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Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
After its peculiar versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Tortugas pijas), Terminator 2 (Transmuter 2) o Total Recall (Desafío final), A.G.D. He returned to give us a free and "baratillo" version of a successful film title or saga. In this case the "lucky" was the Alien universe, taking advantage of the premiere in theaters of the, everything must be said, disappointing third part of the saga.

As it is easy to assume (due to the lack of licenses), in the game we do not control Lieutenant Ripley, if not, a "clone" of his (heh, heh, anticipating the events of Alien Resurrection;)), the lieutenant Jenny

The game itself, we can equate it by theme, mode and perspective to titles known by all retrogamer that boasts like Alien Syndrome or the Alien Breed saga (to look for contemporary titles to the program that concerns us). Of course, this Alien contains much less action and an alien population with an intelligence, let's say, more doubtful.

As we mentioned, the program puts us in the shoes of Lieutenant Jenny. We are inside a large ship, taken by the aliens, composed of 4 levels, levels by which we can move freely using teleporting platforms.

Our fundamental objectives are, on the one hand, locating and rescuing the crew members, on the other, once the rescue tasks are finished, ending the alien queen and fleeing by accessing the auxiliary ship.

During our wandering around the ship, we will have to deal with the alien creatures. To deal with them, we will have a limited ammunition flamethrower. Fortunately, scattered in the corridors, we can pick up chargers with which to replace our weapons.

In addition, from the second level we will find doors, at first closed. To open these doors, we must first find some key cards, which fortunately are master keys (any key card is used for any door).

Also comment that in the lower part of the screen we will have an energy bar that will indicate the level of life of our protagonist.

A.I... A.I... BAH, FOR WHAT?

Although the approach of the game is relatively interesting, this title happens what to most titles of the author, has errors of bulk that sink without remedy.

In this case, the main failure comes, as we have already dropped in previous paragraphs of null I.A. with which the alien creatures have been endowed. These move "to yours", importing them rather little that we are close or not. If they "attack" us, it will be solely and exclusively due to our imprudence when intervening in their trajectory, and, of course, not because the aliens modify theirs when they detect us.

In addition, the program has some other minor flaw as is the possibility that our protagonist can shoot .... Once dead!

Put to ask, it would not have been more the inclusion of a map of the visible levels "in game", that allowed us to guide us and locate with greater ease the crew (in the style of Alien Syndrome).


 - GRAPHICS: The perspective adopted in the game is overhead. In general, the scenarios give a certain sense of emptiness, partly due to the predominance of black due to the lack of frames in the corridors. The sprites of the characters are somewhat crude, and the elements of the decoration is not that much stand out. However, despite not being at the level required for a PC game of 1992 (even for a kiosk), in this section the program does meet a minimum.

- ANIMATION: The animation of the aliens is curious. That of our rather simple protagonist, and that of nonexistent crew members. The screen scroll is well implemented, being fast and quite smooth.

- SOUND: Apparently A.G.D. "recycled" part of the sound effects of other programs of his, and Alien is not an exception, showing off this. The main problem is that these effects are of extreme poverty.

 - GAMEPLAY: Although light years of the PC versions of Alien Breed or Alien Syndrome, Alien is allowed to play despite all its failures. The objective proposed by the game is attractive, and the degree of difficulty accessible, due in large part to the artificial stupidity with which the extraterrestrial creatures have been endowed.

Summarizing, in PC there are contemporary games to Alien much more attractive at all levels. All in all, if you've already played them all, and you're very clear on what kind of program you're up against, you can always try this "B-series" version of Alien, who knows? If you are not too demanding, it will entertain you for a while.
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