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karnevi · 2020-02-01 · 7190 views [#376] 
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Genre: Deportivo
Distribution: Commercial
Price: L39900
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Puntuacion 7.0
Puntuacion 7.7
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developing team
Equipo de Diseño: David Galeano, Alberto Moreno, José M. Bento, Marcos Jourón, Pablo Aranda.
Programación: F. García, C. Bravo, A. Moya, Manel Sort, Javier de Juan, M.R. Carbonell, Ó. Sanchez, S. Corbo, A. Garcia, F. Urbano, J. Valdehita, L. Zayas, J. Abad, E. Sánchez, D. Garcia.
Programación Adicional: Miguel Angel Escudero, S. Revenga.
Director Departamento Gráfico: Alberto Moreno.
Gráficos: N. Vicioso, M. Laguna, R. Moreno, M. Agudo, A. Gordillo, Eva Gil, S. Colomo, Ester Agudo, D. Fernandez, Pablo Roldan, José G. Polonio.
Base de datos y Documentación: A. Adeva, J. del Valle, Ó. Garcia, F. Llamas, R. Mollnelli, F. Veros, P. Yañez
Instrucciones: Víctor Manuel Martin.
Música: Víctor Segura.
Director de Desarrollo: David Galeano.
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Like all previous versions, PC Fútbol 2000 had its equivalent for the Italian market.

We said in the record of the version of the Spanish league that it had been a turning point in the saga, and the truth is that it would soon succumb to Dinamic Multimedia.

I have not been able to make it work, although in archive.org, where the game is preserved, they say that it can be run in Windows XP compatibility mode.
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Created: 2020-02-01
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