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Pitufos, Los · Smurfs, The · Schtroumpfs, Les  
karnevi · 2021-03-28 · 10501 views [#997] 
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 5490 Pts
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developing team
Program Game Boy & NES, Direction GBA: Isidro Gilabert
Program Game Gear & Master System: Ricardo Fernández & Isidro Gilabert
Program GBA: Ricardo Fernández, Daniel López, Juan José Frutos
Graphics: Ruben Gómez (Robin), Sergio Palacios & Alberto González (McAlby)
Graphics GBA: Sebastián Gómez, Julio Moruno, Emma Bravo
Art Director GBA: Nicolas Pothier
Music: Alberto González (McAlby)
Design: Stephane Baudet & Xavier Schon
Design NES: Rubén Gómez, Stephane Baudet & Xavier Schon
Tools GBA: Nacho García
Q.A. Manager GBA: Jordi Galcerán
Q.A. Assistant GBA: César Gilabert
Publisher: Edith Protiere
Executive Producer: Benoit de Maulmin
Producer: Bruno Bonnell
Producer GBA: Sebastien Brison
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Every time I comment a Bit Managers game, I make an inevitable reference to its background in the video game world, New Frontier, which is still logical (at least in my head) if we take into account that the Golden Age of soft Spanish is the germ of this page.

So, if you are regular readers, you will know that New Frontier was a Catalan group that did not have the massive success of the big soft houses, because their main task at the end of the 80s was to carry out conversions of great foreign hits to popular systems in Spain.

With the decline of 8-bit computers, they knew how to reinvent themselves, knocked on Infogrames' door and got down to work with Nintendo's portable 8-bit. Name change through, they were gaining the trust of the French and, in addition to continuing their work with the Game Boy for years, they were from time to time touching other systems, and not just Nintendo.

The Smurfs was the first game they made for a console that was not exclusively for a console from the Kyoto company.
Originally released for 16-bit consoles, Bit Managers were commissioned to port it to the four 8-bit systems of the moment, the first time they entered the SEGA universe. It had its logic, since the Game Gear and Master System processor was the Z80, which they were used to for so long. What we do not know is why they did not receive more orders for them, since later they would only make a couple more games for the laptop, returning to focus on the Nintendo machines.

The conversion was excellent on all systems. It is the typical arcade platform that was so fashionable in those years, and it was still the same game with different graphics ... Today Obelix, tomorrow Donald Duck, after a smurf. But the graphics, sound, and ambience had to be good, and these were.

Some time later, Bit Managers would return to the fray with Revenge of the Smurfs, this time exclusively for the Game Boy Advance.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-03-28
Visits: 10501 (#997)

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