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Ping-Pong Colosus  
agamenon3 · 2019-04-08 · 3037 views [#452] 
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Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: Ángel García Delgado
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
If we propose to quote some of the pioneering titles in the world of video games, certainly among the group of elected, the vast majority of you would include the classic Pong, created by Nolan Busnhell (founder of Atari) back in a distant 1972.

    Pong proposed us to take part in a "schematic" game of "table tennis". Each player took control of a palette (represented by a vertical line, which could only move up or down, and which was located either on the left end of the screen, or on the right). The one who was able to reach a certain number before reached.


All this prologue comes to mind because Ping-Pong Colosus (with misspelling included in the title), is an updated version of the classic Pong.

As main developments we must mention two:

 A) Now certain items appear randomly, which once struck produce a series of effects. These items are:

      - Skull: Subtract a life.
      - V: Give a life.
      - D: Super shot.
      - Capsule: Capture the ball until it is hit by a shot.

 B) Both contestants have the possibility to shoot. Each contestant initially has 3 lives. Each time our opponent reaches us, we will lose one. If we lose the 3 lives we will have lost the game, even if we go ahead on the scoreboard.


    Before starting any game, we must decide the game time (3 to 15 minutes), and if we play against the computer or against another person.

    The game wins the game, once the game time has run out the most, or, as we mentioned before, the one that managed to take the 3 lives from the opponent, based on shots.

    Therefore, it is almost more important to try to hit the opponent with our projectiles, than to score a large number of them.


    Pong was the embodiment of simplicity on a technical level. In fact, it was the typical type of game that any apprentice programmer in Basic, C, etc .. used to premiere in this world.

    Ping-Pong Colosus, improves the visual aspect, but not too much.

 GRAPHICS: The graphics are simple. The finish is acceptable, but a greater variety of playing fields is lacking, as well as a more "round" ball.

 ANIMATION: Without being anything extraordinary, comply. Although the animation of the ball could have been improved.

 SOUND: There is no music. There are only a few effects that sound through the internal speaker. As on many other occasions this facet could be much better.

 PLAYING: The concept is simple, and in theory fun. Now, if we play against the computer, there is only one single contender, with a single level of difficulty, which is also not very high, which is quite discouraging. If we play against another person, things change, and the game grows a lot in this aspect.

    In short, a review of Pong, with some news, but pretty loose, in which only 2 players mode is saved.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-04-08
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