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Dangerous Maze Rescate en el Laberinto · Danger Maze · Maze  
karnevi · 2021-07-11 · 2171 views [#555] 
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Carátula / Cover
info SPECTRUM [151] 
Genre: Videoadventure
Type: Maze
Distribution: Commercial
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8 1
7 1
Puntuacion 7.5
Puntuacion 6.8
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developing team
Programa: Jesús Fernández y Jordi Calafell
Gráficos: José Calafell
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
It is always exciting to hear from a classic game that I had not known at the time, as was the case with this game originally titled 'Danger Maze', published in 1987 by Idealogic under the name 'Dangerous Maze: Rescue in the Labyrinth'. One of its authors contacted us some time ago, sending us the game and the cover; We asked him about his story, to make a more complete file and we did not get an answer, and between some things and others, days and months passed ... An episode many times repeated in a life in which free time is not who was.

It is a very good labyrinth adventure, full of color and extensive mapping, surpassing Saimazoom in the technical section, its clear reference, something logical if we consider that it was released three years later, a world at that time.

Too bad that it is difficult on the nose, although that surely motivated the users who had the possibility to play it at the time, who were already used to Spanish programmers throwing away this resource to extend the life of the games.

We do not know why it went practically unnoticed, but what at the time should not have been something to the liking of its creators, now gives it an incentive that other games do not have.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2021-07-11
Visits: 2171 (#555)

Thanks to:
Fede Jerez (juego, carátula e instrucciones)
Pavero (map)