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agamenon3 · 2019-05-10 · 3075 views [#443] 
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info PC DOS [169] 
Genre: Deportivo
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Pressing Boxing was, after Boxeo (boxing), the second foray into the pugilistic world by A.G.D. as far as IBM PC and compatible are concerned.

While Boxing was a simulator of this sport in overhead perspective, in the style of the Boxing of the old Atari 2600, Pressing Boxing was a title more elaborated on an aesthetic level, with an arrangement on screen in which the boxers were represented from the waist up, from a side camera, similar to what we could find in first level programs such as TV Sports Boxing on PC or Evander Holyfield in Megadrive.

In Pressing Boxing, the graphics, even being made for the limited CGA card, were quite convincing. The ring was well shaped, the boxers had an acceptable presence, and even had details like the stewardess who jumped into the ring to show the number of the assault to dispute.

The control system in Pressing Boxing was very simple. Our boxer could only perform three types of punches, plus two defensive movements. Both the movement of our boxer, and these movements and strokes were made with the combination of only 5 keys, in a very intuitive way.


What was the problem then ... Simple, the level of difficulty of the program, coupled with the short duration of the game.

Pressing Boxing posed the challenge of getting the world championship. For it we had to win 4 combats, two for the championship of Spain, and later, two more to obtain the championship of the world. The combats were the best of twelve assaults of three minutes each ... This, at least in theory, since in practice the combats were solved in 1 or 2 minutillos maximum.

And the only thing that was needed to win any of our opponents was to corner them in the right part of the ring, and once there, string direct blows to the jaw, without compassion. In this way, in the blink of an eye we won without much opposition. Also mention that once we managed to knock down a rival, he never reincorporaba (which did happen in other contemporary titles such as [610/&sec=pc&l=en">Poli Diaz, for example).

This lack of difficulty plunged the program without discussion (something already seen in some other title of the author as for example Kick Boxing Street), since what was supposed to be a challenge became a triumphal ride of 6 or 7 minutes, even assuming it was the first game we played. It is what is derived from being a kiosk game, which probably had as little time as a budget for its realization, being published, quite possibly, in a hurry, without going through the appropriate testing period.


- GRAPHICS: As we have already mentioned, the graphic definition is, within what fits for a game of this nature, quite good. The characters are well defined. The screen frame and the ring meet.

- ANIMATION: Despite being scarce, the animations of all the characters, without being revolutionary, are quite results.

- SOUND: Very poor. Few sounds, which are also little recognizable.

- PLAYABILITY: The control of our character is agile. This responds perfectly to our orders. However, the level of difficulty tends to zero, which will bore us quickly. In addition, a mode for 2 players is very much lacking, which, in my opinion, would have helped to increase the durability of the program.

In conclusion, Pressing Boxing is a boxing program, moderately well resolved at the graphic level, endowed with a method of agile control, but that sinks without remedy due to a nonexistent level of difficulty, and the absence of a mode for two players who suffer partly the lack of difficulty. A typical case of what, with some more time and budget, could be and was not ...
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