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Genre: RPG
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 3995 Pts/24€
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developing team
Productor Ejecutivo: Alberto Hernández Marcos
Asistente de Producción: Javier Martínez
Programadores: Alberto Domínguez Aguilar (Jefe), José Antonio Checa Porto, Alfonso Comín Rodríguez
Gráficos: Oscar Vaquero Puerta, Daniel Alcázar Albaladejo, Luís Moreno Jiménez, Fran Saa
Vídeos: Norma Puerto, Miguel Jiménez Rosado
Edición y Producción: David F. Sánchez
Diseño de personajes: Acaro Multimedia
Música: Gustavo Polo Antequera, Ángel Galindo Lorente

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Mórdregon has established his evil power in The Free Realms, subjugating all its inhabitants. To restore order, the magician Searemoon, with Mirna and Sir Owen, each with their objectives, decide to fight to defeat him. They do this with the help of a shard of Excalibur, which the insects called EXCALIBUG.

Excalibug was one of the latest releases of Dinamic Multimedia, mired in a deep economic crisis and with the Ruiz brothers already outside the company.

Made by Nébula, it combines the genres of role-playing, strategy and adventure, having a very good appearance in the technical and sound section.

He was criticized for not incorporating common aids in his time in games of his type, such as an ever-present map to guide you, the slowness of some disc accesses or changes between characters.

Doing an internet search, which is the easiest way to measure the success of a game, it can be seen that it was not very successful in Spain, nor in Italy, which was Dinamic Multimedia's second market. But, on the contrary, it does seem that it succeeded in the Russian market ... Something is something.
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2. Instalar juego.
3. Jugar con el CD2 montado en la unidad de CD.

El archivo pesa 1,07 GB. Probado por Thircase en Windows 10 64-bits. Si al ejecutar el juego, Windows pide instalar la característica DirectPlay, aceptar la instalación y reiniciar el juego.
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