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Eco-Kid Rescate en el Ártico  
agamenon3 · 2019-04-07 · 2204 views [#402]  |  |  |  | facebook twitter menéame
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Genre: Arcade
Type: Plattforms
Distribution: Commercial
developing team
Programación: Javier Maura
Gráficos: Miguel A. Carrillo
Música: Juan M. Servera
Soporte audio: Jorge Cabezas
Guion: Jaime F. Roca

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agamenon3 · review computeremuzone
Eco-Kid: Rescue in the Arctic is the beginning of the arcades pentalogy of ecological tinted platforms, starring Eco-Kid, the "green" child of Island Dream.

The program closely follows the guidelines set by the company's previous platform games. In fact, it is relatively easy for the player to ask himself more than once if he is facing a new game, or before a "mod" of Kome Bumb, for example ....

This does not mean that Eco-Kid is a disposable program, simply that it is more of the same. In fact, the game itself is friendly, entertaining and also has intangible "extras" such as the transmission values ??of respect for the natural environment.


Our task, in the skin of Eco-Kid, consists of rescuing all the baby seals scattered by each of the 10 levels of the game. To facilitate our task, in the lower right part of the screen we have an indicator that shows us at all times the exact number of baby seals remaining to be rescued at the shift level.

Other aspects to consider:
a) We have a limited amount of time at each level to carry out our task.
b) If we manage to gather the letters that make up the word "EXTRA" we will get an extra life.


- GRAPHICS / ANIMATION: When evaluating this section (or the sound) we could do a short-paste of what was said in other reviews of contemporary games of the same company. In this way we reiterate that although the program's graphics are too simple for their time, they are well designed and clear and pleasing to the eye, both in terms of characters and sets.

In addition, the multidirectional scroll is smooth and the animations of each and every one of the characters that populate the game are endowed with a certain naturalness as well as a remarkable fluidity.

- SOUND: The repertoire of melodies amounts to the not-so-large number of two (one of which is only present in the introductory map). The sound effects, but they are identical to those already shown in Sila's Quest or Kome Bumb.

- PLAYING: We are facing an entertaining game, which makes virtue simple. In addition, given the audience to which it is addressed (mainly, although not only, children) the level of difficulty as well as progressive is always accessible.


In short, Eco-Kid: Rescue in the Arctic is an interesting platform game, simple in terms of technical or playable issues, affordable, moderately funny and also ... tremendously similar to the rest of arcade platforms of the company Majorcan

So, if you liked Sila's Quest, Kome Bumb or The Last Knight, you can repeat since here you have another nice portion of the same dish. If it was not like that, uffff ... the easiest thing is that this new ration ends up causing you an indigestion.
First published in: Agamenon3 Chronicles
Author: agamenon3

Created: 2019-04-07
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