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info PC DOS [174] 
Genre: Arcade
Type: Shoot 'em up
Distribution: Commercial
Related games:
Jackson City
developing team
Autor: Ángel García Delgado

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Puntuacion 2.67
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
With Voyager we came across (once again;)) before a clear exponent of the marginal program, title "fast food", whose destiny was none other than to occupy the shelves of the odd kiosk for a short period of time.

   Voyager is a vertical scrolling shoot'em up, with a certain resemblance to two Spanish games of the time, such as Rath-tha and Jackson City (in fact, they share both perspective and graphic palette with yellowish tones), but with a more severe execution in each and every one of the aspects.

If something draws attention in Voyager is the non-existence of phases. The whole game is composed of a single great level, in which, as we move forward, both our adversaries and the sets vary so much.

   And speaking of enemies, to say that we face these by hordes. We are never attacked by two different types of enemies at the same time. Also, mention that all our adversaries lack firepower, although, to compensate for this, they lurk in high numbers.

For the rest, little to comment. There are no final bosses, no items to collect that improve the capacity of our ship, no bonus phases, or practically anything that we could expect in a fairly competent shoot'em up ...


GRAPHICS: The game has no presentation screen. The main menu is tremendously simple. Some of our enemies have a design too simple. The scenarios lack brilliance, being constructed on the basis of not too elaborate plots. The explosions and the shots leave a lot to be desired.

ANIMATION: The scroll, without being the paradigm of smoothness, is acceptable. Our ship moves with ease. Some of our enemies have an erratic, unnatural movement.

SOUND: One beep at the beginning, one effect for the shots, and another for the explosions. With this the sound section is settled. To top it off you can not say that they have a minimum of quality, even taking into account the limitations of the internal speaker of our PCs.

PLAYING: The real control of our ship has some degree of difficulty, especially with regard to acceleration and braking. The acceleration button is extremely sensitive, which makes certain hauls of the game difficult to overcome.

Concluding, we can say that Voyager is a simple shoot'em up, very loose in almost all aspects, parco in terms of variety and options and with a general look somewhat disheveled.

In addition, the control of our fighter is not as reliable as it should be, even knowing that with some practice it can be mastered.

Anyway, and despite all the regrets, Voyager can be moderately interesting for the most recalcitrant fans of MS-DOS ship games, for those who have already played all the classics, need new experiences on their backs of their old PCs, even knowing of their dubious quality.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-02-18
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