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Zombie Calavera Prologue  
karnevi · 2019-03-23 · updated: 2021-04-21 · 17041 views [#353] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Other versions: CEZ GAME CARD
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Amateur
Collection: Pretujao
Engine: La Churrera
Web: Mojonia
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developing team
Concepto e Historia / Concept & Story: Ángel Ló Pérez (anjuel) & José Luis Castaño González (na_th_an)
Diseño, código, gráficos y música / Design, code, graphics and music: na_th_an
Pantalla de carga y carátula / Loading Screen & cover art: anjuel
Efectos de sonido / Ingame sound effects: Shiru

Versión C64
Code: Majikeyric
Graphics: José Luis Castaño González (na_th_an)
Music: Mibri, Uctumi

Versiones MSX y Colecovision: Óscar Toledo
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
When I had the first news of this game, in the development forums of CEZ GS in 2007, I was amazed. Not only was it an action game, with shots, which I really wanted in those days, but I found the graphic concept tremendously original: those graphics that were shadows, where nothing was seen but everything was said ... And that resulted in an atmosphere that could not have been achieved otherwise.

It was one of the many projects that arose at that time in those forums, and it was forgotten ... Then came the dissolution of the group in early 2009, the emergence of the Mojon Twins as an independent group ... And in 2010 we returned to have news of him, but not as a project, but as a reality.

The result was what it was meant to be. A very entertaining game, with a great atmosphere, and a development not very different from other games of the cairns: platforms, big jumps and collect a series of objects, in this case sixteen crucifixes, which will enable our protagonist to move to Purgatory.
Ranking de versiones
· SPECTRUM: Es la versión original, creada como otros juegos de Mojon Twins para los 48K. Y, como os comentaba anteriormente, resulta brillante en el aspecto técnico.

· C64: Los italianos de Digital Monastery, en colaboración con Na_th_an, llevaron a cabo la conversión del juego a Commodore 64 en 2018. Aprovechando los gráficos, que siguen quedando muy bien en este ordenador, se adaptó el sonido al genial SID, el que para muchos es el mejor chip de sonido de los ordenadores de 8 bits. Y no solo eso, sino que también lo portaron a otros ordenadores de la compañía americana, poco extendidos en España, como el VIC20 y el PLUS/4 (también las ponemos a vuestra disposición).

· MSX / COLECOVISION: En 2021, once años después del lanzamiento de la versión original, Óscar Toledo (nanochess) ha portado el juego a MSX y Colecovision. No encontraréis ninguna diferencia sustancial, salvo el uso del chip de sonido. Una excelente noticia para los usuarios de ambos sistemas.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-03-23
Modified: 2021-04-21

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Thanks to:
spectrumcomputing.co.uk (cover Spectrum (Monument Microgames))
Skarpo (map Spectrum)
Luka (map Plus/4)

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