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agamenon3 · 2019-04-01 · 2944 views [#445] 
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Genre: Deportivo
Distribution: Commercial
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
The simulators of bowling, without being very abundant, have had their little space in the video world PeCero. The truth is that, without highlighting, in most cases, they have turned out to be certainly fun titles. There we have the cases (to mention a couple of examples) of games like Access's 10th Frame or the somewhat lesser known Alley 19 of Suzetti Software (this native in Windows).

Unfortunately, Bowling, breaks is maximum, staying significantly below the mentioned titles. Moreover, we are probably facing the worst simulator in the industry that I can remember (even taking into account the conditions derived from its kiosk nature).

The first thing that catches your attention in Bowling is its game mechanics. Normally, in most simulators, when making a launch we must stop two different bars or lines. One usually shows strength and another usually indicates the direction. Moreover, the latter, in some titles, can even be varied during the launch in order to carry out a shot with effect.

Well, in Bowling, the launches are made with just one click. An arrow appears on the screen that moves from one part of the street to another. Seconds after having executed the pulsation, our alter ego, automatically, makes the launch. The case is that, if the first change we are able to take a visual reference of the distance between when we press and when the launch is executed, chaining full after full will lack any mystery.

Also, we can not play against the machine. Either we play alone, or we do it against one or another "compi" that lends itself (up to a maximum of 4) ... I com dirien to the meua terra, res més.

Regarding the rules of the game, comment that each game is composed of 10 batches of 2 pitches each. The fact of the obligatory nature of carrying out the 2 releases of each batch is noteworthy, regardless of whether we have achieved a full in the first of them.


- GRAPHICS / ANIMATION: Actually, in this section, Bowling presents a minimally acceptable level.

The screen is divided into three different areas. The upper area is unique and shows us the playing area from a top-down perspective. The lower zone is subdivided in turn into two. On the left we find the scoreboard and on the right a "window" that shows the bowling from a frontal perspective.

As we have said, the finish is correct in everything related to definition and use of (scarce) color, within the CGA standards. Pity that the graphic set is so small and that we do not even have a small presentation screen or a miserable menu of options.

Animations, in broad strokes, can be defined in Flanderile terms as "correctitas". On the screen the program shows the animation of the ball and the knockdown of the pins, from two different points of view, simultaneously.

- SOUND: The sound section is basically composed of beeps that, yes, are of all types and conditions. Oh! And at the end of the game we are "rewarded" with an axis (sarcastic "On") ... "wonderful" and "harmonious" (sarcastic "Off") melody ...

-JUGABILITY / ADDICTION: Playing alone at Bowling is a tostón and it is little or nothing recommended. The only "grace" that has this title appears when other people come into play. Although as we mentioned before, as soon as we take "the trick", the game loses almost all its interest.

Now, because of the human factor, who knows, there can always be more than one failure due to the precipitation due to "environmental pressure": D ...


In short, Bowling is a (very) poor bowling simulator, endowed with a more than questionable game mechanics and that is only able to arouse some interest in multiplayer games.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-04-01
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