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Runaway A Twist of Fate  
karnevi · 2020-07-29 · 12758 views [#885] 
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Genre: Graphic Adventure
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 19,99 €
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developing team
Original Idea: Ramón Hernáez, Rafael Latiegui Antón, Felipe Gómez Pinilla
General Supervisor: The omnious spectacled clay jug
Project Director: Ramón Hernáez
Story & Design: Ramón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
Dialogues: Josué Monchan
Programming Director: Felipe Gómez Pinilla
Programming: Javier García de la Cita, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz, Juan Antonio Gálvez Gamboa, Alberto González López
Art Director: Rafael Latiegui Antón
Backgrounds: Ángel Luis González Romero, Ximo Ferrer, Igor Heras
Color: Alfonso Salazar, Miki Montlló
Graphic Design Igor Heras
Character Design: Alberto Lozano, Ángel Luis González Romero
Modeling: Alberto Lozano, Carlos Capone, Carlos A. Hernández (Ka)
Character Setup: Carlos A. Hernández (Ka)
Character Animation: Carlos A. Hernández (Ka), Alberto Lozano
Environment Animation: Carlos Capone
Video Integration: Rafael Latiegui Antón
Music & Sound: Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
With the collaboration of: Douglas P. Prats, Laura Sánchez Izquierdo, Juan Antonio Rivas, Sonia Angulo Zarate, Antonio Cuenca Rebollo, Terry Reilly, Ángela Gil, Alberto Gonella, Lorena Hernández, Justiniano Olegario Suárez
We would like to thank David and Laura, Pilar Romero, Rake, Douglas P. Prats, Ana Legañoa
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Three years after The Dream of the Turtle came the third part of the trilogy on PC. Its predecessor had sparked some controversy due to its difficulty in some points and its open ending, and fans of the saga had been left wanting for new adventures.

On this occasion, Pendulum was willing not to leave any loose ends and to please her audience, with an adventure that begins with the burial of the protagonist, Brian Basco. His girlfriend Gina goes to the funeral knowing that it is a pantomime, since she knows that Brian is planning his escape from the Happy Dale madhouse, where he has been locked up, to get to prove his innocence.

With the usual cartoon graphics and new doses of the characteristic humor of the saga, the adventure has six chapters in which you take control of the action with the classic point & click system.

Not to be missed, especially if you are a fan of this type of games.
Ranking de versiones
El juego apareció posteriormente para Mac, Nintendo DS e iOS. Mientras que la versión para el ordenador de Apple conserva las características del original, las otras dos han de adaptarse a las mayores limitaciones de sus soportes, sin que ello redunde en una merma de la experiencia.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-07-29
Visits: 12758 (#885)