggest culprit for you slipping out of reality when you start playing, IMHO.

And the gameplay ... Well, it is at the outstanding level of everything else, making a perfect set. It is true that sometimes I get stuck somewhere because you need to be right on the spot and when you move you do it more, or also that our friend friar gets in the way more than necessary, but the difficulty is so well measured that that doesn't matter. In fact, it may be a tad easier than it should, but the game is long (although the mapping is not too extensive) and greater difficulties than the existing ones would break continuity a tad.

And having said all this, I still need to put a score that I have been thinking about since I played the Spectrum version a few months ago and I could not make the tab due to time constraints (today I remembered playing the MSX 2 version). Because at CEZ we have marked the top with two all-time classics of our soft: the aforementioned Abbey and Risky Woods Enlace interno ... And going from there or reaching it at least, after twenty years, is dizzying.
Actually I think I could share it, or overcome it, or stay one step ... That's when I appreciate the story, the years that have passed, what each one meant ... And I also remember that I gave the remakes of the first one automatically the same score as the original, and maybe it's unfair because you should have used other criteria ...

But it is that a score is always unfair (if you do not order the games on the page by score, you will see real inconsistencies because each day is scored differently, and no one can change that).

Keep enjoying this game those of you who have played it, discover it right now if you have nothing else to do (and these days we have a lot of free time, you know).
Ranking de Versiones
· SPECTRUM: la versión original hace un extraordinario uso de las limitadas cualidades del ordenador de Sinclair, tanto de su colorido como del chip de sonido de los 128K.

· MSX 2: No fue un ordenador para el que se hiciese apenas ningún juego en nuestro país, durante su vida útil, por lo que a muchos os sorprenderán sus gráficos.

· AMSTRAD: Hace uso del cartucho Danadator, de moderna aparición, y aprovecha como pocos el colorido de los CPC. La esencia del juego sigue intacta en esta versión.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020/03/16
Modified: 2021/10/26

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