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info PC DOS [110] 
Genre: Board
Distribution: Commercial
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developing team
Portada: R. Estrada

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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Simple game of questions and answers arose, most likely, to rebuild the enormous success harvested (something like a year earlier), by the computerized version of the mythical Trivial Pursuit.

   Obviously, the level of MasterTrivial-I is notoriously lower (in all aspects) than the Domark and O.D.E ..

   MasterTrivial-I is a game with a clearly multiplayer vocation (it allows up to 4 players) since, although we can play alone (in fact, we get points as we correct questions), at the end of the current game we are not awarded a qualification or It shows us some statistics. In addition, this score is not recorded or housed in any table. With what, the mode for a player, does more of "training mode" than anything else.

   As for the game mechanism, it is simple. There is no board, it is simply based on correctly answering questions (of various topics) type test, of 4 options.

   The duration of the games in MasterTrivial-I is fully configurable from the start menu, being able to set a time limit, or a question limit. Their level is also configurable based on the age parameter.

   Going into graphic matter, to say that, although it is fair to admit that this type of games did not used to be too flashy, MasterTrivial-I does not measure up, being very, very short-lived.

   And this section is solved only with two screens, the title (simple to nausea and clone to other TMS titles) and the game itself, totally static (represents a kind of classroom), except for the little pixelated master of ceremonies, who just sticks small jumps as soon as we answer a question or finish the game.

   On the other hand, the definition, finish and palette is not that they stand out precisely .....

   At the sound level, too, little thing. A couple of melodies of "beeper" (one of them an "adaptation" of The Yellow Submarine of The Beatles) and a few pitidillos. It is true that, in 1988 on PC, except for honorable exceptions (Loriciels games, for example) at the sound level the games did not "look" too much.

   Playably, it all depends on whether you are one of those who, from time to time, likes to test their knowledge of general culture. If this is your case, MasterTrivial-I will fulfill its mission, and will keep you entertained for a few times. Now, if you hate or are indifferent to the question and answer games, MasterTrivial-I will probably seem like an almost insufferable game, since it completely lacks extra incentives.

   Anyway, as we mentioned at the beginning, MasterTrivial-I is a simple game, when not lazy (at all levels, be it technical, options, presentation, etc ...) but that, without a doubt, can have its audience (Among those who, despite the regrets, probably include me :)).
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2020-02-17
Visits: 4722 (#398)

Thanks to:
Álvaro Hermida Correa (cover)
Agamenon3 (game)