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The Punisher · 2020-02-26 · 2615 views [#1269] 
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info ATARI XE/XL [91] 
Genre: Simulador
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
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Puntuacion 6.5
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Diseño: F. de Moya
Programación: J. Benítez y M.A. Martínez
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
When you start researching to write these reports, sometimes I find some curious surprises. In this case, I have been stunned, seeing that there are more than a dozen Spanish games for a computer as unpopular in our country as the Atari 800XL, colloquially known as "Atari 8 Bit".

Well, one of these games is "Interstar" of the company in question, a kind of space simulator, something like a primitive version of Elite, only with the "let's go for a space" part.

In the game, from the little that I have been able to see, we must complete a series of space routes, and eliminate enemies, something that, without the scanned instructions, is little more than impossible to complete.

At the beginning of the game, we are told what planet we have to reach, and by combining the actions of the ship, we must arrive at it.

The amount of keys we use and the functions of the ship are quite remarkable.

The movement system of this is a real plasta, since instead of moving the ship directly, we will have to start the engines and give them an address that corresponds to the cardinal points, and our space vehicle will head directly towards the indicated route.

If along the way we find something that is in collision route with our ship, we can always climb the shields or try an evasive maneuver. And if we have the bad luck that our ship breaks down, we can always repair it.

Do you dare with him? These are some of the control keys.

1 = Motors
(N = North, S = South, E = East, O = West,
1-9 = Acceleration)

3 = Protective barrier
(1-9 = Barrier power)

4 = Trip data

5 = evasive maneuver

6 = Breakdown Control

7 = Landing
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Author: The Punisher

Created: 2020-02-26
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