Guss en la Atlántida (Creativos Editoriales 1985) :: Computer Emuzone
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elric · 2021-05-23 · 3018 views [#1291] 
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info MSX  [74] 
Genre: Text Adventure
Distribution: Amateur
Collection: Mejor Software MSX #1
Price: 495 Pts
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elric · review computeremuzone
A genius hidden in the computer named Gus informs us that the city of Atlantis is not submerged under water as we humans think but that it is located in a country called Computerland and that within the city there are great riches and precious stones waiting for us. be discovered. There have already been many adventurers who have tried it but none have returned to tell about it. Gus offers us the possibility that we are the one to guide him without putting our lives in danger.

This game is one of my latest acquisitions and the truth is that I had no idea what it could deal with. Being the typical game that was sold in bookstores, many possibilities crossed my mind such as that it was a simple arcade or some hacked game ... but in the end, it is a quite simple conversational adventure in BASIC and without a single graphic.

The instructions must always be in capital letters and only two words: GO NORTH, GET INVENTORY (yes ... take, do not examine ...), PRESS BUTTON, GET KEY ... etc. He also gives us the possibility to ask for HELP in some moments to know more or less what to do.

It is the classic game that with a little patience and making a map will not last an assault on the most experts in this type of adventure.

As a curiosity, watch the cover "For children from 8 to 90 years old" ... so you know, if they are 91 they are already adults, do not even think about playing.
First published in: Recuerdos de 8 bits
Author: elric

Created: 2021-05-23
Visits: 3018 (#1291)