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Adventures of Pinocchio, The · Infrey Quest  
karnevi · 2019-03-15 · 4371 views [#1190] 
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Working title: Infrey Quest
Genre: Videoaventura
Type: 3D
Distribution: Commercial
Rating Votes
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Puntuacion 7.0
Puntuacion 7.6
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developing team
Program: Isidro Gilabert
Graphics: Rubén Gómez
Music: Alberto González
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
New Frontier was a Catalan company that in the era of 8-bit computers had made, above all, conversions. On behalf of Infogrames, they had taken care of some of all the 8-bit computers (Hostages, Norte y Sur...), and on behalf of Dro Soft (for the most part) and Erbe / MCM, a lot of British successes that had not had MSX version ... And the MSX was important for the Spanish market; not so much as to make new versions taking advantage of the qualities of the machine, but for the children to disburse their pay to have a famous Spectrum clone running on its screen.

When the decline of the "Golden Age of the Spanish soft" came, in New Frontier it was necessary to reinvent oneself. So when Infogrames told them that there was no more work for them, they were in charge of showing them that it was not like that, and taking advantage of the similarity of the Spectrum and Game Boy microphones, they dared to take the step to the consoles, with Pop Up and Bomb Jack.

After these two games, the need to establish a company arose, and the name of New Frontier was not available ... That was the reason that from there their games were signed as "Bit Managers".

"Infrey Quest" was the first game developed under this denomination. When they arrived at Infogrames, they were told to re-sign it in Pinocchio (not Disney's, but the original of the story), and they put it on. Finally, the game would not be published, although ROM appeared on the internet and today we can enjoy it. In addition, with that game they maintained the trust of Infogrames and the fruitful relationship that they had.

Some time later, with some adjustments, the game would appear on the market as Otto's Ottifanten, but we already told you that in the corresponding game card.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-03-15
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