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The Punisher · 2019-04-05 · 5461 views [#450] 
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Carátula / Cover
info MSX 2 [469] 
Genre: Conversacional
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 5990 Pts
Rating Votes
10 16
9 2
8 3
7 1
6 1
Puntuacion 9.3
Puntuacion 8.6
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developing team
Programación: Joan Carmona, Norbert Martínez,
Agustín Pérez, Ricard Gavaldá, Eloy Ortega, Eloi Serra.
Ilustraciones: Oscar Erolés, Cristina Carré, Susana García, Romá Gutierrez.
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The Punisher · review computeremuzone
Almost at the same level as the legendary adventures of Infocom, the conversational ones of Telarium were based on classics of Literature like L. Frank Baum, Robert Stevenson, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke or Roger Zelazny, and were innovating in all the senses, from the graphics (little used at the time), to the feeling of interactivity in each of them, much higher than the rest of the adventures, in some of them, even, in addition to giving orders, we talk to people as if it were a normal conversation .

In Idealogic, apart from making some brilliant MSX2 versions (they even worried about accents), they improved the graphics with the help of professional illustrators, leaving a superior (but by far) aspect to the bland Atari ST versions made by Telarium .

Besides the great aspect that the games have, the interpreter of the adventures is a marvel, and it is the first one that I am (that does not mean that there are not more), that helps the player to perform the actions, for example, if we say turn off the TV and "tele" is not in the dictionary, it will say "test without tele", which in these cases helps a lot.

If I had to stay with any of these adventures, the truth is that I do not know which to choose, but the one that has caught my attention, as a fan of the author, is "Amazonas", designed and with an argument by Michael Crichton, and which later served as the basis for his novel "Congo", which had some adaptations to videogame which is more infamous, this being Telarium, as the best adaptation of the novel to play (even if only part of the current novel).
First published in: El Blog de The Punisher
karnevi · review x2
Lo bueno de los juegos de Telarium era su intuitividad. A diferencia de las tradicionales conversacionales españolas, en las que, por ejemplo, tenías que escribir una serie de comandos para hablar con alguien, en estas el sistema era mucho más sencillo, situándose a medio camino entre la aventura conversacional y la película interactiva. Y esto, no cabe duda, ayudaba a acercar el juego a los jugadores que veían en el montón de texto en pantalla un obstáculo casi infranqueable, en una época en la que las soluciones publicadas en revistas no estaban a la orden del día.
Author: The Punisher

Created: 2019-04-05
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