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Genre: Sport
Type: Football
Distribution: Commercial
Series: PC Fútbol
Price: 3995 Pts/24€
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Puntuacion 7.0
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developing team
Equipo de Diseño: David Galeano, Alberto Moreno (Grihan), José Manuel Bento, Marcos Jourón Berzosa, Pablo Aranda.
Programación: Fidel García Quesada, César Bravo, Antonio Moya, Manel Sort, Javier de Juan, Mario Raúl Carbonell, Óscar Sánchez, Santiago Corbo, Alberto Garcia Renedo, Francisco Urbano, Jorge Valdehita, Leonardo Zayas, Jorge Abad Corredor, Enrique Sánchez, Daniel García-Arista Delgado.
Programación Adicional: Miguel Ángel Escudero, Sergio Revenga.
Director Departamento Gráfico: Alberto Moreno (Grihan).
Gráficos: Nicolás Vicioso, Manuel Laguna, Rafael Moreno, Mónica Agudo, Alberto Gordillo, Eva Gil, Santiago Colomo, Ester Agudo, D. Fernández, Pablo Roldan, José G. Polonio.
Base de datos y Documentación: Alberto Adeva, Javier del Valle, Óscar García Díaz, Fernando Llamas, Ricardo Mollnelli, Fernando Veros, Pablo Yáñez
Instrucciones: Víctor Manuel Martin.
Música y sonido: Víctor Segura, , Tomás Rubio.
Director de Desarrollo: David Galeano.
Comentarios: Míchel y José Ángel de la Casa
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Lately we are uploading the different dedicated versions of these simulators, and we always say the same thing: we had to make the work profitable.

And the agreement of Dinamic Multimedia with the Royal Spanish Football Federation resulted in the appearance of three different versions, dedicated to the Euro Cups of 1996 and 2000, and the 1998 World Cup.

As I also commented on other occasions, I prefer the original games, in this case PC Fútbol 2000, since with these locations some of its main characteristics are lost.

And, on the other hand, what could be interesting additions, such as databases, began to lose importance as the use of the Internet expanded, with which information was within reach of a click.
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