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World Rally Championship  
The Punisher · 2019-02-10 · 10692 views [#475]  |  |  |  | facebook twitter menéame
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info ARCADE [415] 
Genre: Sport
Type: Racing
Distribution: Commercial
developing team
Equipo: Fernando Rada, Carlos Granados,
Jorge Granados, Joan Sanmartí

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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
For their first coin-op, the guys from Zigurat had quite clear ideas, they took the 8 bits Carlos Sainz and they turned it into World Rally, one of the best driving coin-op games, that even today in day is present in half the world (even in Paraguay, although it seems lie).

Popularly known as "The Carlos Sainz coin-op", the truth is that there are many similarities between this game and his predecessor, since the control and perspective are virtually identical, but instead of having his part of strategy as choosing the wheels and the appropriate transmission before each stage, it was decided to simplify things, leaving a frantic, fun and spectacular game like few others.

The board, in whose heart an Amiga 4000 breathed, moved at dizzying speeds cars, scrolls and stages, giving an amazing dizzying sensation when driving through the 4 most prestigious rallies in the world.

A digitized intro with a rally car jumping through the air (if you see it today, it looks like a sketch), served as an appetizer of what awaited us, a journey through sand, snow, mud and the darkest night, trying to reach the end of the stage in a maximum of 60 seconds, quite a challenge, even for the most experienced fantasmones of the steering wheel.

But if there is something that, at least I, remember with great affection, is the digitized car circling the bell and tumbling from one side of the stage to the other, a car, which I just found out a while ago, was nothing more than a scale model, neither generated by computer nor milk, it was a toy!

Of course, such a great game had to be accompanied by "international drumming" and as always, in Gaelco did not be quiet, with such success, that out of nowhere, as mushrooms, began to emerge clones more or less brazen World Rally.
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2019-02-10
Visits: 10692 (#475)

Thanks to:
Gaelco, por distribuir libremente el juego