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agamenon3 · 2019-02-26 · 3311 views [#1232] 
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info PC DOS [225] 
Genre: Videoaventura
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Cefalus, an intergalactic hydrocephalic cephalopod with very bad baba, is willing to end life in our colony located on the planet Saturn.

We have 10 minutes to get enough energy capsules (represented by a capital "E") to cope. Said capsules are dispersed by the mapping of the playing area, varying their position in each game. In addition to the energy capsules we also find other (represented by the follow "?") That lead to a Slot-Machine minigame in which we can get 5 extra capsules, 3 extra capsules, or the loss of one of our 8 lives .

Also milling around the city is the advance guard of the troops of Céfalus, beings of random appearance, who will try to bring our life counter to zero.

Once the capsules are collected enough, pressing the "B" key we will access the final battle against Céfalus, bicharraco to which we must reach 3 times.

If something highlights Céfalus is certainly for its brevity. In less than 2 minutes, as you can see in the video that accompanies this file, we can conclude the game, which is a ridge even for a kiosk game.

In terms of graphics Céfalus presents a map by which we move screen to screen (no scroll) with minimalist sets. The sprites, simplistic, are well defined and evolve correctly on the scenarios, although we must also say that they are not more than 5 or 6 in total (counting the capsules).

As a negative note to mention that in the confrontation against Céfalus we observe how the sprite of our ship presents a perceptible flicker.

At the sound level, the game does not stand out, presenting few effects, little flashy as well, sounding through the internal speaker of the PC.

As for playability, Céfalus is moderately funny, although easy and as we have commented before extremely short. In addition, once we finish with an enemy, it reappears in a random area of ??the screen, which may be the one we are occupying, with the inevitable loss of one of our lives, which although we have enough lives, it negatively affects this section.

In short, Céfalus is another balance program of Ediciones Manali, which although it is true that it is allowed to play, it is still a mallet and possibly has the dubious merit of being the shortest commercial game in history.

Ideal for those who complain about having little free time and have always wanted to reach the end of a game. Few cases like this one will find ... :)
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-02-26
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