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PC Póker   
karnevi · 2021-01-10 · 3126 views [#1245] 
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info PC DOS [100] 
Genre: Azar/Cartas
Distribution: Commercial
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Dirección Técnica y Programación: Ángel García Delgado
Doblaje sonido: Roberto Rodríguez García, Noelia Rodríguez García
Gráficos y animación: Miguel Ángel Borreguero
Ayudante técnico: José Luis Pintor
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
An omnipresent name in the world of classic Spanish video games is Ángel García Delgado, also known by his initials A.G.D. In the 80s, kiosks were flooded with his games, short and repetitive programs that were very similar to each other (change a graphic here, another there, new cover and to press). P.P.P. Editions or Software Working Group were in charge of giving them out, at a time when first-rate software had a price that was still not very competitive.

When Erbe carried out the price reduction, that market niche was reduced considerably, and Ángel had to recycle. He did it hand in hand with Iber Soft (International Bussiness), reaching its peak with Toi Acid Game.

After the decline of the 8 bits he had to recycle again, and being like he was a survivor, he did not take long to do it. Thus, together with Miguel Ángel Borreguero (another Iber classic), he began the series of popular games that had its greatest success with PC Mus, a real bombshell in his time. It was crappy and slow, it seemed to take us to a previous Spain, but he blew it.

Later came others like PC Tute or PC Domino, taking advantage of the vein... And also this PC Poker, which follows the line drawn by the previous ones, with well-known characters (international in this case) that add to a timba with an uncertain ending and known development.

The chosen modality is traditional poker (the Texas Holdem fashion had not yet reached Spain) and, although it was not as popular a game as mus, it certainly had its buyers.

We do not have material, other than the game, so if you were one of its lucky owners, we would appreciate if you could send us the covers and the manual, to add it to the database.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-01-10
Visits: 3126 (#1245)

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