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PC Premier 5.0 Temporada 96-97  
karnevi · 2020-05-04 · updated: 2021-01-02 · 8814 views [#1083] 
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Carátula / Cover
info PC WIN 95 [136] 
Genre: Sport
Distribution: Commercial
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Puntuacion 8.0
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Premier Manager 97
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developing team
Historia, Base de Datos y Seguimiento: Marcos Jourón
Liga Manager y Pro-Manager: David Galeano
Competiciones: Leo Zayas
Simulador: Pablo Ariza y Ricardo Puerto
Documentación: Julio Maldonado
Diseño Gráfico: Snatcho, Alberto Moreno
Gráficos y animaciones del simulador: Emilio "Jon" Serrano
Ingeniero de sonido: Tomás Rubio
Músicas: José Antonio Martín
Efectos: Alejandro Gil
Director de arte: Dimas F. Gorostarzu
Producción: Carlos Abril
Productores asociados: Snatcho, Gabriel Ruiz y Víctor Ruiz
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
You know, Dinamic Multimedia was in the middle of the expansion phase, and after having successfully tried the foray into the Italian and Argentine leagues, now it was the turn of the 'Premier League'.

The launch was made with caution, not seeing the light independently on the kiosks. Instead, the company released a couple of extensions for its flagship product, PC Futbol 5.0, incorporating PC Calcio 5.0 in the first one and 'PC Premier 5.0' in the second. These extensions needed the original game installed to work.

Later, the mentioned games were published independently, accompanying a magazine of the Hobby Press group if I remember correctly (at that time, my attention to the releases was no longer the same as in the 8-bit era, and also began to be messy both "PC something" every so often). This is attested by the cover scans that are on the network, or on this same card.

However, it has been impossible for me to find an independent copy of the game, so for now the card will not have a download (notice 21/01/02: the download is now available). If you are a lucky holder of the original, we would appreciate it if you could send us an iso.

Unlike other editions, Dinamic did not launch the game directly in the United Kingdom, but instead reached an agreement with Gremlin Interactive (the successor to the legendary Gremlin Graphics), which already had a similar product on the market from a few years earlier. . But we will tell you about this in the Premier Manager 97 card.
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