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karnevi · 2020-06-30 · 4471 views [#454] 
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Genre: Videoaventura
Distribution: Commercial
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Programa: Isidro Gilabert (Zydro)
Música y pantalla de carga: Alberto J. González (McAlby)
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Another case, except for a big surprise, of unpublished game or MIA (missing in action). Launched for the usual systems of the time (except C64), it was a project commissioned by Dro Soft to New Frontier, within its policy of converting the international successes that distributed to MSX.

He had controlled the game since McAlby published the melody he had composed for the game -I don't remember where I saw it-, but the circumstances surrounding the version were not very clear. When I got into the file, I looked for documentation and I got to this artículo de Konamito en MSX Blog, which collects statements from its authors. In short, the order was fulfilled and the game ended, but they lost track of it from there.

As I said at the beginning, everything indicates that it was never published; in fact, the game's advert did not mention this version, although that is not very indicative either, because the MSX conversions were often released after the game had been advertised with its initial versions.

What game would we have found on MSX? Well, one of those very striking graphically ... for Spectrum users. At least I loved those classics with big sprites and fine lines, like Garfield or Andy Capp. For MSX it would depend on the person, but those who were very fans of Japanese games probably could not get rid of the idea of ​​direct conversion of their head.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-06-30
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