Secreto de la Pirámide, El / La Pirámide de Amenhotep IV (Manhattan Transfer 1986) :: Computer Emuzone
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Secreto de la Pirámide, El
La Pirámide de Amenhotep IV  
elric · 2020-09-02 · 7421 views [#1096] 
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info MSX [74] 
Genre: Conversacional
Distribution: Commercial
Price: 700 Pts
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Puntuacion 3.0
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Autor: Isidro Vicente Sánchez
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elric · review computeremuzone
Daring adventure game through the mysteries and dangers contained in the labyrinthine corridors of an Egyptian pyramid. Dare if you can!

The adventure places us in Central Egypt. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed us that there are 3 expeditions that have traveled to the Dakhla Oasis, to explore the Pyramid of Amenhotep IV. For reasons that are unknown, all of them have abandoned the search within a few weeks of starting. We, as brave expedition members, will go to this Pyramid to try to discover all its secrets and, above all, the magnificent treasures found inside.

A conversational program in BASIC where there is no graphic, only text with the definition of the place where we are. The verbs that the program accepts are: wash, shout, go, go up, go down, throw, read, examine, open, move, dig, catch, drop, reflect, insert and tie. The classic simple formula of verb + suntantivo (take boots, go north ...) is used.

The descriptions are quite simple and the adventure in general, although it has quite a few rooms, is quite tedious. On top of that without graphics it is quite bland to play. The programmer himself gave a reason why he did without them (interview in Msx Club Nº14)

"Actually the graphics in this type of game are merely decorative and this time I focused more, especially due to the large amount of memory that the game occupied, on the different alternatives it could offer than on the merely decorative."
First published in: Recuerdos de 8 bits
Author: elric

Created: 2020-09-02
Visits: 7421 (#1096)