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info PC WIN [1277] 
Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 2995 Pts
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developing team
Programación base de datos, manager y pro-manager: Antonio Moya
Programación adicional simulador: J. Manuel Bento y José Sen
Modelos 3D, animaciones y gráficos del simulador: Alberto Gordillo
Gráficos interface: Nicolás Vicioso
Narración simulador: Sixto Miguel Serrano
Asesor deportivo, base de datos y documentación: Ricardo Molinelli
Gráficos adicionales: David Fernández
Rutinas de sonido: Leonardo Zayas
Música: Efecto Caos
Productor gráfico: Snatcho
Productor: Víctor Ruiz

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karnevi · review computeremuzone
After PC Baket 4.0, Dinamic Multimedia encountered a series of problems when it came to developing and publishing version 5.0. So much so that in the end it did not appear, launching in its place version 4.5, which used the 4.0 engine with an update of the database.

This lapse of time served for the company to continue making progress in the development of the next original game, which would appear in 1998, focusing on the 1997-98 season.

The changes affected, above all, the simulator. As was done in the PC Football saga, and adapting to the times, this became 3D. It was a big and necessary change, although it gave the impression of still having many things to polish, especially with regard to the artificial intelligence of the players.

Unfortunately, there was no further evolution. The following year, version 6.5 was released, as had already been done with 4.5. PC Soccer concentrated all the demands of resources before its overwhelming success.
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