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Atticus · 2021-01-18 · 3120 views [#545] 
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info SPECTRUM [63] 
Genre: Habilidad
Distribution: Amateur
Site: Web page
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Puntuacion 8.5
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developing team
Programa: Beyker
Graficos: Pagantipaco,Anjuel,Beyker
Musica: Beyker
Animacion de Pancho: Pagantipaco
Pantalla de carga: Kendroock
Caratula: Pagantipaco
Diseño de niveles: Tbrazil, Metalbrain, The Warlock, Pagantipaco, Kendroock, Sejuan, Benway, Beyker.
Testers: Tbrazil, The Warlock.
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Atticus · review computeremuzone
Last title developed by the ephemeral Beyker Soft studio, only for ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k, in which our main character, Pancho Tuercas, needs all your help, because in the factory where he works as maintenance manager they have commissioned him to find the 9 parts of a control center, and thus improve the productivity of the plant. His job, basically his, is to push blocks and group those that are the same (except for the black ones) and, thus, make his way through the 45 different screens of the game with which the challenge ends. With each grouping, the blocks disappear and gain space, but you must be very careful not to get trapped; that's why you have to think carefully before starting to move them, especially at the beginning of each screen. Fortunately, if this happens, we have the R key (Retry) and we will have three attempts to get out of the quagmire.

We are facing a colorful, simple and addictive puzzle-style title, with a very balanced difficulty, without a time limit and with precise, clean and slow movements that, honestly, admits very few drawbacks, since it is technically impeccable, which will delight of fans of this type of game and that, as a whole, shows the great talent of all the guys who, for almost three years, contributed their know-how.
Author: Atticus

Created: 2021-01-18
Visits: 3120 (#545)

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