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Dráscula · Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back  
karnevi · 2021-06-05 · 9579 views [#373] 
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Carátula / Cover
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Genre: Graphic Adventure
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 2995 Pts
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Puntuacion 8.5
Puntuacion 7.2
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developing team
Animation leading: Miguel Angel Manrique
3D Animations: Alfredo Mosquera
Animation: Santiago Lancha, Diego Mosquera, Germán Yepes
Characters and cover design: Germán Yepes
Layouts: Diego Mosquera (Prelayouts), Carlos Varela
Dialogues: Fernando Lancha, Emilio de Paz
Lead programmer, Music and songs: Emilio de Paz
Guitars: Pedro Salvador, Enrique Arenas (Jimi)
Tchaikowsky's theme: Gabriel Mora
Mixes production: Diego Rubio
Sound technician: Juan Fernández
BSO recorded in: Jenny Records
Instructions book by: Luis Miguel Soto, Alcachofa Soft team
2nd programmer: Santiago Lancha
Backgrounds: David Jaraiz
Animation: Juan Francisco González
Production control: Julio Díez
Cover development: Miguel Santos
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Spain was a country of conversational adventures; Don't get us wrong, it was a minority genre, as in other parts, but it experienced a tremendous boom for two reasons: that the leading company of our soft (Dinamic) opted for them and that Microhobby gave it a field and organized a contest. With this and with the well-known delay of our country when it comes to going to 16 bits, a good market was formed, which only died with the arrival of graphic adventures.

The drop in 8 bits also implied that of the large Spanish companies, which also meant that it took longer than in other places to launch the new "point & click" games. The first two of some importance, which even crossed our borders, were Igor: Target Uikokahonia and Trick or Treat, both from 1994, but there was little else until 1996, when Revistronic and Artichoke Soft (from the hand of DDM) joined the party.

Dráscula was the first game of Artichoke, which would later be known for its collaboration with Grupo Z covering different adventures of Mortadelo and Filemón. This is a parody of the well-known character of Bram Stoker with comic-style graphics and a certain dose of humor, in which you take the role of John Hacker, a British real estate agent who travels to a small town in Transylvania to negotiate the selling a piece of land in Gibraltar to Count Drascula, who is even more evil than his brother Vlad.

It is not Hollywood Monsters, but you will have a fun time with it.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-06-05
Visits: 9579 (#373)