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UWOL 2 Quest for Money  
karnevi · 2020-02-19 · 11462 views [#911] 
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Carátula / Cover
info AMSTRAD [115] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Amateur
Collection: Pretujao
Site: Web page
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Puntuacion 6.4
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UWOL Quest for Money
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developing team
Juego / Game: The Mojon Twins.
Concepto e Historia / Concept and Story: The Mojon Twins.
Música / Music: Augusto Ruiz & na_th_an

Powered by La Churrera by The Mojon Twins, cpcrslib by Artaburu and PSG Player by WYZ.
Uses Exomizer 2 decompressor for Z80 by Metalbrain.

Original title music Sexy Bloody Killer composed by NoKnob and re-arranged by na_th_an.

Dedicado a Artaburu y Radastan.
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When, at the end, he could gather a good amount of money and exited the Storm Palace, Uwol thought that he had finally succeeded. He began walking his way home, when he was suddenly hit by a Fanty guardian from inside the Palace and fell rolling down a very steep slope, only to end landing in the middle of Phantomas’ Electric Garden. Besides, to top it all, during the fall he had lost EVERY coin he had just gathered from inside the Palace. Great. Stupendous. So much work, a full game, four ports to different systems, a lot of good reviews and awards… all for nothing.

Uwol, feeling completely downhearted, though that it would be O.K. if he just went accross the Electric Garden and returned home to keep pittying himself. Nevertheless, he soon discovered a bunch of mysterious pipes scattered accross the whole garden, and they looked just like those in the good ol’ Super Mario Bros – he were so much alike that they even leaded to obscure caves full of COINS!

Now the decision is yours: Will you just escape the Electric Gardens in the Storm Palace, o will you take your chance to gather as much coins as you can before leaving?

The Game

We have made it simple: you can go the easy way and just advance to exit the garden (maybe you have to stop and backtrack a bit at times to get some keys which open a couple of gates in the garden) or you can go the hard way and try and get as many coins as you can. Besides, you can make it even harder if you decide to gather all the treasure: those strange tennis balls you may find around the garden. If you get all of them you will be the very bestest.

The garden is even more full of guardians than the Storm Palace, so be wise and avoid them. If they hit you, you will lose your clothes. You can get them back if you get the little T-shirt which should appear nearby. If you get hit when naked, you will lose a life.


LEFT: Izquierda / Left
RIGHT: Derecha / Right
UP/SPACE: Saltar / Jump

Loading instructions

Disk version: put the disk in drive A: and type RUN»UWOL2 then press ENTER.
Tape version: enter the tape, type RUN», press enter, press PLAY, then ENTER again.

FX Superchurrera

To say goodbye to our beloved engine «la churrera» (more or less), we have enhaced it to the max to make a full-screen (almost) Amstrad CPC game.