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Dragon Ninja · Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja  
karnevi · 2019-03-16 · updated: 2019-05-19 · 19320 views [#321] 
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info MSX [334]  
Coin-Op: Data East
Genre: Arcade
Type: Beatemup
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1200 Pts
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Puntuacion 6.0
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developing team
Original Spectrum: Paul Owens

Versión MSX: Álvaro Mateos Herrera y David Brioso
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Another direct conversion of Spectrum to MSX that has to comment, and there are still a few.

The basic question in these cases was ... Was it worth running a game of Spectrum on MSX, without variations, even worsened by the lack of music or slowness in some cases?

Like everything, it is subjective. There were those who preferred to enjoy games that, otherwise, would not have reached their computer, and others that seeing the result, took refuge in the masterpieces of Konami and some others, ignoring the mess they were contemplating.

My personal opinion is that it is always worth one more game, except in exceptional cases. Of course, that no one was deceived and that everyone knew what he was buying. However, it must be totally discouraging to see how the games of 1985 gave a thousand twists to those published in 1989.

In the case that occupies us, in addition, the circumstance occurs that the conversion of Spectrum was no longer good. I say this knowingly, because I had (and still have) the Spectrum +3 version.

The biggest stick, we already know that everything comes through the eyes in the first place, were the graphics. Those of the recreational one were a pass, they called attention immediately, and in Spectrum they seemed made by an amateur, light years away from other games of Imagine / Ocean. The ass and the ankles of the protagonist are a separate chapter.

From then on, the development was more or less the same, but the soulless atmosphere reduced the addiction many points.

The MSX version inherited those deficiencies, and reduced the music to the initial menu, while in Spectrum it also played during the game.

A detail that perhaps highlights the possible hurry with which the Spectrum version was made (and consequently that of MSX), is that they are the only ones that bear the logo of the company that created it in the containers of the truck ... But it says " Ocean ", not" Imagine ".

It is always good to convert a game to your computer, but it is better that conversion be good.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-03-16
Modified: 2019-05-19

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