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agamenon3 · 2019-02-03 · 3137 views [#432] 
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info PC DOS [215] 
Genre: Arcade
Distribution: Commercial
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Autor: J. Garbell Gunin
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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Guerrero Solitario is a tremendously simple action game inspired, to a great extent, in Robotron: 2084, the Williams Electronics classic.

   Our mission, throughout all the levels that make up the game, is to collect 6 (and not 5 as mentioned in the instructions) of the projectiles scattered around the game area (there is usually one more), while avoiding At all costs fall under the clutches of enemy troops.

   As a help we have 20 hand pumps and 10 "Hipers". The "Hipers" are frankly useful tools in case of ambush since they allow us to "teleport" to another indeterminate area of ??the screen.

   It is vital to regulate both the use of both the pumps and the Hipers, since we only have the initial amount of both for the entire game in progress (there are no recharge capsules, or anything like that).

   As for the opponents, say that although they lack shooting ability, they are usually very "sticky". This is so, that as soon as they detect us, do not hesitate to launch, like kamikazes, towards our position.

   It is highly recommended, at the beginning of each level, to take good note of the location of their hiding places (represented by a sort of "X" shaped squares) in order to avoid being caught by surprise.

   It is worth highlighting the "strategic aspect" of the program, derived in good part from the good or bad use we make of the different elements of the scenario when it comes to hiding or hiding from us.

   Otherwise little to comment, except that the mechanics remains unchanged throughout the game and that the levels are generated randomly.


   - GRAPHICS / ANIMATION: Tremendously simple. However, the presentation screen is correct. The design of both characters and elements of the scenario is very, very simple with a degree of definition "worthy" of some of the first programs created for IBM PC.

   On the other hand, Guerrero Solitario lacks both a framework for scores and "stage backgrounds" (everything takes place on a nondescript black background).

   As for animation, it is said that the program is even weaker than in the graphic theme, since Solo Guerrero, according to how the characters evolve on the screen (in jumps), seems to be programmed in some variant of Basic, for the least .... :)

   - SOUND: The program has a small introductory melody (flojita), and several types of beeps during the course of the games ...... Nothing more.

   - PLAYING: In a first moment the feeling that transmits solitary Guerrero is frankly bad, since in addition to the aforementioned soulless technical aspect, our character tends to be hypersensitive to the keystrokes. Fortunately, once we learn to control our hero (by doing discontinuous beats) and get used to the environment, we discover that the game is relatively fun.

   Of course, note that there is no curve of any difficulty (all levels have a similar level of difficulty), beyond the derivative of having exhausted our reserves of bombs and / or Hipers.


   Solitary warrior despite being a little developed program at the technical level, it is not the worst of Infodisc.

   While the vast majority of games created by this company usually seem, initially, much better than they happen to be a posteriori, Guerrero solitary exactly the opposite happens. In the first contact shots transmits the feeling of being much worse than a posteriori is.

   Of course, this does not mean, even remotely, that Solitary Warrior is a great thing (in fact, it is not), only that it is not a totally disposable program, being suitable, especially for players (probably talluditos) who like games of simple mechanics and, above all, do not give excessive importance to the technical level of a game.

   Of course, those who seek an elaborate game and technically resultón, better not even approach Guerrero Solitario.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-02-03
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