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Glub Glup   
agamenon3 · 2020-03-10 · 2442 views [#471] 
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info PC DOS [104] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Glub Glup is nothing more or less than the contribution to the world of the arcades of fixed-screen platforms of the more than prolific A.G.D.

This is a game made based on a hodgepodge of aspects present in great classics of the genre. Thus, it is not very difficult to discover elements extracted from titles such as 'Bubble Bobble', 'Mario Bros' or 'Rod-Land' (to name a few and, of course, saving distances a lot).

Our mission in Glub Glup is to collect 6 blue crystals (random appearance) per level, while trying to keep us safe from a huge number of unfriendly little creatures that are emerging without haste, but without pause, by the sides of the play area .

Some of these beings are especially dangerous because they have the ability to make lethal shots. Fortunately, our pixelated alter ego also has such a gift, although this time the "shots" take the form of bubble rounds (as happened in 'Bubble Bobble').

To help our task, during our adventures we can collect items such as fruits and breads. For every five we get we will get a more than valuable extra life.


GRAPHICS: At the aesthetic level each screen is composed of three elements. A digitized background image (which differs in each level), the typical platforms on which the characters evolve and the mentioned characters.

The funds sin of some visual "entanglement", although they are generally acceptable.

The design and definition of the characters is extremely variable. Some enemies are not completely misconceived (in fact, there is an enemy that reminds dinosaurs of the first level of the 'Prehistorik' of Titus), but others, like our protagonist without going any further, show some aesthetic coarseness, coming to touch the line of "feism".

As for the platforms, nothing to highlight, platforms without more :).

On the other hand, the animation of the characters is nothing of the other world. What's more, on certain occasions it even gives the sensation that animation frames are missing, such as when our character throws a bubble to catch an enemy and he gets it instantly even if he is there .... On the other side of the game area ! Or as when we observe the "skater" walk that certain enemies show.

SOUNDS: Typical A.G.D. Namely, three or four speaker whistles .... and "Holy Easter."

PLAYING: Glub Glup letting yourself play, which is letting yourself play, it is left: D ..... Now, aspects such as the slow response of the keyboard to our orders (occasional, fortunately), the abrupt appearance of enemies capable of shot from the corners, before which we barely have the ability to react, the inability to make 2 shots in a row (until the shot bubble does not catch an enemy or leaves the screen we can not launch another), the absence of a mode for 2 simultaneous players or the loose technical section in general (at least for a game of 92, however "kiosk" it is) seriously affect the playable factor and therefore make this title a much less attractive offer than the vast majority of titles peers of the genre, beyond its intrinsic rarity ...
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2020-03-10
Visits: 2442 (#471)