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Hollywood Monsters 2 · The Next Big Thing  
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Carátula / Cover
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Genre: Aventura Gráfica
Distribution: Commercial
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developing team
General Supervisor: The Ominous Stein With Strange Glasses
Project Director: Ramón Hernáez
Story and Design: Ramón Hernáez, Josué Monchan
Dialogues: Josué Monchan
Senior Programmer: Felipe Gómez Pinilla
Programmer: Javier García de la Cita, Alberto González López, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
Senior Graphics Artist: Rafael Latiegui Antón
Background Artist: Ximo Ferrer, Ángel Luis González Romero
Colors: Alfonso Salazar, Miki Montlló
Graphics Design: Igor Heras
Character Design: Miki Montlló, Igor Heras, Alberto Lozano
Modelling: Alberto Lozano, Carlos Capone, Carlos A. Hernández ('KA')
Character Setup: Carlos A. Hernández ('KA'), Juan Gea (Bone Studio), Irene Martinez (Bone Studio)
Character Animation: Carlos A. Hernández ('KA'), Alberto Lozano
Environment Animation: Carlos Capone
Cinematographic Concept: Alberto Lozano
Video Integration: Rafael Latiegui Antón
Music and Sound Effects: Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
Reference Voices: Laura Sánchez Izquierdo, Gemma Martí, Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz, Javier García de la Cita, Carlos A. Hernández ('KA')
In Cooperation with: Amelia Escalero Sánchez, Daniel Martínez Bofarull, Juan Antonio Rivas Sabariego, J. A. Rivas Sabariego
Thanks to: David and Laura, Pilar Romero, Douglas P. Prats, Miguel Herre Punto, Thierry and Fabien, Pablo Martín Sánches - The Next Small Thing, Diego Lozano Aguilar - The Next Small Thing, and of course our families and friends

Crimson Cow
Managing Director: Karsten Otto
Head Of Marketing & PR: André Hütten
Producer: Georg Hach
Public Relations: Hauke Schweer (Indigo Pearl)
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