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Sir Ababol   
karnevi · 2018-02-10 · updated: 2021-02-08 · 22313 views [#282] 
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Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Collection: Pretujao
Engine: La Churrera
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Concepto e Historia / Concept and Story: anjuel & maribip & zemman
Código Spectrum, Amstrad: na_th_an
Código C64: Woodmaster
Código Amiga: Birra, Tom
Gráficos Spectrum: anjuel & kendrook
Gráficos Amstrad, C64: na_th_an, anjuel & kendrook
Música Spectrum: anjuel (adaptación)
Música Amstrad: na_th_an
Música Amiga: Zoltar
Cargador C64: ENTHUSI……
NESLIB, SFX, Tools & optimization NES: Shiru
Portada / Cover: Kendroock
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At the end of the 11th Century, a young crusader named Sir Ababol from Manchester City traveled accross the ever green prairies in the French Britain, climbed the infinite heights at the Pirineos and arrived to the Alcoraz River. There, he witnessed completely astonished how St. George from Capadocia, also known as “the dragon guy”, helped Christians conquer territories held by the infidels.

He became so perplexed about such an apparition that he stumbled over a rock and fell down on his ass over a big fat ball of spikes, which made him jump accross the air and fall in the river which carried him to the Monegros’ Desert.

There he awoke whilst a shep licked his right cheek and he realised that he hath lost his mighty sword, without which he couldn’t continue his journey accross the world. Decided to get accross something, he went accross a lucence-sown field to ask a good farmer if he hath seen his sword. The good fella of incredibly populated frown just pointed in direction of a piece of land full of wild ababol flowers.

What those red flowers which cointidentially were called like him were? Did it have to do with destiny? Since when the Alcoraz River flows into the Monegros’ Desert? Why St. Marta has a train station but not a tram line? How do I get to Jerusalem?… Too many questions gathered in his head, so he wiped them all out with a big sneeze and headed to the land full of ababol flowers.

Since this very moment his fate is on your fingertips. Drive him accross the monegrian fields helping him collect the strange ababol flowers and regain his sword for him to be able to keep journeying to Jerusalem. Amen. Jesus.

The Game

Control Sir Ababol accross the Monegrian fields and gather 25 ababol flowers. To be able to progress in your journey you’ll need some keys you will be able to use to open several doors to gain access to different sections. Once you have gotten 25 ababol flowers, your mission will be over.

Avoid touching the monster wandering around the place, and the water, which is evil. You can regain some lost breath eating some magical legs of monegros’ fried chicken which you will find scattered around the already visited screens.


- Spectrum:

Platforms sections
O,A: Left
P,D: Right
Q,N, SPACE: Jump.

Swimming sections
O,A: Left
P,D: Right
Q,W: Up
A,S: Down

- Amstrad CPC:

Use the cursor keys or the joystick to control Sir Ababol.

LEFT: Left
RIGHT: Right

- Commodore 64:

This game is controlled using a joystick on port 2.

LEFT: Left
RIGHT: Right
FIRE: Jump
Q: Dead

- NES:

Use LEFT and RIGHT in the control pad to move. Press A or B to jump. Press START to pause.

Loading instructions

- Spectrum:

For 48K models just type in LOAD “” and press ENTER, then PLAY on tape. The game will load automaticly (unless it fails miserably, in which case you’ll have to start over again).

For 128K models, switch to 48 BASIC, and then follow the instructions for the 48K models.

- Amstrad CPC:

Disk version: put the disk in drive A: and type RUN”ABABOL then press ENTER.
Tape version: enter the tape, type RUN”, press enter, press PLAY, then ENTER again.

FX Mañopower

Gathering ababol flowers and being lost in the Monegros makes our Sir Ababol being openly recognized as Mañopower.

Amstrad CPC
Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
Commodore 64