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Chase H.Q.   
Ocean · Erbe (1989)
karnevi · 2019-03-20 · 17287 views [#329] 
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Carátula / Cover
info MSX [322] 
Coin-Op: Taito
Genre: Arcade
Type: Racing
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 1200 Pts
Available Magazines
Rating Votes
10 2
9 5
7 1
Puntuacion 9.0
Puntuacion 8.6
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developing team
Original Spectrum
Programa: John O'Brien
Gráficos: Bill Harbison
Sonido: Jonathan Dunn

Conversión MSX (probablemente):
Álvaro Mateos Herrera y David Brioso
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
A new direct conversion from Spectrum, in this case conversion in turn of a Taito coin-op, made its appearance for MSX. It is seen that both Erbe and Dro Soft saw a great reef in the licenses, and it should not be unprofitable if they insisted on the process over and over again.

From this game I only got to know the demo that was published with Microhobby magazine, that if I remember too badly it allowed you to play the first stage. The fact of playing these demos usually had a disincentive effect on me, I do not know what would happen to you, and rare was the time I had just bought the game. I guess it was a time when given the amount of games that were published, unless the program in question was very special, we soon got bored and went to another.

It was published at the time of the 5 star series of Erbe, with prices already in the 1200 Pts. And large plastic boxes like the traditional ones of the United Kingdom, or as the best releases of Dro Soft ... It was a relatively short time, that gave way to the cardboard boxes, with which they cohabited a time.

I remember that, looking at the cover, I expected that the protagonist car was yellow, and in Spectrum (or MSX) the truth is that you did not know, because the screen of the first phase was yellow as well. I took the surprise when I saw the Arcade version, and the other conversions with color, and I realized that our car was black.

The game is very entertaining, and for Spectrum the graphics are good. In MSX, speed is lost and the capacity of the computer is not used, but it is allowed to play well. There is, however, a version optimized by Martos that speeds up the speed, so that it has the same version as the one it starts from, but I have not found it. You have to thank the people who care about these things for their work ... And maybe one day, even though it would be a lot more work, they will be encouraged to revamp the graphics of some of these direct conversions.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2019-03-20
Visits: 17287 (#329)

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