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Mighty Freddy Alien Terminator  
karnevi · 2020-03-17 · 8186 views [#49] 
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Not available for Atari
Genre: Arcade
Type: Action
Distribution: Commercial
Site: Web page
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developing team
Dedicado a Emilio Salgueiro

Director de proyecto: Víctor Ruiz Tejedor
Programación: Daniel Ponsoda Montiel
Gráficos: Daniel Celemín García
Música y sonido: Aaron Adrover López
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karnevi · review computeremuzone
Freddy, the best-known playboy in the galaxy, returned to iOS and Android in 2014 from Lakento, the company that the Ruiz brothers founded after leaving FX Interactive.

This is a remake of the first load of the original game. When I saw it (and this was six years ago), with LordFred's graphics, it almost gave me a shock of the look it had, so I was neither short nor lazy running to download it.

And what I found was great at first: indeed, the graphics were there, just as I had seen them in images, and on top of that the animations were up to the task. That in 1987 would have seemed more than enough to put it in the bag of my favorite games (and never take it out of there, as happens with certain classics), but in 2014 I needed something more.

The music on the main menu is fine, without fanfare ... And there is no more music, which is definitely missing. I do not know the reason for his absence, but it would have helped a lot to the setting of the game.

What about development, which after all is what really matters? Well, at first you play an easy level in which you become familiar with the controls: jump by sliding up, shoot by pressing at the desired height ... Ok, captured, let's go to the second level. And we find ourselves a little more of the same. Well, things have changed a lot in thirty years and it will take a little more familiarization, I thought. And I went to the third level, and to the fourth ... And the experience was still the same.

I have reached level 12 and the enemies have been the same and the stage too. Well, in the first level one of the types of enemies you can face does not come out.

The difficulty does not vary, apart from the occasional gathering of three or four enemies.

At the bottom there is a bar that tells you what you have traveled through the level you are in, which is to say, more or less, what you lack to avoid despairing too much.

And what are you doing? Well, apart from eliminating enemies, you are collecting energy balls that are worth to acquire new weapons in the store. Up to level 12 I have changed pistols twice, but the lightning and the sound they produce becomes old in a few seconds.

Ah! In phase 10 there is a booster, which also launches rockets, but you only use it at that level (at the expense of appearing in later ones).

The game is very beautiful; our character moves great, it's nice to see, the sound is perfect too ... But it's tremendously monotonous. I remember that I did not play it too much and ended up uninstalling it, and the feelings of that time I have had them again today. You can see the mapping by scrolling in the levels menu, and it seems that what is coming is more of the same. Maybe at level 20 the scenario changes a little, or new enemies appear, but the game can't keep up the interest so you feel like doing it.

I guess it wasn't too successful and it's a shame because the wickerwork was on. But perhaps it was a misconception: The first charge of the original Freddy was also monotonous, and what made him go down in history was undoubtedly the second, with its video adventure factor (the same thing that happened to Game Over II, by the way).

Note 03/18/2020: LordFred has sent us the beta version of the game, the original concept that the programmer and graphic designer had. It is short, but you can see that it was going to be quite different, and probably more entertaining. Hopefully one day they dare to finish it.

Meanwhile, we will try to find a Lakento final version for Android, since it seems that if you did not have it installed on a device at some point, it can no longer be downloaded from the Play Store.
Author: karnevi

Created: 2020-03-17
Visits: 8186 (#49)