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Jeep War   
agamenon3 · 2019-02-15 · 3285 views [#443] 
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info PC DOS [240] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Acción
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
It is quite likely that observing the image captures that accompany this review, the "oldest" of the place have had a certain feeling of déjà vu.

And it is not for less since Jeep War is neither more nor less than an unofficial adaptation to PC of "BreakThru", a coin-op of relative success produced by Data East in the mid-80s.

In fact, there are probably a greater number of similarities between this version and the coin-ip, than we can find among the official conversions made by US Gold in 1986 for 8-bit computers and the original itself.

Not in vain, Jeep War includes up to the map of the 5 levels (practically identical) that the recreational showed before each level (which, for example, did not happen in the official conversion of BreakThru for Amstrad CPC).

Regarding the development of the game, mention that Jeep War proposes a mission of infiltration and combat, at the controls of a Jeep "jumping" heavily armed.

   In order to successfully complete our mission, we will have to overcome a tortuous journey through 5 places plagued by enemy traps and troops, for which we will have to show good marksmanship and quick reflexes.

The mentioned 5 places are, in this order, the allied camp, the bridges, the city, the forest and finally, the enemy airport.

Each level, in addition to presenting particular orographic characteristics, adds new types of enemies to the previous one. This implies a progressive and constant increase in the density and variety of opponents, and therefore the gradual increase in the degree of difficulty.

 And speaking of "difficulties", those presented by the program, we can basically divide them into two groups:
   A) Physical or mechanical traps: cracks, holes, mines, barriers, fractured bridges, etc ...
   B) enemy troops: snipers, mortars, trucks, tanks, helicopters, etc ...


- GRAPHICS: The graphics are native in CGA and use the second palette of this card with its characteristic yellowish and reddish tones. The sprites and the decorations are "passable", despite the general simplicity prevailing in their design.

   On the other hand, purely decorative elements such as the composition of the main menu, or the game frame, are perfectly suited to the game.

   As a negative data, note that in advanced levels the graphics of some enemy vehicles become confused with certain parts of the scenario.

- ANIMATION: The scroll, being acceptable, could be softer. In general, everything evolves on the screen in a reasonable way, but without technical details worthy of mention.

   It is worth mentioning that the program does not allow two or more of our shots to be displayed simultaneously. Thus, until the projectile that we have launched does not impact or leave the game area, we will not be able to launch another one.

- SOUND: Very scarce. Just a couple of low quality sounds is what we can hear during the course of the games. The program lacks any melody.

- GAMEPLAY: The game is moderately entertaining, even being much less dynamic and fun than the recreational on which it is based. The level of difficulty is correctly implemented, tracing a balanced curve of difficulty. The variety of scenarios gives interest to the game.

   On the other hand, the fact of not being able to make more than one simultaneous shot is somewhat exasperating. In addition, as we have already suggested, from level 3, some vehicles (especially helicopters) "mimic" certain passages of the scenarios, a fact that obviously affects the playable plane.


Jeep War without ceasing to be a low budget kiosk program (with what that entails, namely short period of development and testing), presents a certain degree of interest. Especially considering that it is a kind of unofficial conversion of a relatively well known arcade machine that, until then, lacked a PC version.

It is true that at the technical level it is limited and not very showy (the scant sound of "speaker" and the graphic card chosen is not that they help too much), but it is no less that it is a more balanced and better elaborated program than most of those edited by the binomial Ediciones Manali / AGD. Now, this is not that it means too much ...
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-02-15
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